Do You Need a Fast Internet Connection to Mine Bitcoin?

alright ladies and gentlemen so how much bandwidth do you actually need for mining Bitcoin this is a question that I get quite a bit I actually much more frequently than I would like to admit and the honest answer straight up is you don't need much at all in fact you need hardly any internet speed really whatsoever to mine Bitcoin it's not all that intensive of a download upload process as people would tend to think you do need a certain degree of bandwidth in order to mine but that degree bandwidth is is really pretty minimal um you don't need a store a serious internet connection you don't need anything that's like the speed of light or well I guess the speed of light it's it's that's I'm trying to think of a good analogy for what you need but essentially you don't need anything too insane so if you're able to access any sort of internet connection whatsoever even I mean using a wireless hotspot on your phone for example could theoretically work would it be smart and convenient not necessarily I would suggest that you probably want to have some sort of physical connection to the internet with your miners but once you get all of them set up and reigned in with a physical connection really you don't have you know a whole lot to worry about you don't need all that significant of a bandwidth you don't need incredibly quick internet speeds you just need the bare minimum essentially if you have more miners you could potentially need a slightly better connection because of the speed of essentially connections down and up etc and transactions however you still don't need anything all that significant ok say for example you have one ant miner s9 your average internet connection that you already have in your home is going to be more than that what ok if you have 2,000 ant miner s nines well that might be slightly different you might need kind of a fancy internet set up you might need to kind of fan tangle a solution in order to make sure that all of the miners are connected and running properly and communicating effectively okay so essentially you don't really need anything too crazy to begin mining in terms of internet connection if you're worried about it I don't think you have any reason to worry unless you don't have an internet connection now if you don't have an internet connection and you are planning on mining Bitcoin and you want to buy one specifically for mining then go with something simple okay you don't need to get any sort of extreme package I would say the less you pay the better because if you have a reliable connection then honestly you're going to be fine reliability is far more important in this situation than speed okay so it's kind of like driving a tank versus driving a Ferrari alright you need reliability for an internet connection and you need your miners to be able to essentially use all the processing power effectively which they can't use if they are connected to the Internet so speed not a huge deal connectivity and reliability much more important okay so those are my two cents on that topic do you need a faster internet speed no you really don't it's it's uh it's not too not too significant so anyway folks hope that helps and we'll see you all in the next review you

11 thoughts on “Do You Need a Fast Internet Connection to Mine Bitcoin?

  1. for such a simple question your rambling makes me want put a gun to my head……ahhhh……just spit out the facts jack.

  2. Hey thanks helpful video but not that helpful what’s the minimum anyone would advise mine currently runs at download 0.60 upload 0.50 could I potentially mine with an antminer or 1080 gpu

  3. OK so, you don't need a super fast connection. But, there are so many speeds out there from 56k/s to 1G/s. Based on this video it seems 56k would be OK. Is that right?

  4. Yo make a video more about alibaba and can you reconmend someone that you think is legit and i got scammed on Alibaba for 2000 dollar tell The people on you channel

  5. Before I had high-speed I used a hotspot on my phone to run litecoin Asics just over 1 year ago lol
    Ltc: LRsZN4Z6bTAoSH9p5JAyQG125tEpzsnEEy

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