EDCOE Child Development

(tranquil guitar music) – Head start, early head start and state preschool programs
are free for eligible families. There are state preschool fee-paying slots for over-income families who
want a preschool experience for their child. We offer enriched, high quality programs and services for children
birth to five years of age that are fun and engage
children in learning. Children in our programs
learn how to be independent and receive healthy meals and snacks that are served family
style in our classrooms. For children three to five years of age, we offer headstart, state preschool and home based services
throughout El Dorado County from El Dorado Hills to South Lake Tahoe. All preschool classes are taught by highly qualified teachers
who provide engaging activities that focus on school
readiness and literacy. For children birth to three years of age and pregnant mothers, we offer weekly home visiting
by early headstart teachers that promotes positive family
health and development. – (Mary) I have an 18 year old daughter and a year and a half ago I
lost my 25 year old daughter which is why I’m raising
my grandson right now. We’re really lucky to have
him in the preschool now. He loves it and is doing really well. Dustin would probably have
not started kindergarten next year without this program. – (Shalene) I have and oldest
son who’s in high school and then I have a 12 year
old who’s in middle school. And then I have a 11 year old stepdaughter and then I have Isaiah who’s in preschool. And it has helped him with social skills. How to handle a school…like
a school setting. How to share. How to write his name. Everything that he needs for kindergarten. – (Mary) All the outreaches
and things that are available to our family through this program… is really gonna… It really takes a lot of
pressure and stress off of our family. – (Shalene) Here it
just, it’s so welcoming. Just any question you
have they have answers. And it really helps. – (Mary) Well the holidays are coming up and as you can imagine, it’s very hard for our
family over the holidays. We’ve been offered food baskets, winter clothes that we may
need and things like that. So, it takes away a lot
of the stress of shopping and gift buying and things like that. – (Shalene) They’ve
done this Christmas list where they actually put our
kids on a Christmas list and that was really exciting for them. They helped us with Thanksgiving box. That was really helpful because Thanksgiving is
really pricey (laughs) for just one dinner. It’s not little for us. It’s huge. And it’s able to put food on our table when the holidays come and… have the family around the table and just be able to eat something. I’m very grateful for that and I really hope that keeps going. We have a big family and we
work paycheck by paycheck and it’s just that little help
right there goes a long way. It’s not just for the kids.
It’s for the families, too. – (Mary) I’m relieved
and thrilled and happy and one less thing we have to
worry about over a rough time of year. It’s changed all of our lives a lot. – (Shalene) They don’t
just do it as a job. They do it as a passion. They care about families.
They care about kids. And I just… I’m very grateful for that. So I wanna tell everybody thank you. (tranquil guitar music)

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