Dillon James WOWS During Solo Round with an Original Song – American Idol 2020

Up next is Dylan James, who’s been through some personal struggles to be here today. About five years ago, my life wasn’t like this, how it is today. I lived a very negative life, and lost myself in drugs and alcohol. I’m two years sober. I’m doing really good. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you very much. Thank you. It’s pretty shocking that I’m here still. Right now, I’m just trying to stay calm. This is probably the most important audition for me of the week because I’m playing an original song. So I just want to do it justice. You’re going with one of your own songs? Going with an original, yeah. I’m proud of myself for getting this far for sure. A lot of my dreams are coming true that I’ve been hoping and wishing for for a long time. I’m doing something positive in my life, for my family, for myself. It means everything. Thank you guys very much. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud to be sober. Turning into who I think I’m supposed to be.

100 thoughts on “Dillon James WOWS During Solo Round with an Original Song – American Idol 2020

  1. I can see him in the top 10 together with Arthur Gunn, Makayla, Just Sam, Luis. I kind of 50-50 with Francisco due to his duet performance, but I like him to be part of top 10 too

  2. Please keep EVERYONE safe during these times of the Covid19 (Coronavirus!) I see so many hugs, and closeness, this is Sad 🙁

  3. Idk this song but he had me totally engaged it what he was saying/singing. There's such a depth of emotion in him and his vocals are really crisp and rhythmic. It's a little hypnotizing.

  4. Dillon is a wonderful story.He's been down this road before,but got off it.I just hope the second time around will be better than the first now that he's sober.

  5. Ya my man…we are proud of your decision in walking away from the dark side of life…great song piece and voice 👍

  6. His original song was ON POINT! Love this guy and can't wait to see what the future has for him ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I’m so happy he is sober, but can we hear him sing instead of hearing the same story over and over again. It can’t be healthy for him to have and repeat it over and over again

  8. Anyone else like him more than Arthur?

    Arthur sounds a little too….raspy? Idk maybe it’s just me, plus he did the same cover song twice in a row lol

  9. Tierra Dolce .. translated is – sweet land – Dillon has a great voice and plays guitar beautifully .. hope he makes it through. Happy Birthday! (sobriety)

  10. Dillon, I hope you read this one day, I just want to give you a tight hug and tell you that I am proud of you. I am proud of where you are standing today. I had a loved one who battled with some of the same demons and it was heartbreaking to see them suffer. I am glad you are not suffering anymore. You DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD in this life and I am also proud that you are pursuing what you love. Keep going Dillon. My faith is in you.

  11. wasn’t a fan of any of his other performances but i am awestruck now. he is most definitely his own person, and I can’t appreciate that enough.

  12. Excellent song writer and singer. I'd like him to sing an Aerosmith song at some point as well as a remake of a Johnny Cash song. Hes so diverse and I caught myself looking for him in the group that made it thru.

  13. Listen at this point it’s like the third going on fourth round I don’t care that he was a drug addict anymore there must be SOMETHING more to him they’re milking it

  14. Dillon James, Arthur Gunn, and Francisco Martin will duke it in the top 3 and by then I'm fine with whoever wins.

  15. He is singing with TECHNIQUE. He really has a gift, and an extremely clean, strong, beautiful voice. 👍🏻👍🏻

  16. Am i the only one who fast forwards throught all the personal drama backstories…
    To the producer's of American Idol: we are tired of your sob story, "everyone loves to see a struggling person succeed " formula …
    Its too predictable now..

  17. I really like how people are appreciating Aurthur all over. He is talked even at the video where he has no presence. This is how a strong singer make an impression. Now I believe people will always remember him when talked about American idol.

  18. I like Dillon, his story, etc…. I just have to see him evolve cuz right now he doesn’t have what it takes to win American idol… to be a country singer he has it… but all his performances are the same… I want to see him ate outside his comfort zone

  19. Dudes got this won. Don't know the last time I followed this show but thanks CV19. I have my new favorite artist.

  20. He's my favorite but his original song was not very good. But he's definitely going to be in the final five.

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