(DREAM SKETCH) (November 11th, 2019) (JAMSIL INDOOR STADIUM) There’s always a person like him
while you’re playing the piano Pass! We’ve practiced only in the studio
in our company, but we’re practicing
in the stadium today Look at the floor The green lines are for the stadium, and the white and the black lines,
do you see them? They are for our concert Okay (♬My Page) My hands hurt What happened?
My pants are ripped No! What a shame! Shall I paint black on my skin? With a marker pen? Who plays ‘Mary Had a
Little Lamb’ so nicely? Mike test 1, 2, 3 JENO – Yes?
– Come here We just finished the practice and now we’re about to leave It’s good to practice in a big place It’s good, but – it’s difficult, too
– Yes, a little! You know what I mean I know The practice is tough, and
the concert is happy Now we have 4 days left 4 days? Wow It’s around the corner We’re going to practice here
tomorrow, too I’ll be coming here
right after ‘The Show’ See you tomorrow, bye Bye (November 12th, 2019) (JAMSIL INDOOR STADIUM) Walk like this And shot catching the ball Goal! Wow! How can I do that? Teach me Stretch your arms while jumping Well, it doesn’t work Performing acrobatics is difficult Yes JENO, you can do it because
you have a lot of muscles Ttip! Ttip, ttop, ttip, ttop! Stop eating Feels like I experience
the concert in advance I’m tired This is seriously tiring The first part, the intro has to be very impressive Those 3 songs are the most difficult ones We’re going to perform all those songs
at the beginning That part is the most difficult But I’ll go for it thinking of our fans Bye () HAECHAN, you did always the opposite This part – JISUNG, you’re making me confused
– It’s left I’m sure that’s right The babies are fighting again – It doesn’t matter
– I’ll fight because I’m a baby, too Seriously, this is right No, look, like this Let’s check the video If HAECHAN and I are wrong,
we’ll buy you ice cream – JAEMIN, too
– We’re right! You’ll get me ice cream See? It’s left You, get me ice cream!
How dare you? This is ridiculous This is ridiculous If JENO is wrong,
he’ll have to buy ice cream, too Right It’s my turn Yes, your turn Let’s get it Faster? Stronger! More! Very softly When am I going to wear these? Today () Let’s get off Not yet The second day practice has finished Now I can take off my name tag Please remember, we’re doing this for you Practicing everyday is really hard But we’re doing our best not to make you disappointed (November 13th, 2019) (JAMSIL INDOOR STADIUM) RENJUN is going to buy
marinated crab for us Caviar, please – Stop saying nonsense
– He’s going to buy caviar You pronounced it right instead of
saying ‘carrier’ The choreography is
the same in this part Our practice never ends Because it changes all the time It’s like RENJUN’s hair color RENJUN’s hair color – changes all the time
– The top of my head is like this It looks like I don’t have any hair If you don’t consider your moves, you’ll highly likely miss this part JAEMIN is going to do it alone I’ll do it, too HAECHAN, then you do it, too I like it How about you, JENO? I’ll do it, too Look at your left side, there you go That looks so much better It’ll be nice You shouldn’t do that Did you take this? () Hey, hurry I’m bored because of you I did a good job HAECHAN doesn’t sweat () Good job I got my hair dyed today I changed my hair color Because I wanted to
look nice at the concert JISUNG Wow, its color reminds me
of ‘Jaws Bar’ ice pop I’ll be ‘Jaws Bar’ when I’m with JAEMIN JAEMIN, let’s go We are ‘Jaws Bar’ brothers from today Hi, everyone! Finally, we’ve finished
our last practice here and now we’re going to Jangchung Arena Where is it? Jangchung-dong? Yes It means ‘long bug’? Yes, we’re going to ‘long bug’ arena We’re going to fly there 1, 2, 3 (November 13th, 2019) (JANGCHUNG ARENA) Hello, we are NCT Dream, we’re
looking forward to working with you Actually I’m nervous now Let’s go We’re going up See you later Good job, go around Put your knees together JISUNG, let’s go – Are you ready?
– Yes Go around in the air JISUNG, strike a pose like
‘The Creation of Adam’ Put him down Thank you Two, two will be good Does it work? No, no – We sit there and get it
– Right Thank you for your work We’re getting off Faster than anyone Look at them That’s how they get off

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  1. omg does anyone know the 2 songs chenle played on the piano in the video??? he plays so well and they sound amazing 😭

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    in general i was so enticed by donghyuk being so energetic and like a motivator and "happy virus". the atmosphere does so much in these types of situations, also stress wise.

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