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Hello and welcome back this is the part 4 of our tutorials where we are going to list item in dropshipping tools which is, I have access to dsmtool now used by most clients so this is the inside of dsmtool and here is the dashboard and here is the templates, these templates here are will appear under your eBay listing with designs they have here, I will show it to you here, for example, this will appear it will appear in your templates at the bottom of the list like big sale there goes your descriptions this is their outcome so, this is what we are going to use, the big sale then, this is the rapid lister if we click this if we click this here we put the link the link to the item we found on zikanalytics here we will place it then, our templates we will make it big sale this is the big sale template I’ll publish it to ebay.com or if the client is on eBay UK ebay.co.uk there we will publish it so, we will place the link here the item we saw in zik then, this bulk listing the meaning of this you’ll list in bulk in in just in just one list you can do it because it generates these tools, they generate descriptions and about this item images it will generate, once we place the link so, the what you need here, what you put here, not the link The ASIN number so, where to find the ASIN number, I’ll show you later then, this is the price and monitoring here’s the sold items and the our listing, They’re here here they are listed, their monitoring is here for example this… This green indicator, meaning someone bought to our listing items these are our lists there they will go ahh after that this, we don’t need it anymore we’re just here with these three in templates in rapid list, bulk list and price monitoring in templates, let’s default the big sale let’s default it edit save template I don’t know if it can be defaulted I forgot that because I have not used the DSM tool for a long time but this is it ahhh that’s why it cannot default because this account is no longer paid, and it is no longer active but, let’s just use it, something is here, user default that will be let’s just click the default here so now let’s list the item let’s just click this… rapid lister then, let’s get the link to zik as before, here, I have shown you we have found a seller we have found an items like this, let’s go back to the previous one as we have seen for example, we have seen an item, just like before this one let’s click the this green one or there so many types of research of items, as I showed you in the first video we’ll shade the title then search it to google, those are the types of item research, in picture just right click then search google for image and the description, we can shade and search we can search on google so, this one this is the the easiest way, but here, just luck if you can find profitable item not like, when you go to amazon and there you will search, you will find much cheaper, but this this will be ok, we will earn a lot here let’s get the link here, here’s the link fulfilled by amazon we always remember, what we will list is, fulfilled by amazon or sold by amazon so, now this is the link then, the ASIN before, in the bulk listing the ASIN here can be found in its description of this item, here on the bottom here in product information here’s the ASIN ASIN code number this is what we are going to put in bulk listing but now, let’s do single listing first all we have to take is the link sometimes this link is very long sometimes it’s very long Let’s shade them all and paste here then our template big sale but to others, it’s set up, in other clients it’s already set up let’s import the item sometimes in DSM, sometimes it is not working we can put link or ASIN just can be ASIN only let’s go back let us take the ASIN let’s paste it here, it’s ok so, it’s the same outcome if you paste it it can be detected that its on amazon.com let’s import the item as I said earlier here we go first in the title the title optimization he is also a skill, it comes with a set of skills the title optimization, you’ll make, using the words here you will create the title that’s called title optimization you will create your own title your knowledge of how to in another video I will teach this how and now, because of the title on eBay like our search Only 25 are using this title we will take this this is what we paste here to in our title, there now it’s ok for example, there is more space here like 4 letters we can put, NEW this is ok so, now that’s all we have to do, we will copy the title our next step the pricing So, here we are at pricing to our client, it’s set up, if how much their desire profit for example, our client wants 10% of them then the break-even, 16% it will be equal to $19.63 this is our actual price on ebay, but the selling price of this is 21.99 we can even increase our profit for example we will put more 15% so it is 20.50, this will be ok on eBay calculator we will see how much we earn, as we did before calculator we will put in the sold price is 20. 20.52 the shipping cost is zero shipping charge is zero my item on amazon 14.99 we will earn 2.58 for the 10% of 20$ for 10% we have 2$ right ? let’s ignore the cent, at least in items that worth 10$ 10$ at least we have 1$ profit and up always remember so, this one, 20.52 our profit is 2.58 because our profit is 15% break-even 16% here’s our profit, it’s already estimated if we increase, we will do 21 it will become 2.65 for example, the price of this is 21.99 we can do, 29.45 or 29.50 we have 3$ profit that’s how to calculate pricing remember this, the break-even is 16% the others are 19 and the profit is just 10% this will be the actual price to eBay always remember this, don’t forget this we need to be much cheaper than the original you copied this is 29.99, ours is 29.50 in quantity, just 1 2 or 3 maybe… the strategy of the others is 1, because if you can find it on eBay, it will appear of Last 1 last stock, they will forestall, but once someone bought it automatic it will generate to 1 stock again, that is how when you go out of stock on amazon, this could be detected by dsmtool can be detect, our quantity will become zero automatic that is the advantage of dropshipping tools so, after the pricing here we are in its specification specs what are they? 12v, power source, what is the so here, It basically doesn’t need to fill up because in the description here at the bottom in this section, we will not replace it because it is already setup if we notice the photo, here’s our main photo, we do not need to replace it if, what is most presentable photo, where our item will high light that’s what we’re going to do with the main photo we have used Christmas but I replaced it earlier, I choose big sale the themes, the template as this account is no longer paid, just for demonstration he was just Christmas, this is what will be going to come out so why do we need to put descriptions there if we already have it here, here the product specification we will see it below here in this template the policies are here the money-back guarantee of our client, they are here, so, we don’t need to we don’t need to add specs above so, just remember title pricing here’s we need to remember, title, pricing specs, you can ignore it then images main picture that will high lights our item, then now it’s ok, this is it, it generates the specs here below we do not need to put specs above we will check if theres a phone number we will remove it even emails, link, we will remove it so, here is nothing so let’s list it publish now, but it won’t be publish here but you just need to continue and continue, this is error because the account is blocked this is for a demonstration of how to do it for example this is ok after you continue and continue that you publish it here he will be placed, it will come back here there it will come back here then look again for another item for example, here we go to the next one and so on, let’s remove it that is how to list on dropshipping tools, that’s how easy it is if you know zikanalytics and you know how to search product and you know how to list in dropshipping tools you can now create a profile you can now find a job you already have the skill, you are now eBay lister you can do product research then the other’s I’ll teach you, its just ad on like photo editing because there is a client they want their unique photo you will put free shipping and you will edit, I’ll teach you in the next video and order fulfillment, sometimes you will assign in order fulfillment how’s that, so, I’ll teach you in the other video so, now that it, you have to do it over and over for example, I will go here and find another item like this one here what he put in was they are not the same, as you can see they different what we do is we will take the let’s go to eBay then go to image or much better here in specs do not include these free shipping just search it on google, you will see it on amazon not this one ahh, here we are, it’s the one listed 11.99 11.99 then it sells about 14.99 it has little profit just 0.77 so this can’t be then let’s find another item until we see items like before that we can get a good profit so if you memorize the zik tutorial on how to research an item then you know this just keep reviewing them what you need to remember, title, pricing, picture then check the template then the specs below if there’s a phone number link just remove it, then, that’s it, it’s now ok, just list it then find another item over and over, that’s how easy it is in the next video, we will be going to post ah that would be the ad on like, what we should not list there is called VERO, VEROPRODUCT what we should not list and how to remove image background in photoshop, only basic photoshop you can easily learn I will make a video of it so now, we’re done with 1 skill that we learn eBay lister, drop shipper product researcher that’s what we’ve learned in this video we can now create a profile on onlinejobsph or upwork or in other freelancing website that we can find a job just type eBay lister, you can find a lot of job post you can see that they are looking for a lister in their store you’ll be able to start a job now in ad on just be updated in our video, I’ll show you the other tricks on how to make our job easier to get you hired, what will add to impress your client that you are editing your photos something like that were done in our eBay listing tutorial in the next video again just stay tuned good luck to all of you, hope you can find the job if you have questions, just leave it in the comment pls. like our Fb page and pls. subscribe here in our channel thank you very much and stay tuned thank you

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