Dreamweaver Tutorial: Use Split View More Effectively (HTML/CSS Split) -HD-

Most people that have used Dreamweaver before
are familiar with the code, split, and design views. Until recently, I had always left my window
on the code side and thought that the split view was simply for a mix between code and
design. After a little experimentation, I realized
that you can do much more with your code by using the split view. Here in Dreamweaver I have a demo file that
has a CSS file and Javascript file attached. If I flip to split view, by default it shows
what the HTML page looks like in design view on the right part of the screen. But, if I go up to “View” and then go down
to “Split Code” then you can see that it puts code on the right side of the screen. Currently, it is still useless because it’s
basically the same thing that we have on the left side, but if we click into our right
window, and then click on the attached CSS page, you will see that it now changes to
your CSS. If for some reason the CSS appears on the
left, and you’d rather have it on the right, you can go up to “View” and then down to “Code
View on Left” to toggle this setting back and forth. Now you can click through any of your attached
files, such as the Javascript ones to display those instead. This setup will give you a much more streamlined
workflow and also looks pretty awesome. So as always, if you enjoyed this Dreamweaver
tutorial, be sure to subscribe, rate, comment, and share it with your friends.

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