EATING PEOPLE!! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #1! 3 Million Subs (FGTEEV TABS Gameplay / Skit)

attack! dramatic music screaming ha ha ha ha ha ha screaming Its FGTEEV! be ba be lep bop blllee bop whats up fgteevers? screaming I came over to in this dudes on my computer what’s up man and how FB breeders know it fgt vers they’ll have ADD must look for somebody I’m sorry you do but they don’t all have as much whatever so you don’t have you three billion subscribers have you got great value with the hood yes three million stuffs take you thank you for getting building 3 plus billion views thank you thank you congratulations but if you forget about that go boom I know I don’t know what happened to my gold plate put your God because i just texted back out i’m getting the back you have my gold plate Boing you just love it but going to beautiful just said through yeah and you this I game strawberry accurate back today you’re you’re you’re off to a gr8 to make it more challenging though I’m 111a not ingest alcohol free to all three and you have your goals great room I let’s do this level crack knuckle crack i say that i don’t actually want to crack them but dramatizing purposes are so I got a ton of options here i need to familiarize myself here all we gott cannon crew 500 money’s the shooter Karen at you dude Oh got some ninjas daily cost eight footage here for a farmer here in a present every way up ok that’s enough heads out those guys they just still look like they have any weapons will put one person this other team is just all gone all era era era out 718 money’s left the 3some spear throwers throw some Spears i nicknamed audience fears caught him brittany except for this one right here that’s for people you know what we got enough another candle let’s go for it to obtain 70 money’s left how about a foot man oh I two more presents there we go alright so now I just start you’re never with that guide an army haha haha I let’s see and start oh all that go are they like to play it means look at this oh wait i can’t quite say 800 now oh my god to camp although this is bad all my credits are so many event let’s figure out whether or not my president no my protection don’t shoot my presents oh well not specified look so dirty he doesn’t reduce to all who shot on our man this event save yourself voice always tough to change left the kids are like shooting the ground with the matter with you huh wait a minute I think I’m wedding the cannons firing by itself done by one whoa i was just kidding i think your feet colonial dude where is always not congratulate slow having lost i guess all right this time I’m level 93 having might know who are we up against that Kayden some muskets some more cake and some Moscone and more candid practices since what can we do for 3000 with offers higher up the catapult makarian that actually sounds kinda cool let’s do a chariot what Christmas was like three months ago two months ago depending on what part of the world jury but why it’s still Christmas mr. Devaney what it got him with to 20,000 hands down 3015 trumpets that Hillary truck how much to about cool whats new Hillary since you’ve got nothing to do since you lost the election will put into work and now she’s a now she’s in our army with 400 left now Hilary your one expensive cake you know what I gotta give respect to all the farmers out there raising all lawful crops and vegetation full some stuff that’s taking both and one peasant there you go that’s actually put the present first hey everybody come to the pivot and start let’s see what happened whoa whoa what the root of golf oh now whoa-oh route we took out to Pete all other alternative route Wow root of just bulldoze of that Oh wrote a routine duty Rudy’s complete it oh look at that in just four that’s Hillary we want that still applicable Hillary she’s only gmail emails or it she’s still eating all that just started to leave in her email oh my goodness i don’t know if you guys know what I’m talking about all Hillary to stop blasted in the face it’s just Hillary versus the world right now oh my goodness gallery1 nice job Hilary round nine is mine because I don’t beat it yeah make sure you don’t have no hang with then she mad man i’m not very sad about that second bad i just as number ten we’ve got a we’ve got a catapult seed what bunch of swords some Spears and shields at the bed and a little Oh guy in a jacket huh I’ll take your little guy in exactly i like to use it with less money this time just draws in some time with me on all looking like a king bear head I King bear head I was you wish I this thing a barrel roller just gonna roll over those two what if we can blast a catapult with a cotton on let’s put a condom on right dead let’s do some long-distance shoe in sight spirits fear Viking what’s right yeah second thing where your wrist always loaded with spears yeah let’s try that we like 60 which I samurai and we always go for my good old boy depending on what’s happening and yet all all i got for my catapult with it’s not dire on what is that those those chickens always run late think the kicking game that is so weird Oh what we put the food just do that you will never be shaken and updating these matters food chickened out of the movie that like we do when all those pills there’s always trump with drug the best ones all my journey look at it look at it here all trap that you leave a part that’s gonna leave a phone call and stuff that’s gonna leave a mark that’s really far and some crusty jump to go build your wall decal far-field what if we do not try that was bad yeah at least versus a catapult another pretty versus a catapult and I watch them a comment right there and their archers a lot of beef for the seats look like other like middle robbers a little nice ok and start go go unleash your fury yes yet gone start distrusted chicken man done almost everyone’s now we just need the catapults attack and applause guys what this dude is like an acrobatic full oh yes what catapults down come on come on come on come on victory we did it what happened probably got like well I guess you do have some luck because you do you know how you want that you guys but cheers and dealin close that wasn’t locked out pure skill and strategy what numbers also at all stuck in my free finally 1 million subscribers gold play button it’s taking awhile it get here at no idea that guy took it from me but thank you sir almost broke it thrown it to my screen like that it’s beautiful to go web with all the three that we have 223 soon so much fun to subscribe helps get the fourth one and then when the merge all the channels and get the diamond play button not kidding now we’re going to get throw and mean walk-ins news that he thinks he’s gonna shell me alright go ahead show us show us how you battle awesome for God true the time dynamite oh hello Batman is to have about that don’t just and that’s three could be scattered no not measured by the trail with ok why seriously it’s anybody doing actually get me involved I would’ve liked that one what what what you guys do it yes we want exactly you’re busy but they are now now now what knocking around we want talking back getting and you can bring your always like faking do like he won but at least my friend named you know they listen to message don’t point in any fight it might run off quit i want to jump to level 20 Oh whoo level one key look at this guy’s a break guy with a cult began taking maggie the summer has 4,000 money was super boxer I don’t know what he can do wall look at his gloves search my farmers didn’t feel bad guy that tried mounting super boxer and farmers you not go get it buddy ewr gold here I’m going here get him get him Jim there you go little matter what him and I go get oh no oh no I think up i think my old guys are getting us now no one to protect this super black detective soup it puts together his tab oh oh yes your job Super boxes no superblocks trip was happening we just realized the big chicken man push will chicken is what is it all just want to God we’re going to try all barrel rollers all Farrell rollers reported that desk floor come on this is going to be awesome this is going to be so great watch it No ok redo all right here we go we gotta watch them of college don’t get him get him get him Jim just a big guy gets a big I know you only got his foot yes yes yes got couples cooking areas knee or we got a lot of farmers gonna say mirai ninja masters all y’all is going down this time get him he’s gotten into stars everywhere googly eyes are slowly disappearing is falling don’t stop please stop them let’s go he’s still pooping out chicken band yes yes it’s boring Oh wanted to thank you for playing this was a super look I just let me repeat three i guess i’m dr. bring after all well if you want to see Martin me destroy some more and more days let me know maybe I there’s actually a feature can go to menu shame back scotland’s old Japan Oh denmark my girl sahara well Wow Sarah okay i wish there was a bank that was outside so I can cash my check how about that Hillary versus trial with a great wall and nobody built worlds better than what we said nobody built to pull off better than oh my goodness Hillary’s racking up in a corner oh my goodness that weekend away emails got emails guys are gonna have the same color hair yes Oh victory oh they both died at the same time but trumped one so how does that make sense alright well that was that text was watching also once again thank you guys so much for helping us get just a complete button it’s a little about by the closest look at that bad knees got a tiny outfit straight out

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  1. Nathaniel ako to si crisel pllll love you from … crisel๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. You know the waiter from that one gummy vs real video by funnel vision? Yeah I ship the army guy (whoever heโ€™s called) with that waiter. PLEASE DONT HURT ME ;-;

  3. but fgteev can you come back to tabs and unlock the secret units by the way I don't play this game so just go to all the maps in sandbox mode ok

  4. but you have 11 million subs and 12 624 633 views and 155 million likes and 6,1 million dislikes

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