Destroying a VM With a Spooky Malware! (Virus Investigations 36)

hello guys and gals me Manohar and welcome to another virus investigations this time it's a little chill virus investigations you know we're not gonna be looking at millions of dollars worth of viruses right now we're gonna be looking at the original creepypasta fun Z viruses ladies and gentleman gonna be looking at the ones that are harmful but at least they're fun to browse through their little this one's a little spooky so you know they're just fair warnings right over there now for this situation we're gonna get right into it over here now this is a pretty virgin desktop but this is not just a virgin desktop this is a desktop within a desktop just to fill you in we're actually running a virtual machine within a virtual machine and I before we continue you might be wondering muda why would you do such a thing well that's because when you run a virtual machine within a virtual machine if it has virtual machine penetrating viruses like one that can hop a buyer hop a virtual machine hypervisor you'll know it'll be a stopgap at the very core I'm running Linux again and nothing is going to get to it at that point I have think sandboxed pretty well but the virus running in today's episode is missus major 2.0 so the reason I'm doing it is because this virus was created for fun sake it was one that was just developed to sort of screw around and show you the weird side think of something like immense but just in a more creepier environment now one thing to consider over here this virus is not available at all this well it's a little difficult for me to find just due to the fact that the Creator electro berkeley if i can pronounce it right completely i think thats electro berkeley actually removed this virus just due to the fact that there was a lot of people downloading it running it and then saying it was destroying their computers even though there are disclaimers in place now going into it just here i'm not gonna give any links of course i'm gonna respect the person's wishes i'm not gonna spread fire so then don't do that anyways you know if you want to get samples there are communities out there just not through me anyways over here we've got the actual program this major 2.0 now it's got the administrator icon which by the way a general rule of thumb if you want to be safe on a computer please please only run as administrator on programs you actually believe in genuinely use if you run them randomly you gotta have a bad time so let's hit start and see what we got over here so miss major 2.0 exe so let's hit yes on this now it's going to get that little startup prompt we're gonna wait and waiting for it so if I open up task manager real quick and I go to that lovely performance real quick we can actually see that at some point wow Windows is using three point two gigs real quick so it's actually uh it should be should be loading up real quick Kling Klang 32-bit I hope something happens oh there it is executing this program will harm your computer this is new ula by the way if you are an anti-virus test for a virus tester you can try this no way to fix your computer after infection again don't risk your stuff let the stupid people handle it do not run on real PC use virtual machine Windows seven eight eight point one ten are able to execute virus the virus will destroy your computer if you accept the rules and creator won't be response for any damages if you're trying this on a real machine you are responsible if you do not want to infect your PC click cancel so it's great that they give you a disclaimer real quick over here but when I see things like try it on a virtual machine I'm just a little careful I'm not I'm not gonna I'm not gonna give it the ability to go above one step so let's accept everything I'm responsible let's install boys so it's already glitching out real quick and at this point oh here we go this is the thing so let's just minimize that uh let's minimize that real quick humans oh boy you're about to be signed out okay is there any is there any audio do this no it just restarted that was a battery fallin okay so it's just restarting that that's interesting so immediately restarts my computer I hope I can see something I know that it completely gets rid of your computer so let's give it a second reboot again recycle okay so here it is the system starting up again and we appear to be back into the situation I think it's going to get a little creepier at this point so it says ok clean clang boys so you got the Annabelle doll over here real quick no audio is playing unfortunately I'm looking at the mixer real quick so over here we've got a bunch of miss majors and oh ok here it begins again flashing creepy dolls so we've got a bunch of programs let's say humans are tasty humans are tasty running then on the other hand if I can actually run it unfortunately we've got an eyeball for a mouse for fuck's sake the app can't run so basically the application doesn't exist so if you actually right-click go to like properties you may not be able to read it I'll see if I can screenshot it out in post-production but when we go over here in this situation it'll actually show you that it's a zero byte program it's called humans are tasty it's just a zero bike Exe file there's no code to it so it obviously can't run on the system now it says I've got five minutes so if I see show rules real quick there's a lot of this stuff coming out over here your computer has been infected by miss major if you don't attend these rules your computer will be trashed these are the rules if timer runs out your computer won't work anymore if you attempt to kill any process your PC will die do not delete any virus file uninstall your anti viruses they may try to remove viruses you do not run task manager CMD set C do not use safe mode do not remove any registries from MS config cetera so if you do any of these what's going to happen is a red screen of death will trigger now if you're gonna sit here for four minutes watching this play out yeah it's got creepy horror music now what the hell okay so it's got creepy horror music that that's great to add now I'm gonna do one of the things we're gonna try running we're gonna god I'm getting creepy messages right now I just I don't know where who is messaging me right now stop it you're freaking me out okay so we've got three minutes and 40 seconds at this point I'm not going to waste any more time I'm gonna break one of the rules so ok I'm kicking up my okay all right it's completely killing actually the processes being sent over here so trying to see how this one's gonna work real quick let me just huh okay there we go so alright here the system I've just put it onto a bigger screen right now real quickly it's going absolutely crazy I can't see okay here we go I broke the rules ladies and gentlemen I did I just broke the rules right now so we've got a screen over here coming up real quick it says a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer Trojans never jokes respect the Trojan so I broke the rules right here if this is the first time you've been seeing the screen you are infected by Miss major dot exe and you broke rules it is unacceptable however your computer won't be able to boot up because log on UI dot exe is missing so basically it's deleted key system files that I need anyways to run this kind of stuff that's been removed if problems continue misspellings contact the virus own or disable your BIOS memory JK second way won't work do not waste your time yeah so even if you reset CMOS it's not going to get rid of the fact that your core windows directory is screwed up every time you boot up your computer the screen will later appear okay bla bla bla bla we've got a gmail address these are fake technical information so beginning dump of physical memory windows can't reboot shut down dot exe is missing fix your system if it's possible which at this point because of the amount of compromising going on it's probably not possible right now so we're gonna reboot the system real quick as you can see it's going to reboot just into this that's what's happening so the virtual machines are busy yeah it's actually not doing too well what I've done over here is luckily I am running this nested in a VM so it won't be doing anything to my core computer I am actually running a I'm gonna see if I can pull up any memory drop somewhere just onto another system and yes there is nothing hooking out of this but we are going to do is absolutely kill this virtual machine and get rid of it from the virtual machine and then kill the virtual machine I'm using two virtualizes I know it sounds like Inception but mood has got to be really careful with the condom just letting you know so here's miss major again right over here real quick and this is powered off so what we're going to do since it's eight gig over here real quick we're just gonna play machine and see what we get so we're gonna boot into it this is the hypervisor kicking in and at some point Windows is going to try so this is Windows without any of the boot up going out so we'll just see what it's going to do as a tries to load up the operating system is it going to push me into recovery and there it is so the system is not running this is the first thing it hooks into so it's pretty much rooted into the system we're not getting rid of it but what's going to happen is we're going to shutdown this guest as you can see you can shut it down it gets rid of the hypervisor and we can remove it so ladies and gentlemen that is where we're at with this this computer is completely broken a creepypasta infected it it's gone and that's it so ladies and gentlemen that was a lovely little virus I must say that was what we call miss major 2.0 now again it's a little difficult for me to find this sample unfortunately I had to look through like wayback machines and all this kind of stuff I can't find the original but what I do know is this version is just an enhanced version of it so whatever you saw in this one is pretty much reminiscent of what happened in miss major now is this virus something that I would see kick off is as dangerous absolutely as you saw it completely killed a computer but at the same time luckily we were told that this virus was going to do this in the first place had I not known this we would have had a situation where unfortunately we would be out of a computer and God knows what else who knows if a virus like this would have sent private information out right I mean that that is one of the things you have to watch out for even with joke viruses like I said I don't trust much on the computers nowadays knowing the amount of stuff that can be sent knowing how compromised security can be it's always best to be careful with such a situation so even if you found a sample like this I highly recommend not running it just due to the fact that if you don't know what you're doing you're gonna have a bad time but if you are interested in actually doing it please to use nested virtual machines or a virtual machine in general just due to the nature of such a virus it could destroy a computer okay if I ran this on my computer it would be gone but I'm not going to do that because I'm going to do the intelligent thing right now and hopefully wish you guys a happy day if you liked what you saw please like comment and subscribe just like if you disliked it chiller video – this week but let me know what you thought about it this is me Munna I am out

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  2. 10 seconds in and I already see you as a fun, joking, easygoing tech nerd. Instant sub, 10/10 enjoyable personality.

  3. Yeah my family had oyr shit hacked and they stole evrything i made my own anit virus ai named alexis yeah she runs off of a multipse 64 core cpus and is stored in 15 tb harddrives multiple people try and all there devices get over loaded and blown accounts are followed and any device they try to sign in to it ithe phone boots a screen that says dont fuck with me bitch and boom lol

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