Destiny 2: How to Get The Fourth Horseman – Exotic Shotgun

The Fourth Horseman from Destiny 1… well,
you can take a guess, it’s in Destiny 2 now with Season of the Worthy. You need to be a Season Pass holder in order
to access the quest. If you have it, here’s what to do. You know what also has the number 4? My merch. There are 4 items to go buy over at Ends March 22nd! First, you’ll talk to Zavala, who will tell
you to go to his office in order to check on the gun. To get to his office, follow along on screen. You won’t be able to walk in the door, instead
you’ll need to climb through vents in order to access his office. The pathway starts underneath a small set
of stairs nearby. Again, follow along on screen. After discovering that the weapon is not there,
you’ll go back to Zavala, who will tell you to go talk to Ana Bray. Ana Bray will tell you that some stuff happened
with the Cabal and you should kill them. You’ll need to do Public Events to progress,
a shocking objective. Heroic public events give you 20% progress,
and a wave of Escalation Protocol will give you 10%. You also get 1% every 4-6 Cabal kills. I would highly recommend running Escalation
Protocol, since public events are rare on Mars. After that, you’ll go back to Ana and she’ll
tell you to hunt down some Cabal intel. You can collect intel by killing psions, getting
you 2% per kill, or you can track down Cabal chests on patrol for 20%. They need to be Cabal chests, Hive chests
do not count. For this part, I would toss on a ghost shell
with Treasure Hunter and just roam around Mars for a little bit. If you WANT to just kill psions, head into
the lost sector in the Glacial Drift. Once you hit 100% there, you’ll talk to Benedict
99-40 back at the Tower. He will tell you, wait for it, to go to the
EDZ to do public events and patrols. A heroic public event givse you 10% completion,
a patrol gives around 5-7% and you also get percentage points for killing enemies. For this, I would hop around from public events
to public event, tagging them as you can, while picking up easy patrols along the way,
sorry, didn’t mean to be redundant there. After that is complete, you’ll head back to
Benedict, who will tell you that you need to complete The Quarry legendary Lost Sector
in the EDZ. The Quarry is on rotation, so if you are not
getting the weapon in the first 2 days of it being out, you may need to wait for it
to rotate back. Lost Sectors rotate every 3 days. A reminder that the legendary lost sector
is 1000 power level, so just be careful going in there, although there is no wipe mechanic
or anything like that. After completing the Lost Sector, you’ll be
given Fourth Horseman. To get the catalyst for Fourth Horseman, simply
complete seasonal activities like the Seraph Tower, Bunker and Legendary Lost Sectors. You’ll have a small chance at it dropping
upon completion. The catalyst adds another bullet to the magazine
and speeds up your reload. Fourth Horseman is basically unchanged from
Destiny 1. It has really high recoil, really short range
and shoots full-auto. If you hold the trigger while shooting, the
damage of each one of your shots goes up until you stop shooting. Testing in the Tribute Hall showed that if
you hold the trigger down, your damage per pellet goes from 923 to 1109 to 1301 to 1505,
although it can be a little tough to see with all of the numbers. This weapon is a burst damage weapon, you
unload everything that you have into a target and hope that it dies. With multiple people shooting, you can take
out champions in fractions of a second, at least in the legendary lost sector we did
just that. Its DPS is quite high while active, but a
long reload will tank your DPS right back down. I would definitely say that is has some usablility
in higher end content, but you really need to be coordinated to utilize it well, especially
since using close range weaponry in high end activities is significantly more risky. In PvP, just don’t. Just don’t use this in PvP at all. The range that you can get a 1 hit kill in
is very small and you will have to spam multiple shots for a single kill making it far from
ammo efficient. The recoil makes it unwieldy at best, so trying
to secure kills will be tough. I highly recommend just sticking with whatever
other shotgun you might have. Sure, you can burst down a super for some
laughs, but the rest of the time will not be a great time. Probably anyway. That is how to get the Fourth Horseman along
with some quick thoughts. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Destiny 2: How to Get The Fourth Horseman – Exotic Shotgun

  1. I seriously got it like an hour after the release, the quest was easy except the last part which took a little while to do

  2. Thanks Datto for stating that players HAVE to own the pass, all the suggested sites I read mentioned nothing about it being locked behind a paywall aka Season Pass, that was time wasted on my end.

  3. Nice Segway to the merch plug. I was like
    "No.what also has 4?
    And I think it's still lame as fuck they don't do actual vocal tracks for.any.of these exotic quest.

  4. Another stupid excuse for a mission, which require alot of grind, it's just my opinion though there is no need to spread it around.

  5. The "wait for it" actually made me choke on my drink lmao. Destiny has peaked at this point tbf same old, old, old, old stuff, literally

  6. After seeing the fucking EDZ quest step… I'm just… no. This isn't content, this is busy work disguised as content.

    I grinded my ass off in Season of the Undying for the title. Never got it as I'm not a fan of Crucible and Gambit is… the last time I played Gambit was in that season, and people were still going ham with Truth… All the steps for stuff these days are just… so god damn trivial. It feels like they're targeting a hardcore audience using entry level tactics.

  7. Bungie: 'You've gotta pay 10 to be able to farm content we've made you farm already endlessly for a gun we already sold you'

    rip destiny.

  8. Does anything happen f you interact with the Newton's Cradle on his desk? Because he straight-up said not to touch anything and he's trusting us and blahblahblah

  9. I cant with this game already. I'm so f'ing tired of seeing my weapons I've already obtained being piece mealed back to us for $10 a season. Disgusting.

  10. If you look/inspect the shelf on the left, next to some weights is a mixtape made by shaxx. Edit: top shelf, (you'll have to jump to it)

  11. These merch segues are almost as bad as LTT's

    But you know what's not getting as bad as LTT? Datto's merch live at

  12. So little people have this exotic still because it’s a huge farm to reach 1000 light. Other Players keep following me around and looking at it every time I have it equipped

  13. I'm bringing this baby allll inside of Trials 😭 I used to blast so many Guardians back in the day. Now if I could just get The First Curse I would have my two favorite exotic weapons back

  14. Everytime Datto says
    “WAIT FOR IT,”
    he loses a bit of his sanity.

    Someone please buy this man’s merch, he needs it.

  15. This shouldn’t have been a quest, just put the thing in the exotic engram loot pool. The gun wasn’t even liked in d1

  16. I literally just got it before watching this and thanks for telling me I could have had a fire team to get this thing faster.

  17. Nice another weapin i cant get cause money 🙂 i actually hate these battlepass systems…

  18. The gun being added is nice and all but Bungie just sucks now like 90% of new exotics REQUIRE you to pay them money to get the gun like remember when you paid for not just a exotic but also a whole god dang story with new missions and cool stuff to find cause I sure do

  19. Does no one hate the fact that this gun was free in D1 but now requires a $10 payment to acquire? Make me exotics paid for, fine, but not ones that we were able to previously own for free. I think it's pretty scummy and unfair

  20. I took a break from D2 after ShadowKeep release due to school. I want to get back Into the game again, but idk where to start. Can you do a video on catching up or what to do to get up to date with the current game? Please?

  21. It's been about 4 months since I've played d2 and every time I log back in I feel extremely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that I've missed. Having to discern between what came with which update,what's no longer available, and what's locked behind a pay wall is ridiculous.

  22. High burst, but you have to get into headbutting range, and reload is slow.

    It sounds like the kind of weapon you bring along for style points, or to show others how good you are at the game.

    I could see a few Titan mains really liking Horseman. You know, the ones who try to go for headbutt kills, anyway.

  23. Gonna attempt a joke
    Destiny fans: God everything is just the same thing over and over

    Far Cry Fans: First time?

  24. In D1 trials I killed a bladedancing hunter with the 4th horseman.
    I was the last guardian standing. I probably have that clip somewhere (I hope)

  25. I had this quest for over a week now but unfortunately the legendary quarry was never shown during the past week. Quite frustrating since im on the final leg of getting this awesome shotgun. Not sure how to activate the quarry on legendary.

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