Dirty Great Machines – Bucket Wheel Excavator | Technology Documentary | Reel Truth. Science

22 thoughts on “Dirty Great Machines – Bucket Wheel Excavator | Technology Documentary | Reel Truth. Science

  1. I think it is an insult to say people think electricity just pops out of nowhere. If that was the case, we would not need power lines. I think people do not know how it is generated. That is a big difference. The question is, how is the environment going to be made whole once these mines are no longer in operation. Instead of just showing what is going on, work on ideas of environmental restation.

  2. You know if you wrapped a cable around the bucket wheel before you cut the power, it'd be a lot easier to turn the wheel…

  3. when are you going to have and tv show all about the world of rockets and there design? do the the r&d to find them from thre first to last rockets

  4. Did he short on money? 39:10 wtf… It seems they always throw a time limit on all these shows "with just 3 days left to fix it"

  5. This would be so much better if it wasn't for the voice actor and typical Discovery Channel deadlines.

  6. materialism is fascinating, manifesting things into existence by thinking it them into existence would be so boring, for you know manifesting another heat source for Greece that did not involve tearing out the guts of Mother earth. but oh whoa art thou (in that preachy 1940's style) for we have sinned said she as he manifest warmth and energy and a huge phallic robot tearing at her ripping her asunder till the inner core of her essence is reached where there is thus birth. mother earth is preparing to give birth ha ha we are on an pregnant planet yiha

  7. Before I even checked the comments I could tell this was another fuckin reality show for queens. God dammit, fucking gay!

  8. And the coal producing countries all cry Boo Hoo when their towns flood, the Hurricanes are more powerful, the tornadoes more common and destructive, and on and on. Think there is a connection?

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