♪music♪ If you see Code 771
in an error message, it means the picture on your TV
is frozen or pixilated; but not to worry, the easiest solution
is also the fastest. Here you’ll learn possible
causes of the interference and we’ll walk you through
potential solutions. Code 771 means your
DIRECTV receiver is having trouble
receiving a signal from the dish or satellite. So resolving the problem may be as simple as
tightening a connection. First, go to the back
of the receiver and make sure all cable
connections are secured, starting with satellite in. If you’re still seeing Code 771 there could be something outside that’s blocking your
satellite dish. If there’s a safe spot
where you can see your dish, look for something
like a tree branch which has come between your
satellite dish and the sky. But, whatever you do,
do not climb on your roof. If you see or suspect an
obstruction, contact us and we’ll send a professional
to fix the problem. In very rare cases
a severe storm can also cause
Code 771 to appear, but as soon as
the weather passes, your signal should
return to full strength, and if snow has
accumulated on your dish, this can cause error
Code 771 to appear. Wait for the snow to melt, but remember,
do not climb on your roof. If the problem continues,
call 1.800.531.5000. Mention Code 771 and we’ll make sure you’re back
to enjoying your DIRECTV as fast as possible. In the meantime, you can watch your favorite
shows, movies and stream live TV on your computer, tablet
or cell phone by going to

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