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  1. Went to several different doctors for pain in my right side and back after eating. Had sharp pains in that area for twenty years. Got told I was fat, to eat less, had anxiety, it was just depression.

    I told them all about the family history of gallbladder disease. No tests were ever run, even when I begged for it.

    I became jaundiced and needed several rounds of antibiotics to treat some "mysterious illness," which was NEVER tested for. I nearly die from anaphylaxis over yet another bout of incompetence, and I give up.

    I wait for the pain to come back and go to urgent care. Nurse practitioner decides he's gonna "let" me see every single test result and scan and everything any of them ever did.

    A CT scan, a fucking CT SCAN FROM YEARS AGO showed a giant calcified blob where my gallbladder was. Surgeon got it out. It was an emergency.

    I was never diagnosed with gallbladder disease. The surgeon had to explain what the thing even looked like to me. I got little aftercare. It took two more hospital trips before anybody told me to take it easy after surgery for up to six months (it took over a year). Right after surgery, I had an allergic reaction and was told "it was nothing." My skin blistered and took seven months to heal. I lost the ability to take all pain meds, and developed a pain condition where I can barely walk… but was told I was "making it bigger' than it was. I was told by over 12 nurses that I was making things up. A doctor in the ER chewed one out in front of me after I lost it.

    I still have trouble believing my pain is real after that. Like, I was in a car accident last June and waited a month to go to the hospital because I was so sure another nurse would tell me I was faking. I had a cervical sprain and dislocated hip.

    I am so angry, and that's not all that's happened.

  2. Interestingly, since you covered something very similar in this vid, the new season of The Good Doctor just covered dealing with an elderly person with dementia with a bad cancer diagnosis… I'd be interested to know if you agree with how they handled it in the end as it was a really sad and difficult situation. Episode three, I think.

  3. granted we don't even live in the same country, but based on my experience i would expect a robot to be WAY more sympathetic than a doctor.

  4. My office hires pharmacy techs to make sure medications are paid for and is affordable for the patients, we do prior authorizations and find funding

  5. I actually typed "doctors are" at Google and the most searched is "doctors are better than teachers" and I'm like "they definitely are" X)

  6. I'm sorry but why do you need racial diversity? I honestly don't care who or what the doctor is, i just want to be treated correctly. If focus is being made on " oh lets have more hispanic and black doctors" that's not saving lives. Sorry but this is bs

  7. Patient to Doctor: Did you just Google that?
    Doctor: Yes
    Patient: I could do that.
    Doctor: Yes but I have years at University and in practise to know which is worth reading and which is a load of rubbish.

  8. In a UK hospital I spent a month. The cellular networks have a patchy connection. In some rooms there is no cellular network signal and even wi-fi that is boosted around the hospital does not work depending on your laptop, tablet or phone and the time of day e.g. wi-fi might start working after 6pm and be fine for the next 12 hours! You can get a signal for a mobile phone by opening the window and at arm's length, but not if the room faces the quad centre. Pagers however aways work everywhere.

  9. ~ 3:30 Seems like on one hand, the administrative software in use sucks. I guess a more flexible software which adapts to whatever actually needs to be charted would make it less frustrating. For the 'sitting in front of the pc' part itself; Our modern times would allow each doctor to carry a tablet with him, being able to put in all data on the spot, same as on paper, just cleaner and managed in a centralized way. That's at least how I would approach it.

  10. Just had to say, I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid a few days ago and found it so interesting and amazing that doctors can make sense of those images 😂 I was just confused, thankfully nothing came up

  11. Dude like something is seriously not right with me and no doctor here in az will spend more then 5 minutes with me! 🙄 so done

  12. Dr. Mike can u make a video, if u want that is..how to (study) to become a doctor..and maybe share some tips you used when you were in med school or high school. Im in high school and all my tests will decide whether or not I will get into university. I really wanna be a doctor, it's my dream job.
    Aaand if I don't get a vid on itt…
    Anyone here that can give me some tips?? 😮

  13. Me:- what is the cause of irregular menstrual.
    Google:- you're pregnant.
    (This is how Google replies all the time)

  14. A rando, faceless, nameless internet nobody's credibility SHOULD be zero percent you.

    That same thing plus them saying the words, "im assuming" SHOULD subtract 100 billion percentage points.

  15. Could you do a video on how to minimize debt out of med school. For example, whether doing community college for 2 years then transferring to university and staying in state med school or if there’s other ways. I want to enter medical field but I know it costs a ton of money and my family doesn’t have a handful of that.

  16. So your telling me that, if a doctor is late that means the patient before me had a issue and it took longer to resolve. But if I’m late I need to reschedule the appointment. This is bs at this point.

  17. The software redundancy is also an issue. We chart the same thing three or four different times because the different software platforms don’t speak to each other and then sometimes we still need to FAX RECORDS to other facilities. Healthcare is so antiquated in regards to technology that it’s hindering patient care.

  18. 8:28 No. You Dont NEED divercity.
    It will help, sure. But its just a bandade.
    What you actually need is a society that sees a person for who they are and what they can do. But not for what they are or how they look.

    No amount of divercity or benefits/support for minorities is going to heal the problem!
    Its only bandading/drugging it and allowing to work on actual doctor wirk while ignoring the actual cause.

  19. I'm a new follower and I've been binge watching your videos for a couple of days now. I have a huge number of questions but for this one, I'd like to know what's your favorite Green Tea? I've tried to drink it but either I'm buying the wrong kind or I simply do not like Green Tea period :(.

  20. Doctor MIke, I have a few questions,
    What was your GPA in school and where did you go to medical school?
    What is the best way to memorize medical terms or just medicals stuff

  21. You should do a video where you test webMD. Show us why you shouldn’t google symptoms, and compare the internet’s diagnosis to the real medical diagnosis. Also I love you videos, keep it up 😋

  22. I am in IT and i work for Baylor hospital. They are many benefits of using technology (Less paper/waste, Storage room, Better records, Less errors etc).

  23. You can tell someone's profession by handwriting… (Joke)
    1. Starbucks barista
    2. Doctor/ physician
    1. English professor
    2. Secretary
    3. Is a Grandma

  24. Joke I read: (joke on income difference)
    A mechanic says to a surgeon, "why do you get paid more than me, when we basically to the same thing?" The surgeon replies, "well, have you ever tried fixing an engine or car whilst it's running?"
    Mechanic says, "well, no since it'll be too dangerous to do so." Surgeon replied, "that's answers the question, doesn't it?'

  25. Doctors will 100% be replaced by robots. All jobs will be replaced by robots and its a moral obligation to do so EVENTUALLY. When we can transition our society en-mass.
    Computers will reach a point where they are indistinguishable from humans, in there capabilities, including things the average lay person thinks is unique to humans such as forming an emotional connection.
    When that point is reached then humanity can form a post resource scarcity society and no discomfort with robots running our society can outweigh the improvement of everyone's resource needs being met.

    The only downside to a post resource scarcity society is that for well being and happiness its very important for an individual to feel like the are a contributing member of society. Many especially in the first decades will have a hard time satisfying that; because even if they have a job they go to, they know its not necessary since a robot is already doing the "real work" they are just playing pretend. Hopefully we can find ways to fix this potential problem and I have seen several proposals that look suitable. The risk of not being able to solve it is short sighted and doesnt outweigh the advantage of no more hunger, lack of medical care, housing problems, education costs and restrictions. Any problem thats resource limited would be solved.

    I am a student researcher that designs and builds robotics systems if it gives my statement any more weight but i'm happy to support it with more information.

  26. hahhha cant relate, Free healthcare and free medications in sweden so you never have to worry if they can afford it or not.

  27. lol I'm a web developer and the "baby chewing tobacco" story reminds me of when we did a registration form for a veterinary client and they gave us the questions and there were stuff like "is the animal in heat" or something even in case of male animals… or like "is it a working animal" when your animal is a hamster or stuff like that 😀

  28. Ambien is a horrible drug and should get pulled off the shelf. Also doctors are late because they're making out like Grey's Anatomy LOL

  29. The reason for an absurd amount of administrative tasks is because of fucking idiots who sue over any and everything.

    The amount of snowflakes in the USA, lack of common sense, and awful (as in flawed and weak) judicial system is the cause of the asinine administration tasks placed on a doctor

  30. Nobody will be comfortable around robots is literally the modern version of grumpy old writers typing angrily on their typewriters because "Computers can't write poetry".

    If it's a robot, you don't have to worry about human error. If it's a robot there's nothing to worry about " That nurse is too sexy, it's inappropriate ", you don't have to worry about piercings bothering patients, you don't have to worry about being the wrong gender because that woman is worried about the male nurse not being capable, you don't have to worry about unintentionally sounding condescending to less knowledgeable patients and then getting bad reviews.

    Most importantly though, no ingrate will incriminate a robot if they mess up that 1 in a 10.000.000 procedure, and ruin the robot's career. You don't hear any " I think you're too old for this " or "I think you're too young for this".

  31. I only actually see a doctor in real life one out of maybe ten times I go. Most of the time when the nurse takes me to a room she sits me down in front of a computer and a doctor appears on the screen to speak with me. I'm always surprised when a doctor actually walks in the room. They also have a 5 minute grace period for being late but they'll let you sign in 30 minutes early.

  32. The thing that blew my mind away the most was when you said you're only 29, literally screamed "WHAT??!!". Not saying you look old but you look at lease 5yrs older than that or maybe it's just my british eyes. Americans always look older

  33. Doctors: Please don't confuse your Google search with my medical degree

    Programmers: Please don't confuse your Google search with my Google search

  34. Have to admit you are my 2nd favourite doctor that i watch. My favourite is Dr Jennifer Arnold. She is an inspiration.

  35. me: has a headache in the morning

    also me: probably cuz i stayed up till like 3a-

    google: you have had cancer for the past 5 years and will die in 3 milliseconds.

    me: ooh shi-

  36. Well there is a profession that specializes in interpreting doctor handwriting… Pharmacists. For some reason they can always read it.

  37. You say you need more racial diversity in your field but fail to back it up. It’s so intellectually lazy of you and dangerous for patients. We don’t want to be treated by an incompetent medical professional in the name of diversity.

  38. Doctors: oh a sprained arm. You need a splint

    School nurses: you did not sprain your arm stop crying you baby throws ice pack there now ur fine. Stop wasting my time and get back to class

  39. Omg ur handwriting……. it’s just on the line of legible….. I can barely read it! It’s like my English teacher from year 7 all over again!

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