Eddie Murphy Confirms Rumors and Stories About Prince, Ghostbusters and More

-We’re hanging out
with Eddie Murphy. -Questlove,
you were at the party when Prince had on those skates
that lit up? Those glitter skates?
-Yes. -Okay, yeah.
-Valentine’s. -He had on glitter —
We went to a party at — Prince had
a roller-skating party. -I heard about this story. -It was like 2:00 or 3:00
in the morning. And we’re at his house. And Prince goes, “Who wants
to go roller-skating?” It was like, “What?” And we went to this roller rink
at like 3:00 in the morning. You know how
some sneakers they would have, when you walked,
they would light up? He had skates that when he
skated, they would light up. -So, it was a dark skating and you see just see Prince
skating around. No way.
Questlove, you were there, too? -Yeah, it was just you, me,
Larry Graham, and — -There was a couple of people
scattered around. -Yeah. Yeah. -That’s bizarre. I mean, can you — -It was surreal. -Can you tell the Prince story
about your chef? -Oh, well, I was — We — Where I live now, Prince
stayed a couple of houses down. And he was — My chef was leaving at
like 2:00 in the morning once. And a car goes by, you know,
purple car and the music, and he’s like,
“Whoa, that’s Prince.” And a hubcap comes off,
and it just kind of fall — And the car keeps going. And he picks the hubcap up, and it’s got the Prince thing
on the hubcap. And the car goes and makes
a big U-turn and comes back, and Prince says,
“Can I have my hubcap back?” [ Laughter ] I was like,
“What a great moment you had.” -No one else has that story.
That’s awesome. I was going to go through
some of the Eddie Murphy folklore stories that I’ve
heard, if you don’t mind. If you don’t want to talk
about it, you don’t have to, but I’ll just name
a couple things. -No cheap shots, though.
-No, I would never. I would never do that.
-I’m just kidding. -Here’s one —
You and Jerry Seinfeld started your stand-up careers
at the same week at the same comedy club. -Oh, yeah, we started both
at the Comic Strip at the same time, yes. -You did?
-Yeah. -Wow. Who ran that?
Do you remember? -Lucien. Lucien Hold.
-Yeah, Lucien Hold. -Lucien Hold.
-I used to do that club. Yeah, I love Lucien.
-Lucien Hold. That name means
“the devil’s grip.” -No, it does not.
That does not — That’s not — That’s not true.
-But, no, if you take it. -Lucifer.
Yeah, Lucien Hold. The devil’s grip. -Yeah, that’s what…
But he was not the devil. -He was one of the nicest guys. -Nicest guy.
Got so many people started. -Yeah, he really did. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wanted you to be one of
the original Ghostbusters, but you turned it down. -Yes, but I did
“Beverly Hills –” ’cause I did
“Beverly Hills Cop.” -Oh.
[ Cheers and applause ] So, you made a good movie. -It wasn’t like I turned it down inasmuch as I wasn’t available ’cause I was doing
this other movie. The only movie I ever
turned down that was a — that became a big hit was that
“Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” -You were going to be in that? -Yeah, I was going to be
the Bob Hoskins dude. And I was like, “What?
Animation and people. That sounds like
bull[bleep] to me.” [ Laughter ] Now every time I see it,
I feel like an idiot. -After “48 Hrs.” came out,
Marlon Brando called and asked to have dinner
with you. -Yeah, yes.
Yeah, that was surreal, too. -And you had dinner with him?
-Yeah, a few times. A few times —
I went to his house and had dinner at a hotel. I had a — You know
the most surreal moment? ‘Cause I had just done “48 Hrs.” And Brando told me
his favorite scene in the movie, but he was acting to me. And he goes, “When you said, ‘I’m you’re worst
[bleep] nightmare. I’m a [bleep] with a badge. That means I’ve got permission to kick your [bleep] ass
whenever.'” And I was like, “This [bleep]” -[ Laughs ] Whoa! [ Cheers and applause ] That’s what I’m like right now. -I was like,
“Damn, Marlon Brando. I ain’t do the [bleep]
like that, Marlon Brando. You should have been
in ’48 Hrs.'” [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God. You have — You have one of
the world’s biggest collections of Elvis memorabilia. -Not anymore.
I used to when I was younger. -Yeah, not anymore.
-Yeah, I got a little older. You know, it was kind of like, “Hey, man,
why I got this [bleep]” [ Laughter ] That was much as —
I still love Elvis, but he was much cooler
when I was younger. When I got older
and I kind of — You start to see
the whole picture. It was like, “Hey, man,
take that [bleep] off the wall.” [ Laughter ] I had that jumpsuit on my wall. -Yeah, “Why am I doing that?” -Sell all the jumpsuits, man. [ Laughter ] -Right before you landed “SNL,” you were fired from your job
as a shoe salesman. -I wasn’t fired.
I quit that job. I had worked at Chandler’s Shoes
at the mall out on Long Island. [ Laughs ]
And I quit. -You quit?
-Yes, I quit. -Chandler’s?
-Chandler’s Shoes. -Well, everyone at Chandler’s
Shoes, you missed out. And thank you for this gift, ’cause Eddie Murphy is now
with us and we’re so happy. Eddie Murphy, everybody. Watch Eddie’s return
to “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow night. And check out
“Dolemite Is My Name” right now, streaming right now on Netflix. Do it right now.

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  1. In 1987, as a couple of 18 year olds that just started going out after a blind date, we went to "Raw" for our 3rd date…and walked out LOL it was way too much too soon 🙂 32 years later and we still think Eddie's hilarious <3

  2. Stop it Eddie, don’t act like Ghostbusters ain’t been around for 35 years with a New Sequel plus a huge fan base…Nobody has even rebooted Beverly Hills Cop yet 😂

  3. Sooooooo fucking happy the “fuck you man” decided to become part of our world again!!!!! Eddie is one of the funniest individuals to ever grace the planet with his presence!!!! Hands down!!! By leaps and bounds!!!!

  4. OK, he did this bit on Jimmy Kimmel October 25th. Same question; Just before you were hired for SNL you were fired from McDonalds. No, I quit McDonalds. I was fired from Chandlers (a shoe store). 12:02 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfLjhW8eioc

    Falen 4:40 Just before you landed SNL you were fired from a shoe store. "I wasn't fired, I quit that job. I worked at Chandler Shoes… I quit." Specific memory asked from prepared cards – opposite answers.

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    How in the hell did he get that gig?

  7. I saw Eddie Murphy at " The Comic Strip ". He was the dirtiest Comic I ever saw…….Real Raunch ! Fallon is such a Goof ball.

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  9. The Great Eddie Murphy is picking up the true Hollywood Stories where brother Charlie left off with the prince story. I can dig it. RIP Charlie Murphy

  10. I remember meeting Eddie at the Shrek premier at the legendary Canes Festival back in 2001, it was a cold night and he had a big fur coat on and we were outside smoking some ganj just chattin bout how this role was probably the easiest role he has ever played because something about he just played himself and blah blah blah and at that moment a smokin hot brunette came around the corner but failed to recognize Eddie with his sunglasses on. It was a little strange he was wearing them at night but i figured it was to just be cool or whatever. So then Eddie turns to her and goes "Hey Baby where you going" with his classic Eddie Murphy voice that is instantly recognizable and he turned and whipped off his jacket and tossed his glasses high into the air!……what I witnessed there was so surreal it was like the surrealist moment………Eddie Murphy is donkey, and the human Eddie Murphy we have all come to know and love is merely a hologram projected over his donkey body when hes in public. His artificial hologram projector belt was malfunctioning. What was even stranger was the brunette was cool with it all and rode off on him into the moonlight. It was actually pretty beautiful knowing she accepted him for who he truly is.. Eddies the best

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  22. I can't believe Prince was so famous. I wish he could take me to meet Eddie Murphy. Prince is my great uncle BTW and my great aunt went to his funeral.
    Edit: they were never serious he smashed and dashed

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