Dreamcast Internet Browsing in 2017

The Sega Dreamcast. The first system that could go online, right? Y’know everyone knows it for that and while
technically that’s not true – the Atari 2600 could go online and do your banking and such,
and look at the stocks, but it’s the first system to do it right, but the Dreamcast was
around back when web 1.0 was the main stay. Y’know, everyone was using it. So I’m here today to figure out, will the
Dreamcast still work online in 2017? Let’s find out. Well technically, the only things that you really
need to have a Dreamcast online is: #1 – A Dreamcast. #2 – A browser disc like Dream Key. #3 – You need a controller with a VMU. And #4 – you obviously need the modem cable itself. However, if you want to do this properly,
you’re going to need a mouse as well, and… you’re going to need the Dreamcast keyboard. I’ll show you how to set all of these up. You’ll have your Dreamcast set up like normal.
Have a modem cable popped in from the modem all the way (excuse the mess) over to your phone line socket right there. So yes. Now that we have the cables all hooked into
the Dreamcast and it’s all ready to do, all we have to do is set up the ISP. Now if you go up to this set up in Dream Key
(if you’re using PlanetWeb, I don’t know how you’ll do it), you’ll have to select your
country, and then, all you have to do is go to “Accept” the Terms and Conditions unless
you want to read them, but I don’t think they apply in 2017 when Dreamarena hasn’t
been on for years. Set up your modem now. If you don’t know what kind of ISP to use, just Google (or whatever search engine you use), just search for free ISPs, and if you’re in the UK, use nippy, that’s
the one I use. That’s the one that works cause some don’t
work anymore, but yeah. So just get your username and password. Get the 0844. If you’re in Britain, try not to use 0845 cause they charge more money from them. Because remember, you could be using this off
your landline, it is calling, so I’ll show you in a minute, so you just skip
all of this unless you want to put email
stuff in, but don’t bother with it really. So yeah, and you’ll see a little time in the bottom
right in a moment, and that just shows how long it is and that’s how long the phone call is, and 0844 numbers do cost a bit of money. Not as much as 0845 but still, a bit of money. So if you go online, you can just check what
website’s work and what website’s don’t in 2017. That’s dialing the number. It takes a wee while for it to load up and such… (2000 years later) But yeah this is the easiest way as long as you’ve
got a landline. I know in some countries, they don’t even
install landlines in the house anymore, but yeah. So we can just go to Google and see if that
one works. Just waiting for it to load. But as you can see here where the little cursor is, that’s the time. So it doesn’t load up Google properly, but
you can still search with it. So we just type something like, I dunno, something
from the early 2000s, late 90s that was interesting on the internet. “Grumpy cat”, and you can search, and you
see it’s searching right now. (Many months later) Hopefully but eh, oh well. Another website that you can use, well that you can’t use is Facebook.com. It just won’t load, it’ll just refuse to load. (Six hours later) As you can see, it’s just gonna go on
forever and ever and ever, it just won’t load. So we can try, I dunno, Wikipedia. “Wikipedia.org”, and this won’t load either. Ye, failed connection. Now, we can… there is one website that was actually
built for the Dreamcast browser today, and that is dreampipe.net. Now, Dreampipe is very interesting, if it
kindly loads up. Dreampipe was based off of the PlanetWeb Browser, the PlanetWeb website that the Dreamcast used to use, but it’s fully retooled, and this is
what the DreamPie automatically does for its homepage But yes, and you can set up a little username
password in, but yes. That is basically connecting on the Dreamcast in 2017. You can’t use a lot of websites, but you can still
connect to video games like Phantasy Star Online, the Sonic Adventure website still
works, and all of that. I hope you’ve enjoyed the video, and goodbye.

100 thoughts on “Dreamcast Internet Browsing in 2017

  1. Interesting video, I remember being hyped for the Dreamcast as a kid. Shenmue looked amazing, but for some reason I stuck with an n64 till the xbox/gamecube came out. It was cool at that age seeing the power of these machines grow with each new one. The graphical leaps don't seem as big these days, although they're getting better and better still.

  2. i´m from argentina, and i can´t connect the deamcast to the internet, i´m using the sega net web browser 2.0,i put the cable to the modem of the dc. In my phone dials up , i can hear the sounds, but when the console is dialing up, appears error, i dont know what i´m doing grong , my model is the HKT-3020, manufacturared march 2000, made in japan

  3. I used to rape on all online games on seganet! Mainly unreal tournament, quake 3 and nba 2k1. I always remember destroying this douchebag named D3MON=V= on unreal tournament😄 He thought he was the best until I raped him and made him quit 😆😆😆🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  4. 4:00 of course in this type of video everyone goes to the PC version of Facebook. Is possible that nobody knows about the basic version of Facebook (That everything can load it)?

  5. Today is my birthday, i was on another tab scrolling facebook, i saw some posts of some friends that i just meet there congratulating me, this epic music helped me to get more emotive
    I have nice friends

  6. Just dusted off my old Dreamcast. Didnt remember how loud noise it makes. I wish I still had Skies of Arcadia since it cost alot today. Will have blast playing old classics but most likely wont be usind for net surfing. Lol

    Also… Bring back Phantasy Star servers. 🙁

  7. why not build a few websites that work just on the dreamcast browser?? like build websites like they did back then and host them today

  8. I remember my mom getting us netzero internet for me and my brothers for seganet 😕 The speeds were excruciatingly slow surfin the web but decent in games like ut or q3. Mostly 28.8k-32.2k without the broadband hooked up

  9. try m.facebook.com or messenger.com on the dream cast!

    thought they linked that site to the main site i doubt ti works anymore

  10. What's the mouse all about? You do your browsing with the controller in the left hand, cursoring with your thumb and typing with the right hand.

  11. Hehehehe, I was living in Japan at the time, 1999, I plugged my dreamcast at Phone line and inserted the internet Cd.
    I could not understand the japanese language, but with error and trying, I could subscribe into a Tokyo’s server and access internet. I spent a whole month watching porn pictures every day without knowing that I was being charged for an interurban phone call for tokyo…
    When the phone charges came for me, it was almost 3.000 dollars!!! Lol, I cried a lot! It was very painful!! Thanks god my payment in Japan was more than 3000 dollar a month, but it was
    Very shit! I felt like a retarded…. hahahaha, in fact, I am a retarded until today, lol

  12. I'm an American, and unfortunately I can't understand a damn thing you're saying. I'm also drunk though, so that's not helping.

  13. Excellent job on covering Sega Dreamcast and I'm not sure to what country you're from if you're from Ireland you would have payed Sega Dreamcast store purchase in euros (€) due to it replacing the Irish pound on January 4th 1999 when it began trading against the US dollar at the present trade rate of €1=$1.17. If from UK currency still £. If Sega was still making consoles to this day they would have allowed cross play between personal computers Nintendo switch and Xbox One on fortnite with the exception of PlayStation 4.

  14. Dreamcast sempre foi superior ao ps one . Em detalhes pequenos e outros requisitos . Um dia eu quero ainda comprar um dreamcast e gamecube . ☺️ para fechar minha coleção

  15. Что то не пойму описание на русском, а говорите на не понятном языке.

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