Greetings, dear friends. I am glad to introduce the participants
of today’s conversation to you. This is the respected
Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Greetings. T: Zhanna. Greetings. T: Diana. Greetings. T: And Andrey. Greetings. Many of you have heard the following
assertions that “thought is material,” or “be afraid of bad thoughts,” or “do not do what you should not
do, even in your thoughts.” A lot of scientists at different times
in different countries of the world also asked themselves questions
of what our thoughts are, whether they are
material, after all. Opinions were divided. Some people said that
thought was material, while others said that
thought was ideal. And today we would like to dot
all the “i”s in this regard. I will start our programme with the
works and research of the scientist, psychiatrist Gennadiy
Pavlovich Krokhalev, who was able to experimentally
photograph visual hallucinations. Gennadiy Pavlovich was exactly
one of the first to show that visual images and visual information not
only come to us from the outside world, but we can also transmit
them to the outside world, and not just transmit, but this can also
be recorded on photographic materials. It all started in 1972 when his brother brought him “Technique
for Youth” magazine (“Tekhnika – Molodezhi” in Russian), where they saw an article by Valeriy Skurlatov,
who was the Moscow physicist back then, the article was titled
“See the other way round”. In this article, it was precisely assumed
that, this hypothesis was put forward, yes, the visual images and visual
hallucinations can really be photographed. And what is interesting is
that much earlier, in 1880, the artist,
french photographer Pierre Boucher, just accidentally took
pictures of visual images. What happened. Once, after a noisy party,
he woke up in the morning to go to the lab
and develop photos. And he couldn’t basically find
this photo for a very long time, he couldn’t concentrate
on his work, because he was hounded by both
noise in his head, let’s put it so, and images from his nightmares. And at the moment he
developed the first photo, he saw not a photo of the client,
but precisely pictures of the images that bothered him all night long, and, as a
matter of fact, images from his nightmares. Of course, since
then, since 1880, till the time of experiments
and tests by Gennadiy Krokhalev was quite a long period… And, of course, our operators also became
interested in the tests, experiments and works by this scientist,
Permian psychiatrist, and they wanted to
repeat these experiments, because this is really the
actual evidence of the fact that thought is
material after all, and what’s most important is that
all these voices in the head, visual images, and hallucinations are of
exogenous, that is, of an external origin. That there is a certain field,
a subtle material environment, which very aggressively affects a
person and aggressively treats a person. Therefore, we would probably ask Andrey
to expand on the experiments now, because he was a member of
this experimental group. Yes, we’ve also familiarized
ourselves with the materials, which are, in principle,
freely available on the Internet. This is about the works
by Gennadiy Krokhalev, we also read a little bit about the history
of, let’s say, mystical photography. I mean, they were involved in this
at the end of the nineteenth century, and famous Nikola
Tesla once also said that eyes can not only receive but also (T:
Transmit) transmit something into space. Already during the work of
Gennadiy Krokhalev, many scientists have also come to the conclusion
that an eye can work as a photodiode, on the principle
of a photodiode. That is, when light falls,
current passes through it. And they assumed that
it maybe this way: if a potential is applied,
then radiation may go outside. We’ve become very
interested in it. In his works Gennadiy Krokhalev used ordinary
films with different light sensitivity, starting from one hundred
to five hundred units. Well, nowadays we even used
films with a sensitivity of 3200. That is, technological progress has
advanced far in this regard and, let’s say, the spectrum of photographic material
that can be used for the experiment has expanded significantly. Well, it’s clear that the easiest way
today would be to use digital technology. For instance, all of us use it now,
we shoot our programmes with it, yes. And, it would seem,
that it’s the easiest way, and the spectrum of coverage in the digital
device is much higher than in the analog one. We have an opportunity to
use different equipment. Now we are shooting… well, how many
manufacturers of cameras we have, for instance. We used different lenses, but there were
no results at all on a digital device. Then we found cameras, let’s say, the ones
produced 20 and 30 years ago (T: 30 years ago) Of course, we used an enormous number of
films, in this case, we can’t even say… Meaning, a very large number and
of different light sensitivity… We used more than five
different film cameras: Zenit-11, Zenit-E, well,
and of the same kind. IM: Old production cameras.
A: Yes, it’s still the old one. Also… IM: But basically, Krokhalev
also used Zenit and, in principle… A: Yes. My friends,
I know a little bit about this, I’m saying it right away that I
didn’t take part in these experiments, but I heard how they did it. What did you start with? We started with dividing the
experiment into three main stages. The first stage is
photographing consistent images. What does it consist of? For example, if you turn on a bright
light in darkness, in total darkness, well, or it’s a flash, let’s say, yes,
or a bright light bulb, and turn it off, then every person can notice a kind of residual
(IM: Light effect) light effect in his eyes, and it gradually goes away.
That is… Abrupt excitation
occurs, and it remains. Yes, and it…
If we, let’s say, make several, for instance,
when we worked with consistent images, but if we make several camera flashes,
it can be three, four, five of them, then it’s possible to
find a certain interval, that in a person’ eyes there
remains an image of the whole room where he is with
all the elements, I mean, there is no light anymore, but the
whole image of the room is in his eyes. Meaning, it’s like 3D. This is such an interesting moment in
fact, well, it’s so… Was it captured on film? Yes, at first we used a
camera, we took close pictures. Then we tried to find a focal
length at which we could catch it. Then we re-read the
works once again and it was written there
that they photographed, that most of the photos were
taken precisely from the retina. Also, they used just films,
without any equipment. So what did it look like? Let us assume that there’s a
flash, a person fixes an image, but what’s important is that a
person doesn’t move his eyes, because as soon as he starts
doing something with his eyes, the image immediately
disappears. It means that it is necessary to
concentrate a little on one point. And then they just took the film
and put it to the eyes like this. That is, like projection. We had another
method afterwards, it’s when we asked people
to project their images. I mean, it was like
Gennadiy Krokhalev did, he, let’s say, used in his works people
with overly intrusive images. Well… Well, he worked with
mentally ill people, with those to whom these images
came in fact, they were imposed, and when they became
reality for patients, that kind of reality
he was photographing. Yes. We also photographed people
from, let’s say, from those, well, who also observe obsessive
images in themselves. Meaning, these people are perfectly
healthy, normal, reasonable, but they observe the presence of
these images in their consciousness. We also tried to fix this. As an experiment, we also, well,
it was interesting for us too, we recreated Krokhalev’s mask, we also used leather fur from the camera of the
’30s of the twentieth century in the same way, we found it, yes,
it was interesting, too. Well, in fact, it is interesting because
these pictures of thoughts-images can be taken in an
entirely bright room. That means, there is no need
in creating special conditions for everything to be dark
there, and like we… Well, he did it because he worked
with mentally ill people (A: Yes), and it was extremely difficult to lock them in
a dark room to photograph a hallucination – they would have had panic
attacks and everything else. So, he developed this mask not
to aggravate their condition. He could freely control this in a
ward in the daytime or with the light. Well, I think that it was nothing but a
darkening. This was the main goal (A: Yes). It didn’t serve as a
concentrator or anything else. A: No, absolutely not.
We also experimented with this mask. Indeed, its main advantage
is that it gives a good darkening. We also used photographic paper,
this projection, too, but it required longer exposure time, well, we simply needed more time
to project on it. There is another one, another method
of photographing that we used was to ask a person to keep and project
some simple figure or a number. That is, we made out of, we cut out and printed on paper sheets
white figures with numbers on a black background. Well, we asked guys, the ones who,
let’s say, can keep such figures well, to train for some time, and then we also asked them to project
these images on a digital camera and on a film camera, on film,
on photographic paper. IM: Well, by to project this you
mean to visualize this, right? A: To visualize. IM: To visualize in space and
take pictures at the same time (A: Yes). Did you succeed in it?
A: No. We didn’t succeed much, yes… We, let’s put it so, we had already tried
different films by then. These were digital negative,
positive films. We even took slides, I mean, it was a film on which the image
was displayed as it was and could be used as in filmstrips. Well, Krokhalev mentioned that
it also worked on such a film. We also used infrared films, because it
was also pointed out in his works… well, as scientists assumed, that a glow from the eyes can be
infrared, of the infrared range. Well, there was no result either. For about two weeks we (IM: were engaged in the experiment),
A: experimented, yes, of course, it was interesting,
because, let’s say (IM: That’s why, guys, I didn’t participate…
I grudge spending a lot of time)… There were comic situations as well, as soon as we were going to take pictures of those people who were
hounded by obsessive images, then all the images, thoughts, everything,
actually everything disappeared, and, well, we may say, it’s such a
therapeutic effect if anyone wants to… We also asked some of our participants if they wanted us to take
pictures of their thoughts. They said, “No, thank you,
no, we don’t want to”, so… IM: I wonder what they were thinking about (A: Yes, yes, yes, yes…),
that they did not want. A: And then in the process of,
say, going over various options, we came to such an understanding that Gennadiy Pavlovich actually
took pictures of, well, as he wrote in his works, of imposed
images, meaning, of exogenous ones, yes, as we have already mentioned today,
of the ones that come from outside. So, basically, those people
with whom he worked with, were the people who received them, while we were constantly photographing
people who tried to create them. IM: So, you took pictures of the people
who tried to visualize them, meaning, who created this image. While he photographed the ones
who relayed them, meaning, they weren’t even relays,
they perceived this image as real. Well, I think we’ll approach this
now, an interesting topic, well… A: Yes, and, as a
matter of fact, that’s what made us think that we should try to recreate the same
experimental conditions as Krokhalev had. That is, we understood that
we need an operator, I mean, a person who will transmit
an image to another person and to photograph not the operator,
the one who is transmitting, but the person to whom
he is transmitting it. We took a trained operator. We took the person who already
had experience in this, yes. We invited Julia, who you could see in the
pyramid experiment with number transmission. And we started
this experiment… And in this experiment
we, by the way, (it was held in our basement
at the Coordination Center)… in this experiment we exactly
used Krokhalev’s mask, because, well, we wanted, let’s
put it so, conditions to be good, darkness to be there, but we, let’s
say, wanted this to be done easily. And that’s when we could
use the Krokhalev’s mask. And so, as a matter of fact,
well, this is already, well, let’s say, after two weeks
of different experiments, we’ve got something interesting. And here are the results, let’s say…
The results… So, we asked the operator… The experiment consisted of,
let’s say, five steps, we asked the operator
to transmit the numbers one, two, three, a triangle and a
circle in turn to five people. The operator regulated the time
herself, meaning, it was this way. She tuned in to the person, transmitted
the image, and when he gave the go-ahead, we opened a diaphragm of the camera
and projected, well and took pictures
of the person’s eyes. When the operator said stop,
well, it was about… as for the timing it was from a minute
to three, so… IM: Well, depending on
how the operator was tuning in. A: Right. And the results are interesting,
let’s say, I’ll show them to you right now. This is the number “one”,
which was fixed… Also, well, the numbers two, three,
which were also projected, transmitted. We are still proceeding with the
materials, getting them developed. Well, this is a circle. I mean,
there was a symbol of a circle. Yes, of course, it… IM: Well, we can say it’s a speck, we can
say it’s a circle, an uneven doughnut, well, there is something anyway.
A: Yes. Well, let’s put it so, according to… A: Yes, when we were conducting the
experiment, we were recording everything, that’s why, let’s say,
it’s recognizable, say, well, of course, we would like
it to be better, but I think if, let’s say, the
operator worked a little more, because we actually did this
experiment just before the programme, that’s why she practically did it without
preparation, that’s the reason it… IM: Well, there’s some experience,
after all (A: Yes, there is experience, right…),
anyway, it’s already something. A: Well, it was interesting. The guys especially note, those who
participated in the experiment, that basically, the image
appeared immediately, I mean, even before
the operator said… IM: Well, it’s very different. It’s
one thing when a person visualizes, while it’s another thing when a finished
image comes and a person sees it. Of course, this difference
is quite noticeable. A: Right. As Gennadiy Krokhalev wrote, it proves that the thought, that it, that
it can be transmitted, that it is material, well, as we know, that precisely
his ideas were not accepted either, because, as we know, the official position in science is that
a thought is ideal, it is not material. IM: Well, it was the expression
of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin that the thought cannot be
material because it is ideal (A: Right, and…). It turns out
that Krokhalev proved this as well, that the thought is material,
and that Lenin was wrong, and you, it turns out, have
already confirmed this. A: Yes, we’ve confirmed the
experiments by Krokhalev that the thought is material indeed. Well, this again proves that if
the thought can be transmitted… IM: Well, this proves a lot.
(A: Yes). But it means, that it can be
shielded somehow. Well, in one of his works
(T: Quite by accident, yes) Krokhalev also described
that it can be shielded, a person went into a special room, the one
whose hallucinations they photographed before, and everything worked out… T: Visual
images disappear… IM: Quite right. The images disappear when they
place him in a shielded room. And so, he has concluded that
they come from outside (T: Yes), they do not even arise in him. And this way he proved that secondary consciousness through which
they come doesn’t belong to a human (A: Right), meaning, it belongs
to someone and something. A: By the way,
regarding shielding… We shielded the operator, too, well, we didn’t recreate the room, we just thought why should we
shield the one who receives, if we can shield the source. IM: Well, basically, there’s no difference. He was working, pardon me, against the
system, where this image came from, against secondary consciousness, while, in your case, the source was near, so you could shield something
else, in any case, it proves the transmission of the thought (A: Yes, so…). Did you close
her in the room? Shielded … A: No, we took,
well, we went, we, we made everything easier, we took an
aluminum pot, wrapped it in foil… IM: And they put the operator in there
and covered the pot with a lid. A: Well, almost like that … What else have you added? Bay leaf, garlic? A: Nothing like that was added, but the operator herself said that she felt quite comfortable. I mean, she… IM: Sitting in a pot? A: Yes. She felt this… IM: Did you indeed put her in a pot, didn’t you? A: No, we didn’t put her in a pot, we put a special soft towel in the pot and put the pot over her head. I mean, we closed (IM: Well, thank God…), let’s say… yes… IM: You know, friends, folk art sometimes leads … they could have found a big aluminum cauldron and put the operator in there, I wouldn’t be surprised at anything. A: Yes, and after shielding the source and shielding the operator, there was nothing on film at all. Meaning, after we did… IM: That is, the operator as if didn’t even transmit, the shield worked anyway. A: Right, that is… IM: Well, there is another interesting thing, if there was just an aluminum pot without foil, there would be a transmission. The thin foil works even much better than thick aluminum. Well, this is if we take ordinary food-grade aluminum. A special alloy was used there when our pyramid was built, everything was serious. By the way, you could close her in the pyramid… T: It also shields, doesn’t it? IM: Well, it wouldn’t be the same in a pyramid, of course, it’s more fun with a pot over the head. A: As Krokhalev himself wrote, these experiments and materiality of thought precisely prove what is now denied by official science – this is the existence of the subtle world, of the astral world, the phenomena that people encounter in everyday life, it turns out that they exist, however, they are denied. And in this regard, yes, it turns out that we worked with secondary consciousness, with the help of which the image was transmitted, however… IM: Right, this is the main source. A: Right. And in this regard, we can refer to the topic of influence, say, on people in particular, how, for instance, it is described in the Ezoosmos book and now we see a lot of evidence of people committing suicides… For instance, just recently, our participants also shared a video from the subway, when two perfectly normal, young guys jumped under a train, under a moving subway train. As we know from the Ezoosmos book, this is the work of such entities, which are called kanduks. So, and… IM: And, by the way, if we could shoot the people who commit suicide under the influence of third forces, in particular, of that very kanduks, using the Krokhalev method, we would easily see a picture, the picture of that substitution which is imposed on them. You know, people jump off a window, off a balcony, and roofs,
they see a completely different thing. This substitution occurs already at the level of picture perception, it turns out that space changes, what a person perceives changes. These are the changes that take place around him, he perceives these images, and you are right here. A: Yes, so, it turns out that the denial of the materiality of thought allows, let’s put it so, or does not allow people to assess the situation reasonably and to look differently at the things that happen to them in everyday life. I mean, to take into account the fact that the thought is material, yes, and that there is a reason that all religious scriptures say that you can’t think badly, you can’t tune in to bad things, because this, because this comes true. The only thing that Krokhalev and the scientists asserted was that the thought had great energy. But as we know, the thought, until a human endows it with his attention, does not have energy, that is, even when a person, say, observes it in his consciousness. IM: So, a simple question, you take pictures of, you’ve just shown us a bagel, number one and the like, what the operator was transmitting, but have you photographed your thought, (A: No) your power? Or the fact that the operator acted, her power? A: In this experiment, the operator acted as a third force in fact. That is, let’s put it so, this experiment has proved that in the same way any other operator can impose, let’s say, anything, on a human being. IM: The third forces. A: The third forces, yes, well, yes. IM: Just explain to our friends, to those who don’t quite understand what the third and second forces are, and the like. In this context, this implies the intervention of anybody, whether they are kanduks, whether they are operators, whether they are people, or something else, meaning, the third forces. The second force is considered to be… The primary force is the force coming from the Personality, from human oneself. The second force of influence is considered to be the system itself, I mean, what we call the material thinking substance, then we call it absolute, the universal mind, the devil, no matter how it’s called, also the information field and the like. Meaning, the external influence, or the part to which our
secondary consciousness belongs. And it is precisely through secondary consciousness that the influence of these third forces comes. In this case, it is the operator. A: Yes, and it turns out that if a person does not trace the work of his consciousness, does not observe the thoughts that are not his, which are imposed on him, then, it turns out, in this case, he… IM: Could easily become a victim. A: Yes. He could easily become a victim and he becomes… yes. IM: And he doesn’t distinguish whether it’s his thoughts, his aspiration, his desire, or someone has imposed this on him (A: Yes). While this is quite widely used. Well, I think it’s a pretty serious topic, it’s a pretty broad one, but before we turn to it, I’ve just recalled now, you told us that you used a lot of different cameras, used both digital cameras and simple ones, and the like. While I’ve recalled that when we also started such an interesting volunteer project to study skyfish, we also tried a lot of different cameras, started with film cameras, because … then digital ones. Then we started going over various filters on them, looking for the places where we could find these skyfish and the like. But it turned out to be very easy, out of a certain number of cameras we found the one that started to shoot all this easily and it turned out that there were a lot of them everywhere. And we even have them sometimes, yes, for instance, while shooting there are about a dozen cameras around and skyfish often appear, it’s true, one day it’s plasmoids another day it’s skyfish. So, nine cameras do not see them, while one does. And in the same way, nine cameras do not see how someone blinks wrongly, while one camera does. And what happens again? That exactly the sensitivity of this camera can perceive what we are not able to perceive with the eyes, what we are not able to perceive, say, with other cameras, yes, I mean, to catch, while this one camera… However, we will not mention it, I understand that the questions will appear. Guys, we’re not going to advertise that company, because people will start looking for these cameras all over the world, they are not of the most expensive, not of the most popular ones, but for some reason this camera shoots this way. And another reason why we don’t do this is, I’m sorry, I’ll be blunt, you’ll take these cameras and will search for those who can blink wrongly, identify them and envenom people’s lives. Live in peace. And let them be side by side with us peacefully, only do good, not harm. IM: Now we are again getting back to the material thoughts that come. And what did it end up with, after all…? We understand what your experiments ended up with. Besides, I see that you’ve printed out only a few pictures to show to others. But what did the experiments of Krokhalev end up with? What is his fate? The person has made the greatest discovery, after all
(D: Yes) He should at least have been nominated for the Nobel Prize (D: Yes). He should be known to everyone, while most of our friends hear from you for the first time that there is such a person. This is a breakthrough, after all. This is a breakthrough, excuse me, in psychiatry. Isn’t it so? This is a breakthrough in our everyday life. All the priests should keep his portrait at home, because it proves, first and foremost, the existence of external forces. And this is direct evidence of the
existence of the Spiritual World. We can expand on this topic and bring you to
this if it’s interesting, but this is real. First of all, it proves that
there is the world of the devil, so it proves that there
is also the world of God. This proves that negative influences
come to a person from outside. And it is this influence
that makes a human, well, say, not quite a human, but turns him into an animal. Due to these influences, the animal part
of people starts prevailing in them. Well, this is also evidence of the fact that there is
another part – the spiritual component of a human. And this is direct
evidence that God is. Isn’t it so? Well, do we see this? I doubt we will find somewhere
that he has got something for this, that someone has recognized
him, or something else. And what is his fate? T: I’ve just told you about… how the scientific
environment treated these experiments of him. What you’re saying is
indeed in two ways. Some said that surely
it was a sensation… IM: These are honest people. T: These are honest people. They are…
IM: These are honest, decent people. T: Yes. That this is unique research. And others, of course,
said that this was impossible. When Krokhalev himself
was asked a question: “What do you think why they
don’t advance these experiments?” He said, “You know, by my experiments I’m
simply shattering this Lenin’s concept that the thought is not
material, but it is ideal.” IM: Just wait. I have to argue here. After all,
he was not supported abroad either. Okay, he lived in Soviet times, there was
such communistic materialism and the like, if one couldn’t really argue
with the authority like Lenin. If Lenin said: “The thought is ideal,
and not material,” then it must be so, we understand this. But what about the
situation abroad? After all, his work was known
abroad – and it was silence as well. T: It’s interesting, yes,
about the fact that science … D: But the point is that it was his colleagues
who put much resistance to his ideas (T: Yes). For them such a scientific psychiatric concept that a psychic thought of brain … IM: The product of our brain activity.
D: Yes. And the fact that he (IM: Yes) was
precisely working… the main contingent that he used, well, were just mentally ill people in the alcohol treatment unit,
who, let’s put it so, experienced hallucinations under
the influence of … IM: Well, due to intoxication, let’s say.
D: Intoxication, yes. That was the main
scientific explanation then, that all these images arise as a result
of damage, impairment of brain activity. While it turns out that Krokhalev
was shattering all this concept. But what’s interesting …
IM: Now we’re going to draw a parallel …sorry, I’ll digress a bit so that we…
just a moment. Why is it precisely
a mentally ill person plus alcohol and pronounced hallucinations to the
extent that they can be photographed like via the operator? It means that these are
severely imposed thoughts. And why doesn’t this work
for an ordinary person? Well, the guys tried,
took a lot of pictures and it didn’t work. T: There is some barrier, which is
removed when, yes, with alcohol … IM: Alcohol … Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, well, or other medications (D: Complete
suppression of the Personality, right), yes, they allow (Zh: Secondary)
secondary consciousness to absolutely manipulate
the Personality, because these medications, well, say, with toxic effect weaken
primary consciousness so much that it directly passes the
information without any protest – and a person becomes the one who
was called a slave of Satan, right? Meaning, a completely controlled
puppet, he is a zombie, he literally becomes
zombified and controlled. And how many of
these people we see, when a person is more like an animal than a human,
with occasional gleams of humanity and the like? Isn’t it so? Everything is not so simple in this
world, everything is interconnected. And you are quite right that this
is not exactly a mental illness. And, of course, this shattered the concept…
D: Everything, also in the … yes and caused tension among colleagues. D: And here it’s also
a bit paradoxical: material priorities are sort of
recognized in science, after all. Meaning, a human is a body, yes, he is matter, he is a biological being. And at the same time, as if separately,
without recognizing the spiritual … the Spiritual world,
the invisible world, in fact, one says: “No, the human psyche IM: And then what…? cannot be proved as material …
that it is material,” right? The thought is material, yes …
T: It’s neither physical nor chemical … IM: Well, I have … I also have a little
misunderstanding here ..D: And so do I… : how is it that thought
cannot be material, even if we take the usual
scientific paradigm, yes, a derivative of the work
of neurons and the like. And what is a neuron?
It is a material…(D: Matter), right? Well,
commonplace chemical reactions, electromagnetic impulses
and everything else. Okay. But they produce these impulses.
What do they generate? Interaction among themselves …
D: Well, yes… due to the energy impulse. Isn’t it matter? Well, this is also,
based on the scientific concept, in any case, it turns out that
thought is material. D: No. There were objections right away, meaning
such… IM: No. Do you know what the problem is? I’ll call things by
their proper names… Because the ones who, pardon me, are
called representatives of the Ninth Circle extremely don’t want
you and me to know that it’s very easy to control
us through material thought. It is very easy to force us as a crowd
to love someone, to obey someone. Even in thoughts, when we see
that a person doesn’t correspond to the image which
is imposed on us, we understand this, however,
even in thoughts we don’t allow ourselves to say “no” or to vote for another, or something else,
or to argue somehow, because our thoughts, that are supposedly
a product of our consciousness, our brain, and so…
so, this product of our brain tells us that “this
person is good, he is doing his best for us, a king always
has his manners, but the king is kind, after all.” Well, isn’t it so (T: Yes)? Or it tells us,
“The next king will come and it will be good as well.” Isn’t that right (T: Yes)? This is because of precisely these
moments of influence through power, which… we raised this issue in the
previous programme “The Ninth Circle”. Precisely for that, they need
all these outrages which they do, so that their operators
keep us like a herd in certain pens of
our consciousness. And that’s why they are extremely uninterested in
the fact that this information will reach people, that we will know
and understand. Because by understanding and knowing
we are already becoming forearmed, and we understand that
we can get rid of this. For instance, well, trivially,
study your consciousness, or read the AllatRa book, use it and
you will know how to confront this. It is not difficult. It is very easy to control
these thoughts if you want to. But then, it turns out, that it is
impossible to impose anything on a person, because any thought that
comes in from outside, is just blocked already
at the entrance. And a person is already
free enough in this world. But then he gets
out of the herd, he becomes like a wild animal for the
representatives of the Ninth Circle. And this is scary for them. I would also like to, if we, I’m sorry, a little touch
on the Ninth Circle… I’m sorry for getting back to that
programme, it is extremely painful, but I would like to emphasize:
what do you think why they are striving to reduce the number
of humanity to a significant degree? “Ideally,” they say,
“five hundred million people is great.” It’s even carved on their tablets that five
hundred (T: The Georgia Guidestones, yes) million, yes, it’s…
it’s ideal …T: The first paragraph. I’ll explain so that you
don’t rack your brains – it’s easier for them to control. When the number of people grows, they have to involve strangers in
their circles of those in power so that they can control us, to keep our thoughts in leash. Here, of course, the media, television,
and their rhapsodies play a big role. But again, they can speak openly
not to everyone about everything, but there should
be initiates. What for? So that they can
control, for example, those very representatives
of journalism, right? Not everyone can be bought. But almost everyone can be controlled
at the level of consciousness: to cause doubts,
rejections and something else. A thought is a material thing,
it can be easily transmitted. And does it cause in people? But for this,
they involve a lot of strangers. And these strangers are strangers
because they start talking sometimes. And all the information,
which they have concealed for a long time, have kept … Of course, they had a lot
of information throughout the centuries. But now it started
coming to light just because,
again, as they say, when you get to a certain level both
in show business and in something else (well, you remember from the previous programme), then you should either join them or stay on the sidelines of life. But the thought is material, after all, and it is easy to get rid of it, it’s even very easy. Igor Mikhailovich, you’ve also… So, we are getting back to fate (T: Yes) of Krokhalev. That’s where we would like to get back to this… to this point because you’ve said about the representatives of the Ninth Circle. And indeed, the development work and research were carried out, but they were carried out in closed back-rooms, in closed laboratories. And this research continued, because Krokhalev himself said in one of his most recent articles just before his death that there was already information that psychotronic weapons were being created, and that it had been created in other countries, and, possibly, it was being developed, it was being created in our country.
IM: It is completely ineffective. One can influence, there can be a certain polar effect, which causes, well, like a microwave, burns, fears a little bit (this is at certain frequencies). Well, it’s rather energy-consuming but quite effective. However, what Krokhalev said (I will just explain to people), he said that one could create false images, which would be seen by representatives of, say, the opposing party, and they will shoot at false targets. It is extremely difficult to fix and cover a whole group of people for a long time. Why? Because there are reflection effects. Their people will also start seeing
the same false images. To shield oneself is extremely difficult. There is another problem. If someone is a little bit skilled in his consciousness control, soldiers’ technique, then he couldn’t care less, this image cannot be imposed on him, he won’t perceive it, therefore… And they’ve studied this, yes. They do explore this, because, again, they are improving methods of influencing us. Well, it’s normal.
T: Yes, and he was just saying that… In his latest family archives…
since ’95, I guess, there are records where he shares and says that “I’m not only engaged in psychiatry, I’ve already gone much further, and I already have thousands of researches on influence of precisely this
psychic energy on reality, on what’s going on…”
IM: Well, he touched upon what is called psychic energy, he touched upon such an understanding as the power of attention. And where a person invests attention
from a specific standpoint, that starts happening. Why? He really got in too deep. So, what is next? T: Well, yes. A: Well, it turns out that his proof that thought is material, he wrote it himself in his works, that it’s no longer a matter of psychiatry, but physics, since it… IM: Well, naturally, these are physical processes, of course. A: And again, the materiality of thought, it’s very interesting, it turns out that some people… here we have a series of programmes called “Game of Professionals”, where a topic of maniacs was brought up, and where they said that they committed crimes under some tremendous energy pressure (well, as they describe). So, it turns out that it forces some people
to kill the other ones and forces other people to throw
themselves under the train. That is, a certain third force (IM: Of course),
which controls people’s lives. And, in fact, people are like puppets for it, because, well, it turns out, let’s look at the situation, that somebody is sitting somewhere and controls another person at a distance, like some kind of biorobot, and he performs some actions instead of him…
IM: Well look, let’s give an example (you have just mentioned the maniacs from the programme)… We will take Chikotilo’s story, ok? When he lured the victim, he was walking ahead, the victim followed him into the forest belt, perfectly understanding how this would end, but was following him obediently. When he was about to start, there was a path next to them, just a few meters away (D: And people were walking along it),
people were walking, while he was torturing a woman here. And they didn’t notice. So, there was a certain impact not only on the victim, who saw that people were coming (not one person, but a group of people), and she could have made any sound (it was a distance of several meters) – and they would have paid attention. But how couldn’t they notice? Pardon me, this wasn’t summer – they were not in the bushes. It was just such a period when there were no leaves. And at the same time, it means that
someone is covering this up, someone who controls much more. And for a such a long time the police
could not catch him. When they approached closely, they walked away. There are many mysterious moments like that regarding maniacs, but I don’t want to bring up this topic too much. Why? Because there would be an impression that we justify them. But in fact, if we approach this honestly, they were also victims. They were a tool in someone else’s hands. But, in my opinion, there is also their fault, because they didn’t develop spiritually, they didn’t liberate (themselves). If a person is spiritually free, it is impossible to influence him, this is unrealistic. Not by any third power. And here if we simply consider medicine, right? When, for example, a person is in a prayer state, his brain frequency, its work
significantly slows down. It is equated almost to a person in a coma. If a person is in a deep meditative state, it decreases significantly. And, excuse me, if a person is really able to perform a spiritual practice
and he leaves, then practically our EEG machines
basically show the straight line, that is, they show that the person is dead. While a person is breathing at this time,
he has a heartbeat, but we don’t see information. Why is that? After all, these are material things again. Or, let’s say, there are practices – that very “Lotus”. When a person seriously performs
“Lotus” spiritual practice, what do we see? We see the state of a newborn baby on the eighth-ninth day. This is the rarest condition that literally lasts just a few hours. Then it changes. After all, when a baby is born, it has a very slow rhythm. A sharp surge occurs on the eighth-ninth day. You have to catch it, because it lasts just a few minutes. And it happens with a certain frequency on the eighth day. After a certain time (well, it’s literally around an hour) – and these surges, there are twelve of them, no more, no less, and they are very different. And again there is calmness. And then during three months,
a rhythm is slow again. And only after that, the rhythm begins to rise. And why, when a person is really in a deep meditative state, then similar to these surges he has… Only if in that case it was after an hour and a little more, in this case it rises in several minutes. That is, these surges occur in almost complete calmness. This means a lot. It is interesting, of course. Well, we digressed a little, sorry. We can discuss these topics for a long time… (A: Yes, about Krokhalev).
Let’s get back to Krokhalev. Yes, again, his fate is very interesting, because at the end of his life he was actively engaged in scientific work and wrote books, various works. And just before his death he was very cheerful and was going to publish his sixth book. However, as we know, he committed suicide. And then a question arises: could Krokhalev die because of the influence of what he studied, that is, those third forces?
IM: Yes, of course, because he messed with something
he wasn’t prepared for. He accidentally came across something unknown. Well, and we know that those dense forests are full of predators, and he just got to them. Hence his suicide. So, it turns out, because he didn’t possess the knowledge…
IM: He started… He didn’t have any knowledge at all, but he accidentally came across this, got carried away by the fact that
thought was material, and started to explore this… And he went even further, he started studying to invest
the power of his attention, well, like concentration, the power of thought, and he began to notice strange things. And he just became visible to predators. Imagine this, a hare that runs with a bell and such a small
flag on its tail, you see, so that all wolves and foxes can see it. So, he became such a small hare, painted orange with a bell and a small flag. Naturally, to be eaten. Unfortunately, but it is true. This is inevitable. Well, it turns out, Igor Mikhailovich, and here is such a question then, we now have quite a large number of people, I think, who come across this, the supernatural. What could we advise them, what could help… how can they, let’s say, study, but, but…
IM: Study your religions, and thoroughly. Any religion today… well, I mean fundamental religions, they come from a pure source, and there is the knowledge in them how to protect oneself, of how to avoid becoming a victim
of these wolves and foxes. This is the most important thing. Now it becomes clear why is it so that Krokhalev’s colleagues didn’t take a risk of continuing these experiments, and… Because they are not suicides.
T: Yes. Without knowledge… Naturally.
They understood perfectly well, and many people thought already during their
lifetime, that this will end this way, because people, deep inside, at the
subconscious level, let’s put it so, they feel and understand
all this perfectly well. I think that he himself
perfectly understood that he with his bare hands and without
protection, I’m sorry, was touching bare wires. But curiosity triumphed. In fact, he wanted to convey this
understanding, and he strove, and tried, made attempts,
made his way through, but… In private conversations,
everyone admired him, but as soon as he stepped aside, people started talking among
themselves, “It cannot be true,” although they saw the
results themselves. Yes. Igor Mikhailovich, but if we talk
precisely about the experiments and researches conducted by Durov and Kazhinskiy, then there was also such an
interesting point regarding telepathy that they instilled a
certain action into a person and he didn’t just see the picture but a
certain need from within really arose in him. Let’s suppose, Durov set Kazhinskiy
a task to scratch his ear… You have an itch in your ear
and you do it automatically. This is an involuntary movement.
It is thoughtless. That is, there goes an imprint specifically
on this primary consciousness… Absolutely right.
Why is this happening? Because again,
how is the image transmitted? Guys, right now Andrey has revealed the
biggest secret of the Ninth Circle in fact (this is for those
who can think). Why? Because the transmission of the image
– this is the moment of manipulation. No matter where you
are, no matter how… well, I mean, no matter how they control or
try, they still act by means of an image. There is no such inculcation and it is
impossible to inculcate – only under hypnosis. You are eating something salty,
and they tell you that it’s sweet, and you say: “Yes, it’s sweet”
and the like. A hypnotist needs to speak,
he needs to be heard and so on. Well, it depends on what
kind of hypnosis it is. We do not take… they vary and the
like, of different levels. But the real thing,
what is called an imprint, that is, it occurs regardless of the
distance, wherever the person is. Well again, let’s say,
shielded rooms help to get rid of (T: they block) this inculcation
and of the third forces, but you won’t sit in a shielded cell
all your life so that no one gets to you. It’s enough to go out – and you’re
undergoing a colossal attack. It’s a constant attack,
say, from the outside. This is from the system itself,
and everyone sees this – all of a sudden there
arises some emotion. Or there are images that you
are thinking about all the time, the artists are playing
all kinds of movies in your head, you are talking to someone,
you are looking for something, well…
consciousness is not silent. You don’t need this at all,
but you are involved into this process. Who hasn’t faced this? Well, you don’t need it. You need to think about, I don’t know, for
instance what to cook for today, or what to eat, well… I take something simple. While it keeps coming to your head how you are
talking with someone and arguing about something. You are trying to prove something,
or something else. Or they are trying to prove something to you,
and you don’t want to. Well, I speak figuratively. Well, constant talks, constant conversations,
constant tug-of-war from what you need. And in order for a person
to be able to calmly, say, think about what to cook or what to eat,
he needs to work on his consciousness. Then it will be all calm. Right? Yet,
there are also other imprints. It is not only a subjective
image, that is… A simple example. A person wants to
scratch his ear, and he gives this command. It is just a command to act. But these commands to act also
cause a lot of consequences, if one knows how to
transmit, he is an operator, while the second, let’s
say, is open to perception. And who among us, pardon me,
is closed to such perception? T: This is the worst thing, yes.
IM: Let’s take religions. Yes, we have just mentioned the
altered state of consciousness when a person is in a prayer state,
in a deep prayer state. Who can pray nowadays? Once we conducted a very
interesting experiment, we were extremely
interested, in fact, and that is why we actually took thousands
of measurements with different people and the like on EEG machine,
as it should be done. And we tested masses of
priests and believers. Speaking honestly, very few
are able to enter a prayerful state, when we can observe it
based on the rhythms. The majority of them were
superficial and spasmodic, at times approaching
somewhere close. Yet, some individuals — yes,
they actually get deeper. These were true prayerful states,
they are very close to meditative states. And meditations?
Exactly the same. We tested so many people who
performed meditative practices: excuse me, the Tibetans, and many
others, and lamas who were even worse. I don’t know why.
They probably never performed meditations, they merely teach and talk about them. Sorry, but I really… we talked to a lot of people, and very
many of them went through research, but the result was somehow
weak compared to… Again, we take Christianity
and we take Islam (these are the fundamental religions), the percentage is huge even among
clergy in comparison with the lamas. Why even? Because among believers
the percentage was much higher (if we take the amount)
than among the clergy. Well, this can also be explained:
a busy person, he works, he needs to teach others how to pray, and he has a lot of problems — well,
when will he do that, he has no time. These are jokes,
but it’s true (T: Yes). But there are priests in various
religions who can generate such states. So, during these states it is impossible
to influence a person in any way. But coming out of this state,
if he doesn’t have a proper skill, he becomes exposed to
the same influence again. And while talking to these people,
when speaking to them, I asked direct questions,
“Do attacks and desires occur?” “Well, yes, we repent, we oppose them.” And when I asked:
“But why do you let them in at all?” After all, in that very Jesus’s
teachings it was mentioned… and why, and there was also
guidance from the Prophet on how to get rid of this,
so that it doesn’t happen. “Well, it is for the saints, while we are…” But who are the saints?
A simple question. Did they come from another planet,
like some..? No, they are ours.
They are the same as you. It’s just that they put more
effort into this, were not lazy, and treated it conscientiously,
that is why they became saints. Well, I mean real saints, and not those who
are canonized by the order from the top. T: Yes, a universal tool is given
for absolutely everyone, yes. Of course, it is. Surely. Everything is open to a human in this
world, if he has a desire and aspiration. I’m sorry, we can talk
about this for a long time, let’s get back to the experiment
of two respected researchers. There it’s also interesting. He sent, he telepathically
gave orders through feelings, and his partner, so to say,
perceived them. But when they entered the shielded
room, yes, the orders did not work. Again, what does this confirm? The materiality of thought
and everything else. Well, it was enough to open at least
a peephole and the order worked. Well, we can check it, you know, for instance,
we again take a regular mobile phone, we take a food foil,
and we wrapped it well. We wrapped a mobile phone in one layer, and
we try to call this phone from another one. It will not work, because it shields everything.
This is a usual foil. But it’s enough to open even
a small window like this and a signal immediately gets through.
The same is here. Yes, and thanks to these experiments
and your answers one understands… But what does this indicate? This indicates the field structure
of the transmitted signal or image. Just for you to understand. T: Yes, one starts thinking about
whether the thoughts that come to us are actually our thoughts,
some of our brilliant ideas, or not. And here, of course, people start thinking
about whether these are their desires… whether this is their desire indeed or
it’s just that someone else needs this. Well, let’s just take the famous
inventors, shall we? T: Yes. For instance,
the most famous inventor. Well, the majority of people will
immediately mention Tesla, right? But I’ll add, may I? Tesla, Bartini –
they’re somewhere close. They are graduates
of the same place. They came from a place
where they were taught and trained on how to become a
human, how to resist thoughts, how to develop spiritually,
and many other things. However, what did both
of them learn from this? They learnt only the art of how to…
Т: …to achieve fame. …how to get information
from the system itself. How to get the images that they need.
And that’s it. Yes, they made huge
breakthroughs in science. We don’t even need to mention Tesla.
Few people know about Bartini. But to make it clear,
Bartini was engaged in building airplanes. His planes…
Excuse me, he died a long time ago, and he was not really recognized,
and, as a matter of fact, Tesla also didn’t receive
anything good during his life. They sought fame, they sought to
satisfy their own ego and pridefulness. This led them astray
from the right path, but it led them to such an engineering
research, let’s say, pedestal. But they, as people, didn’t receive
in this life what they wanted. Just an illusion of it all.
But they’ve done a lot. That very Bartini, I’ll continue, yes, he made such discoveries that are used today. The inverted-gull wing, and many other things. Where did he get this information from? As well as that very Tesla. And again, what does it mean to get this image? They received a ready-made image. That is, absolutely everything in detail. Well, it doesn’t matter what a person does. If he uses these methods of obtaining information, then he gets a finished product in a full description, specific and detailed. He has kind of flipping through drawings, everything was covered with drawings. But in order to understand this, you have to study it, of course, you have to strive for it, and then it all works. Everything is there. Everything is invented long ago. D: But it’s interesting how this is presented, that it was his unique ability which he developed… the so-called eidetic images, which are very interestingly… IM: But he was constantly developing… Well, excuse me, these were the images that both Bartini and Tesla developed. They were taught this. But they were taught for something, excuse me, completely different, and the result should have been different. D: But publicly available information is presented in a completely different way. IM: Absolutely right. D: That this is a unique ability. T: And also…
IM: A rare one. D: Right. IM: Right.
D: And at the same time all the geniuses, many of who… IM: Well, this borders on schizophrenia. D: That’s why there were assumptions that these
eidetic images, that the mechanism of their occurrence is very close to the occurrence of hallucinations. And the same assumption… IM: And this is precisely a hallucination. What did they actually get? They received that very hallucination in a detailed form, well, say, in the way everything was written in technical documentation (D: Yes, yes), and so did they. They received a ready-made object which they could turn, view (D: Yes) from all sides, and look inside of it. This is nothing but a hallucination. Or, one might say, it’s like a hologram that you can manipulate with. We don’t have such computers yet, but we strive for it, even in science fiction films they’re shown somewhere near, but these computers have already existed for a long time, they have worked for a long time. It’s just that guys like Tesla, Bartini, and many others knew how to use them. And, by the way, again about the materiality of thought, let’s take that very Einstein. Didn’t he talk about this? About this (T: Yes). Well, it was told before him, too. T: And it was Einstein who said that imagination is much more important than knowledge. Also… whom he served… Yes. IM: Well, it’s not imagination, it’s receiving. After all, you have to know how to put the power of your attention into what you need. If you are not taught this, no matter what efforts you make, no matter how you strive for it, you will not succeed, because there are certain techniques, there are certain … tricks and details. Zh: Oratory art… IM: Well, oratory art is the same thing, sorry. One should have certain power, which he or she must take somewhere. One has to know how to sell oneself and how to make people interested. After all, again, we’ve touched upon oratory art… What is the main thing in the oratory? Let’s ask a psychiatrist. D: It’s an ability, by the way, to convey images, to keep them. For instance, the one who knows how to convey information through images, perception of such person will be much stronger. IM: The most important thing, my friends, the most important thing in oratory is to attract attention. D: Attention.IM: Everything else is nonsense, a matter of technique (T: As they call it, yes). And in that case a person should only know how at a serious level, should know how to convey the information in the right way, to hold the attention, well, it’s trifles. And the most important thing is to make imprints. And imprints come in the form of images, right? Well, this is already classified information. Hitler was taught this for more than a year,
just for you to know. That was when he was already admitted and when they decided that, yes, he would be Hitler. A closed society spent a lot
of time teaching him this, but we see the result,
we saw it and remember it. And there are a lot of people like him: let’s take Trotsky, there is no need to go far. But to be heard, they must possess power. And to possess power, they must take this power somewhere. While, I’m sorry, power, it’s… you cannot recharge yourself from the socket. There are only two ways. One way is through someone’s life and suffering, the second way is through love. If it’s through love – it won’t work for evil, it will work for the creation and this does not suit them. So, the way of gaining power through love doesn’t suit them. Then, what’s left is like in “the Ninth Circle” (Well, why like, this is exactly “the Ninth Circle”) – it is a direct use with evil and everything else in the world. To possess a certain power, they must take someone’s life. And how many people were destroyed by that very Trotsky? And how many people were destroyed by that very Hitler? That very Lenin? (T: Yes) And many others. Didn’t they know that? Again, that very Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, right? Who asserted that thought couldn’t be material, because it was ideal, and at the same time they blessed expeditions to Tibet, one after another, which were led by… T: Bokii… Barchenko… IM: And many others. Yes. Why?
In search of knowledge. Hitler also sent his expeditions there afterwards. Isn’t it so? T: But why, it turns out, Igor Mikhailovich, it turns out that for all people he says one version, that thought is ideal, while at the same time they themselves understand that it is wrong…
IM: Because they possess secret knowledge because due to this knowledge they became the ones who we know, you see? T: Yes. And by the way, regarding the topic of crowd control, because the main thing they mention is that this speaker should have some charm and be… D: Should have charisma. IM: To attract attention. Well, what charm did Hitler have? Pardon me. And Trotsky? T: That very Napoleon, yes.
IM: That very Napoleon. T: Whom they were afraid of and shuddered more… IM: They were so afraid of him just because… when they saw him, they were afraid of him (T: Yes). And there was no one to be afraid of. A pocket-size man? Indeed. T: Yes, and it was strange that people behaved this way when they met him… IM: Just note how people were losing consciousness during their speeches. Well, everything was in a classical way, the way it was supposed to. That is, when the image is being transmitted and with great power, then naturally, all this is… But for some reason, they don’t tell what was behind it, how they received this power and where, and who trained them. But it’s easy to find them in history.
In all cases, it is very easy. When, who, and by whom he was trained, and the like. After all, everything can be tracked, if there is a will and aspiration. And this is true. And you can’t turn away from this. T: Yes, it’s just that modern people know about the oratory art from a completely different perspective. For them it is… IM: Well, there is an oratory art, when a person tells interesting things, presents them easily. It’s like a teacher, you know, for example, at a university or at school. If it is boring and uninteresting, then few people know the discipline. And if he presents it in a variety of ways, colorfully, if he can throw some simple images without moments of influence through power, then students behave well and their performance is good. Why? Because it’s interesting. Likewise, it is with the speaker. He must attract attention, he must hold it. However, there are speakers, while there are dictators. And the difference is huge. Those whom we named were dictators, they simply suppressed the crowd, moreover, regardless of the amount of people: whether it was small or large. They simply suppressed them. And those ones listened to them and fulfilled their will. T: Right, and at all times, those who were watching those dictators, as you say, then… In particular, I’ve come across how Bekhterev even talked about the fact that people by using various intonations, or hand gestures, simply force the crowd to fall back on their most cruel instincts. Smart people… IM: Well, again, Bekhterev was describing the external influence, that is, sending, well… This was used even before the times of Rome, but became more popular in Rome when the speakers waved their hands, called and attracted attention. What do hand gestures actually do? A simple question. Is this a throw of energy? He takes and sends it? Or what is it? T: Attraction of attention. IM: It is trite attraction of attention. It is not boring to watch. Our eyes tend to get tired. If we look at one and the same motionless person, and he is telling us something for a while, he is just sitting there and that’s it. Well, just like Andrei is doing now — he froze and that’s it. Well, you have to agree it will be boring. A person must live, he must move and the like (T: Dynamically). I will give a simple example, okay? Who, for example, is more interesting to talk to: a reindeer herder from Yakutia or an Italian? A: With an Italian. IM: That’s right. When people know, when they have communicated with one and the other, then they understand. Why? Because Italians, they are… (T: charismatic) charismatic, lively and so on. And when an orator behaves like an Italian, his image doesn’t become boring. Well, simply figuratively. And the whole conveying takes place from the invisible side and regardless of whether he waves his hands or not. But in order to hold the crowd, he needs to attract them to himself first of all, nothing more. And afterwards, there are images already, then there are techniques and technologies. T: It’s also interesting when we were looking for information, we came across the fact that Hitler when planning his speeches, he planned them mainly for the evening time, or (D: For the night…) even for the night time. IM: For the night time, certainly. T: What is the reason for that? IM: I’ll say more simply, when the sun sets, it’s much easier to hold a huge crowd without losses. And moreover, the larger the crowd, the more easily it is to hold it. And when the sun shines, there is a problem. It takes a lot of effort. Why? Again we come to the conclusion that these images are transmitted, by which an operator controls the crowd. These are polar structures. And the photon load… that is, when the light shines strongly, there is significant resistance, and large losses. And during the night it’s great. This is the main time for evil. And this has been known for centuries. T: Yes, and in the modern world they use it now. If you watch television, how it is developed… IM: Of course. ZH: Prime time on television. T: Yes, the most popular time… (IM: Right), the most expensive time. J: And what is shown at this time. IM: And they show exactly what we have to, or rather what they want us to understand, perceive (ZH: For these images to remain…) these images implicitly… yes, so that we perceive and perform what they want. This is normal. T: Well, I’ve just remembered how a research was conducted back in the seventies, when it was about that very television, when they observed the level of aggression among teenagers and schoolchildren in two Canadian cities. And with the advent of television in the city, the number of these dominant clashes increased, as well as the amount of aggression among children, and there was such a high percentage… J: One hundred sixty percent. T: Yes, that’s why it’s really clear that all these mass media are used to manipulate us, and have been used since ancient times, as well as that very rhapsodists. IM: That very rhapsodists and everything else.
ZH: And Solon…T: Right. Archon Solon, yes. ZH: Yes, exactly the same. The innovation, which he introduced that it is impossible not to take part (T: Yes) in some disagreements. If there is (T: Various civil strifes) a civil strife, yes, then a person must necessarily take someone’s position (IM: Absolutely). Anyone who does not take a political position (IM: Of course) has his own point of view and has to be joined to some group. IM: Either this or that one, right? T: Staying out of this was prohibited. ZH: There was even punishment… IM: But haven’t we seen, pardon me, this, it was he who introduced this at that time. Yet, doesn’t everything happen according to his method until the present day? You are either a friend or a foe. You are either with us or against us and the like. Well… T: Neutrality was not welcomed. People were drawn en masse into all this. But what is also interesting, after all, indeed, since ancient times and through works, let’s say, not of art, but through literary works… IM: And this is an art, it’s an art of manipulation. That very art, that very imprints T: That very Solon used precisely these works of his, elegies, in order to simply control the crowd and achieve these political goals of his. IM: Well, it was merely satisfaction of his personal ambitions, as he believed. Yet, were those ambitions his personal? T: However, what was also important, is what you have said, the images were important, that precisely… IM: Of course. Again, how does the system control us? After all, it inserts in us a picture of what we should desire. What we should strive for, what we want to become. Does it insert that we must become spiritually developed, free people? That we should strive for Life Eternal, and not this ghostly temporary one? No, never. The system does not insert this. It inserts that we must achieve something, become someone, or command someone. Even if we have no prospects, we understand “nothing”, but “at least someone”, if we can not become someone at home, then at least for a neighbour. Well, at least for someone we must be a dictator. Well isn’t that so? Far and wide. T: Yes. IM: That’s what the system is like. D: Igor Mikhailovich, such a question may.. I’ve got a question, and many viewers might also have it. Those who were interested in Durov’s experiments in general, how he carried out, put animals into these… hypnotic states, how these commands were carried out, why animals obeyed him so much… This is what I noticed. Well, first of all, how it happened. He, with such movements, almost without touching animal hair, meaning, with gentle passes, he stroked an animal at first, but for a very short time, literally for two minutes, yes, he made contact. And as he described that, “We became a single whole with this animal. It was losing its will, and at that moment I subordinated it to my will.” He described it this way. And then eye contact was very important, necessarily, eye to eye. By the way, the first case was very interesting when he, for the first time, being a teenager, tamed a feral dog this way. When he was locked up in the house with this dog. And he said, “I had a craving, I was focused on it, to make the dog move backward…’’ IM: May I interrupt? D: Yes. IM: A really funny story happened to my friends. Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, a good friend of mine was studying psychiatry, he is your colleague and the like. Well, we had similar conversations, and we also raised the issue both of Durov and of “eye to eye”, of animals, we conducted experiments and the like. Such a great experimenter. Well, naturally, there were friends nearby who heard this, saw this and observed this, because all this didn’t happen in one day. They also helped, let’s say, to purchase, to find animals for experiments and the like. What was the point of all this? Hypnosis itself, especially with animals, really implies eye contact, first of all. I’ll just explain, and then tell you a funny story. Why are these passes by hands, stroking? I mean, what is needed is for an animal to calm down and relax. The other is eye contact. The eyes are open chakrans. We already understand, from the above mentioned, that thought is material, that it is easily transmitted, and animals easily perceive it and the like. And through an open chakran it passes without losses, direct contact takes place and the like. And it is precisely taming, as you said, of a dog. So, one of our good friends … Those who read the books by Anastasia Novykh, there is such an author, two cheerful characters are described there. One named Zhenya, the other one named Vanya. And so, these two good friends tried to tame a dog. They were lucky that the dog was small. They stroked it, and one of them started looking into the dog’s eyes and began to give it commands, signals. A signal, a command is transmitted via an image by the way (D: Yes). He imagined an image of what a dog should do. But, of course, since both of them had a sense of humor, the dog wasn’t big, and he thought that if he gave the command to the dog to attack his friend, and if it did this, it means that he possessed something. It worked. It attacked him (D: him). It was indeed a funny situation because the second one was doing exactly the same thing. Two cheerful characters. But that way they realized that it worked, and that, after all, that very Durov was on the right track. D: Because a question that has arisen was whether hypnosis is actually transmitted through images? Because animals do not have… IM: Of course, only the image is transmitted. This… Firstly, the signal of action is transmitted, it is just as we have said, that is, to scratch an ear, right, that’s without anything else, just an action is transmitted. And the image of fulfilling the final result is transmitted.
If the information is transmitted to the animal like “I want you to sit down…”, as it is usually done
in hypnosis, the animal will never fulfill this. It will not sit down. But when he conveys the
image of the animal sitting, when it is standing, it will sit down. If he transmits the image to sit
down next to him, it will come and sit next to him. Well, and such kind of elementary commands. That is,
the action in its fulfillment, precisely this image. And the most difficult thing is, if someone wants to
play around, and people will start playing around, it’s one hundred percent, then the most difficult thing in all this is for
the operator to learn to concentrate correctly. When a person cannot imagine this command in order
to transmit it, the animal will never perceive it. And while working with animals, as it turned out,
the hardest and the most difficult thing is to hold and formulate the correct image with
the final action of what the animal should do. Well, I’ve mentioned our friends, let’s say, my
friends, on purpose, who have proved that it works. T: It works. IM: It does, yes. Well, he exactly described that
when he was giving commands, he was imagining how he was giving
a command to the animal, right, he precisely, in the detail, as if
imagined this path, with some details. Yes, what to fix it on? No?
Well, he described in this way… He he took a longer route, I mean,
we were simply studying this process (D: It is enough to give the final…), well, the person, yes, the person was engaged in a
very in-depth study of what hypnosis is and much more. He needed all this for
a profound dissertation, therefore, we went from animals to
people, and back again. There was a lot of justification,
because everything had to be well-grounded, and fundamentally at
that, through experiments. Well, you yourself
understand how this is done. And then we came to a certain conclusion… Well, I insisted on giving
a final result at once, while he proceeded
according to Durov’s method. So, when all actions are described
in detail, the animal gets confused. Why did Durov also have a
percentage of variances? Because when a complex task
is given for implementation, this does not mean that the dog should
stand up, come up to smell something, bite someone, take something
from someone and bring it to you. No, the animal is not capable of this. The animal always performed the last
action, due to many operations… when there are too many tasks. But a human being is a different matter. A person is capable of more
extensive actions actions. And when working with a
person, when he is given … Well, again, we are talking
about non-verbal hypnosis, it is when there is a non-verbal form of
presentation, let’s say, of a command… So, with a human being it works a bit differently. A human needs details,
not the final result. If you give the final result, he gets confused
because he has a concept of planning. The animal does not have this. And here, there is a significant difference
between the animal and the human. And again, why? Because in humans,
primary consciousness is more developed. And what is also very important,
in primates it is also more complex. A primate differs, for example, from a dog,
from that very cat and from other animals in the fact that the sequence of actions for
it is basically as important, as for a human. Well, we already discussed this once in one
of the programmes that people are close, let’s say, their primary consciousness is close to
a primate’s consciousness in terms of development. That is, it remains around the same
level of the age of five to six years. Yes. Also, interesting
experiments were conducted… People were divided into two groups. One group, under hypnosis,
was tasked with building a wall. And they were actually building it, they realised that they had bricks, cement
in their hands, they were building… I’ll interrupt to clarify, I’m sorry, you are talking about
the experiment (T: Yes), details are important here. Were they building a real wall,
or were they suggested under hypnosis that they were building it, but there was no
wall? T: Yes, absolutely right. IM: Right. And the wall, as such, did not exist, but the person after building it realised that
it was there, that he felt it with his fingers. And then there was
the second group. After the first group left,
the second group entered. And it was also put into
a state of hypnosis, and indeed, in this state they also found this
imaginary wall. IM: This is a field structure (T: Yes). And there is
nothing complicated here. If we take the torus, once we also discussed this in one of the
programmes regarding the pyramid, if you remember. Let’s take the torus,
turn it on and hold it in this place. And, for example,
the next day we come with a magnetometer and we can easily find the place
where a turned-on torus was located. Why? There will be an electromagnetic field
and this bunch will still be hanging here. The same is in this case. When people are under hypnosis,
they create virtual reality. For them, in that state
and, let’s say, in that alternative variant…of
reality, it really exists. When people are put into the
state of hypnosis in the same way, by the same technique, to the same
depth, then they will easily find it, because for them that reality
is real in the same way. T: Likewise, it gets developed for them, right.
IM: Of course, absolutely, yes. They will not even know that there is a wall, they will
approach the wall, they can describe it in detail. Well, this is a pattern. Also, Igor Mikhailovich, people
also had such interesting questions, especially those who were engaged in
research, we’ve mentioned Tesla today, that all these discoveries, discovery of a telephone, a steam
engine, and the telegraph were discovered not by one person, but literally with a several hours difference the same
discovery takes place in various parts of the world. And people… Zh: Simultaneously. T: Yes. And
they ask, how can this be explained, too? IM: Well, how…When a person searches
information, well, for example… Many of our friends know this. For example, he has got an idea, a
completely new, a perfectly wonderful one. And a person starts working on it, and he
finds a lot of information on this topic. How do psychologists explain this, or, let’s
say, how does psychiatry explain this? That a person did not
invest attention into it, he did not pay attention to it,
he was always surrounded by it. But, I’m sorry,
I will give a simple example. A banal situation,
I wanted to buy slippers for myself. Some warm, nice, and good ones. I didn’t think about slippers at all
before, but I suddenly wanted to buy it. I didn’t voice this, I didn’t go anywhere,
either on the Internet or anywhere else. And the advertisements start
appearing on all sides. You take any gadget,
and you are offered slippers. Well, who did not come across this?
I’m… it is a banal example, but it shows how the system itself works. Everything is simple. If someone has shaken up this idea, it means
that it’s in the air, as they say (T: Yes), then someone else is
working on it anyway. And these discoveries, as you
say, a phone, a light bulb, and everything else,
there are plenty of them, of course. Sometimes it happens at the same time, but there were cases at times
of a completely different type, when a patent application was
submitted for consideration, then information immediately
leaked on the other side and a patent was already
being formed there as well. Well, it still exists. Anything happened. Yes, you’ve said that the
answers are in the air, and also there was an experiment,
a contemporary experiment in our time, when a doctor, I mean, a doctor of science
at… a college lecturer in London, he bought… what did he do? He bought crossword
puzzles. He made two packs out of them. One was left in London; it was
solved by students from London… IM: The same ones… It was the same, right? T: Yes, they
were absolutely the same. He divided them into two packs. One of them was solved by students from London,
while the other one was sent by train to Liverpool. And already there,
after receiving these crossword puzzles, the second group of students also
tried to give answers to them. And what also surprised him is that students
from Liverpool always gave answers faster. And no matter how they changed a group
and a composition of participants or sent students from London to
Liverpool and back… it didn’t matter… IM: But if… but if, let’s say, if they started doing them first in Liverpool,
and newspapers were sent to London, then in London they would do them
faster than in Liverpool. Right? Yes, that is, as if they were already
walking along the beaten track… Quite right. Let’s take mice.
This is such a well-known… We take a mouse, put it into a
maze to find a slice of cheese. It finds cheese. After two generations, we take a
mouse, put it into the same maze, and the mouse finds a cheese three times
faster or even goes in a straight line. Why? As they say, genetic memory and the like…
Quite right. In animals, this is passed on. I mean, the simpler,
the more precise it is. We take a fungus,
no need to go far. We place sugar through a maze. The fungus begins to grow, and extend
its tentacles until it finds this sugar. Sugar for fungi is something very
nutritious, so they always seek it. Then we take a small part of this fungus, it
multiplies with mycelium, we grew one part, let it go, and it already goes in
a straight line into this maze. Igor Mikhailovich, but if we, let’s
say, draw a parallel of this experiment with the spiritual knowledge, with people’s
experience, then it also turns out that … IM: While here it is
exactly the opposite. For example, there is a group of people
who achieve spiritual development. It would seem that others
should also be (T: Faster…). But, excuse me,
there is such a concept as the system and the spiritual development of people
is extremely inconvenient for it. Why? It loses its power,
it loses its source of food, that’s why it begins to
plot intrigues against us. In this way the knowledge that was brought in by so many
prophets in the history of humankind was distorted. As well as the last one, let’s say, that very Jesus, that very Muhammad, right?
That very Buddha. All was distorted.
If we look, then… By the way, speaking about Buddhism,
there is interesting information. Buddhism is a leader
among all religions. Why? The Knowledge began to be distorted
later than in all the rest. It was preserved almost through
the entire life of the Buddha and almost a hundred years after him without
distortion, almost without distortion. It’s an extremely rare case, because in the times of
other prophets it began to get distorted immediately. Furthermore. There is another phenomenon. Buddhism began to be put into written records
later than all the rest. Thus, here… T: They practiced more.
IM: More, right. And the third important point, eventually, Buddhism
was distorted more than all other religions. T: With substitutions.
IM: Well, that’s how it is. Igor Mikhailovich, there are also a lot of questions
regarding another topic, the topic of aliens. Including questions from
subscribers of the Spanish blogger, we had an interview
with him — Nacho Rojo, and the audience of his YouTube channel
Verdad Oculta — The Hidden Truth… And I, let’s say, made a kind of promise to ask and
voice some of these questions during our programme. May I voice these questions
in our today’s programme? Well, maybe not all of them, because there are many… IM: Well,
if you made a promise to our friends, then you can’t back down. T: Yes. IM: Well, let’s try.
Т: Great. Thank you. So… In one of the
programmes you said that the Annunaki come from the planet
Nibiru, or Nubiru, which means … IM: I’ll say it again. Everywhere it is written
as “Nibiru” and many pronounce “Nibiru”. There was no such expression,
or such a phrase as “Nibi”. It was “Nubi” — “from that side”.
T: Nubi-ra. IM: Yes, and “Ra” was precisely the concept
of the sun, well, One God and the sun. And at that time you said that it is precisely
translated as “from behind the Sun”, right. But you also said that it is
not the real name of the planet. And the question is the following.
What is the real name of this planet? IM: Shall we tell them? Well, tell them, come
one, it is not a secret. It is Vamfim. I hope you are satisfied. Is it a native planet
of the Anunnaki? IM: No. It is the closest
planet where the Anunnaki live. It is the closest to planet Earth. In general, let’s say,
in addition to Vamfim, the Anunnaki have thousands of
planets where the human race, we can call it this way,
of the Anunnaki lives. Well, again, many call them them…
reptilians, not reptilians, well… It is more correct to call everyone who has
a soul and Personality humans, after all. Whereas the soulless ones
is a different matter. Well, again,
just like they protect planet Earth, they protect
millions of planets. While, in fact, this race has been
existing billions of years already. They forgot and lost where their own
planet was, the one they come from, it has been gone
a long time ago. For example, like we — earthlings
— come from planet Earth, although this information is not
correct, to be honest. There is a lot of evidence of
this, and the like… No, it is not that
aliens created us, because some will begin to say that
“aliens created us”or something else — no. People moved to Earth from
another nearby planet. Well, in theory, humanity should
already be very highly developed too and be in, let’s say,
the universal community. There should already be representatives of
earthlings on Meru as of a highly developed race. While we, excuse me, to the present
day remain so, let’s say, wild. But aren’t we actually wild,
since we still have wars? If we really obey satan still,
then what else can we be called? If we, to the present day exist in a
consumer format in relation to one another. We do not have a creative
and constructive society. Well, it’s already a topic for
another day (T: Yes …), sorry. Thank you. The next question. Are the Anunnaki the same as that very deities
described in ancient Sumer — Anu, Enki, Enlil, Ninu? Of course, not. Again, what you have just named,
the Sumerians described the actual “gods” who existed twelve
thousand years ago. Well, more correctly, they were
destroyed twelve thousand years ago. They had existed a little before that time.
Well, for a fairly long period of time. And all them were El’s children. Well, you also mentioned El,
whereas those ones were his children, whom he appointed gods,
and gave them peoples. And we — humanity — are precisely the result of
genetic modifications, let’s say, by those gods. But what does this have
to do with the Anunnaki? Those ones were people,
the most ordinary people. And for fun, because they were bored of living
for a long time, they precisely created nations. They divided people,
and they created nations. Some were created white, others were
black, third ones were yellow. They appointed their
peoples and were their gods. And for many,
they still remain gods until today. This is true… Well, for those who are interested there is
the video “Atlantis. The Elite in Search of Immortality”. We talked about it
there, so they can watch. And it is entirely supported
by historical evidence, for those who will watch it
carefully and will try to find, even today there is
a lot of information, despite the fact that the “Ninth Circle” —
who are exactly their followers actually — have been destroying it all in every possible
way. Well, you can’t destroy everything. Truth can not disappear. The next question.
Will there be contact with aliens? IM: What does it
mean — “will be”? T: Well, they write this way: “Will
there be contact with aliens?” IM: But it has never interrupted…
(T: has never interrupted…), it’s like, you know,
“may I talk to you sometime?” (T: Right). And what are we doing with you now…
or haven’t we been talking, or what? Or were there times when there
was no such contact with aliens? Guys, well… If they mean officially, sort of,
that the delegation will fly in, they will start… will sit down,
will start having tea, talking, and the government will
announce to us that “look, friends have arrived from some
constellation, from some galaxies. They have come to
exchange with us. We give them monkeys,
they give us little dinosaurs”. Well,
some kind of cultural exchange. Perhaps they mean a
direct contact with them? Well, yes, maybe, well,
maybe people didn’t put it right. When asking this question, they had in mind
whether they would ever be able to contact them. Probably yes, every consciousness
worries about itself. IM: I’m sorry, my friends,
we haven’t fully understood the question. So. Is it true that they can
read the thoughts of others? Of course, they can. If it concerns the
Anunnaki, yes, this is not a problem. Is it true that they can
communicate telepathically? Among themselves — yes, and with
those who are also capable of this. But people will not hear them. Is it true that they can manipulate me
to make me see a person differently? To manipulate this person?
To make… T: See the other person differently.
IM: What for? We’ve just discussed hypnosis (T: Yes).
You can manipulate anyone. I’m sorry,
even a dog or a kitten. And what for? What is the point? What is his value, of this person? To be manipulated this way, yes. Why, I’m sorry, should the representatives of the
higher race spend… spend time on this person? What is his value? It’s the same as, you know,
the aliens have abducted a farmer. They’ve arrived from God knows
where to abduct a farmer, to convey a message to
him for all humanity. Well, guys, isn’t it insane? We’ve already said that there is more
than two percent of schizophrenia… IM: Well, quite right, yes. Well,
it’s somehow… T: Megalomania, yes… IM: The system
jokes to the utmost. Yes. Next question. Rumors are in the air that the
Queen of England is a reptilian, and many people in government,
too and they control… IM: No. The representatives of the Ninth
Circle, let’s put it so, aliens do not participate in this
representation of the Ninth Circle, so I’m sorry, but those who you are
asking about, are ordinary people. Do reptilians have relationships
with the Illuminati? IM: Again,
it is exactly the same answer. Yes. Currently, the average
life expectancy is eighty years. Do you think it is possible to
increase life expectancy in the future? The prolongation of life
beyond the species limit, let’s say, within reasonable
bounds, is surely possible. We have just mentioned
that very El and the like. After all, again, with the help of
medications, they prolonged their lives, and even far beyond a thousand years,
so there is nothing complicated about this. If today science
is literally close, well, and some medications have already
been developed and are being tested and give tremendous
results in prolonging life. The question is different.
What’s the point? In our consumer format, in our life,
where man is man’s wolf, and not a friend, what will we prolong it for? (T: Existence…)
What is the point? I understand, I’m sorry,
but I’m just saying… I understand, when people live in
a creative and constructive society where there is no violence, there is no evil,
where there is equality, there is humanity, where there is the
development of science, but not the invention of a new type of
weapon, or enslavement of each other, where there is a way
into boundless space. After all, there are basically billions
of planets unexploited by people… similar to our planet,
where life can exist. I understand,
when humanity settles on other planets, where development takes place
then this is interesting. Well isn’t that so? ( T: Yes.) Then it makes sense to
prolong life for a human. It makes sense to use these
technologies for something. But why usethese technologies,
so that we exist as animals even longer? And so that we create new gods for ourselves
who will live here forever and rule us? Well… T: It doesn’t make sense, yes. IM: Well, the
answer is yes, the answer is — it is possible. Is that true that reptilians
existed before humans? IM: They are billions
of years old. For example, again,
as I’ve already said, the Anunnaki race has actively
existed for about three billion years. That is, it means as a highly developed,
mind you, a highly developed race. As a highly developed race in the
global sense, not in the earthly one. To date, there is no race
higher than the Anunnaki. Did reptilians use humans as
slaves and do they still use? Do they eat human flesh? Yes, they used. In the previous
programme, we exactly said that those who are
called the Apexians, twenty-four thousand years ago
literally kept humanity in slavery, and humanity was
working for them. There is plenty of evidence, the quarries that
were developed, the mines and everything else. And indeed, humanity was like
biological food for them. Well, that’s true. But today, of course not. Thanks to the Anunnaki,
humanity was freed from their slavery. Thanks to the fact that
people turned to the Anunnaki who made, thank God, a decision,
they intervened and those ones left. Well… again, they intervened only in order
to protect humanity from external influences so that no one enslaves
us from the outside. But according to all the laws,
according to the laws of Meru, they do not have the right
to interfere in our lives, they do not have the right to decide who will
rule us here, how we will build our lives. We must develop evolutionally. It depends solely on us what choice we
will make, whether we will live or not. They do not have the right to interfere,
to change our climatic conditions. They do not have the right to interfere
and forbid a nuclear war to us. They do not have such a right,
because it is the choice of humankind. Yes, it wasn’t a slip of the tongue, and climate
changes are also a consequence of our actions. And this cyclicity repeats itself and it is
also worth thinking why it repeats itself… Because we are not changing. While we must. Well… now, I already see the
questions that you have answered: “Is humanity the result of
the Anunnaki’s experiment?” Thus, you have told exactly about
El who was appointing races. Are there reptilians in
all parts of the planet? And if they are there, are they all connected and
united by one purpose? And what is this purpose? Well, again, why do they
call the Anunnaki reptilians? Well, you know, the presence of
some genetic abnormalities, right, or some advantages, or vice versa — flaws
— is not a reason to call them reptilians. And again, many are bothered
with Zhanna’s blinking. Excuse me, nine out of ten
cameras do not record or see it. And people are sitting
and they don’t see it. Is this a reptilian? It’s a most ordinary
human being. Thus, any of us can be called… after all,
we are Darwinists, we are materialists. Are we not reptilians? Take a look at how an embryo develops,
don’t we go through the reptilian stage? T: A reptilian brain. So, which one of us is a reptilian? Let’s better call them “the Anunnaki”, because for me the reptilians are precisely those
who are called (T: The Apexians) The Apexians. And in this case, yes,
it’s a reptiloid form, it is soulless, well,
with high intelligence. They have a single primary consciousness,
it is huge and powerfully developed, much more than ours, of earthlings,
unfortunately, by many times. That one is a reptilian,
because it only devours. It has nothing humane. Whereas a higher, soul-filled race
that has achieved tremendous results, and we call them reptilians… It’s us who are
actually reptilians in comparison to them. Sorry, but this is true. The next question is: “And what is the name of the God of the
reptilians, meaning, of the Anunnaki?” I would like to know who is your
God, or who is our God? ” God and theirs and ours
and everyone’s is one. All over the world, throughout the
world community, God is called Ra. But on such planets as ours,
and in such communities, as ours (there are also a lot of them,
unfortunately, a lot of them) they give various
epithets to God. And again, the most ordinary
people, children of El, of this world dictator,
were also called gods. They were also considered gods,
and they were also given these names, and they were worshiped and the
like, well… And God, He is One,
and always from time immemorial. And here, on this planet,
He was also called Ra. T: Is it possible to become a reptilian
and possess all their skills and qualities? I wonder what they meant.
Maybe… Well, if they meant to develop
to the level of the Anunnaki, it would be desirable for our humanity
to reach their level of development. That would be wonderful. And it is not difficult. Every person feels and understands what the
world should be like, what he should be like. One just needs to be like this
and to merely correspond to this. And there will be everything. So, Igor Mikhailovich, the next question is
addressed to you through our friends – bloggers, by their subscribers – the
residents of the Virgin Islands. They would like us to ask
you the following question. The matter is that their region has begun
to greatly suffer from climate change, which seriously affects business and generally calls
to question further habitability of the islands. The question is as follows. Can you change the
climate situation so that the increasing climate change,
such as earthquakes, hurricanes and so on,
would bypass their islands? They say that they are ready to provide everything
that is needed for this in any quantity. Just wait… If I got this right,
there are islands where they live and they suffer greatly
from overall climate change. And they are ready to provide everything
that is needed in any quantity so that this will bypass them,
so that they will be doing well, and for the rest of the people
everything will remain as it was. Well, I got that right, didn’t I? But then again, what… After all, being distributed around the
world, yes, somewhere more, somewhere less, but changes are distributed
all over the world. And if you remove this from one point,
then aggravation occurs somewhere else. That is, this issue
already concerns the world. But again, they ask a direct
question, and I answer honestly. Can we do this? Yes, we can.
This is not a problem. But to do that, we need… they say, “we are ready to provide
everything that is needed.” And here, however ridiculous it may
seem to someone at the first glance, but what is needed is, let’s put it so, two bundles of hair
from the heads of two people. Each bundle should have at least
one hundred and twenty hairs, and the hair should not be cut, they should be pulled out by a person himself
and necessarily with the bulbs. This is a must, I’m sorry. And these people should give them wholeheartedly,
hairs cannot be bought. This should not be bought,
or taken away somehow, or a person shouldn’t be forced (T: by force…),
yes, there should be no violence at all. This should be done on
one’s own free will. From the bottom of one’s heart,
so that people really seek to help you and they would sacrifice
their hair and give it to you. Give us two bundles of hair,
and we will solve this issue. But there is one condition. It concerns the whole world, as I said, so the hair should be taken from the heads of the
two most powerful and popular people in the world. It concerns the whole world, and that is why they should
be the leaders of this world, it’s a must, how can this be otherwise?
Meaning, why the leaders? Because we pay attention to them, we listen
to them, we know everything about them, we love them or hate
them, it doesn’t matter, but we put our attention into them. Either love or hatred.
They are popular, that’s why it’s a must. And they solve problems, well,
let’s say, in their territories, but they are the most
popular in the world. There aren’t that many
popular people in the world, so you’ll have to do your best to
get those hairs if you want this. However, I think,
among those who are well-known… well, one of them doesn’t have hair at
all, it should rather be added there? However, there are ones like
Trump and Boris Johnson, right? They will suit for this.
Good luck. What’s next? T: I’m sorry… now we all will become more serious. T: Igor Mikhailovich, the next question is: can we learn prescience, meaning, predictions of the future? IM: You can. This is, by and large, not very difficult. The only question is, what do you need it for? Knowing the future is not always good. And anyway, if you are destined to live to the time you want to know about, you will know it anyway over time. While if you are not destined to live to the time you want to know about, then what difference does
it make to you what happens next? T: They ask another interesting question, what do the Bulgarian soothsayer Wanga and the cartoon series “The Simpsons”
have in common? IM: Wanga and “The Simpsons”? Well, I think it’s the accuracy of their predictions. Both Wanga and “The Simpsons” were giving accurate predictions, and with descriptions at that. Well, it is such a
question, you know, let’s say, open the Internet,
it is mentioned almost everywhere, therefore, guys, well…
Although there is one point in this case, and I think those who asked this
question did not even suspect that they have one
more thing in common. Where did they get
this information from? After all, behind the
information that Wanga received, and those who make “The Simpsons”,
I hope you noticed this, since you ask this question, that the picture they draw
completely coincides with reality. So, it’s the Vamfimians who are behind the information in both cases. These people are simply in contact with them,
and for them, it is not a problem to get a picture from the future.
And this is true. T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is also such a question. Why does Igor Mikhailovich ask Zhanna: “How many of you are here?”, And why does Zhanna answer the following: “More than you wish, but much fewer than you hope?”
IM: Why did I ask this question? Because I was asked to
ask her this question, again, guys, well,
by friends just like you, they asked me one time,
then another and another one and I could not refuse,
just like Tatiana now, so I had to ask this question.
And what is the second part there? T: Why does Zhanna
answer the following: “More than you wish,
but much fewer than you hope?” IM: Simply because she
knows our human essence, that’s why she answers this way. That we would like none
of them to be here, that we would like to be alone.
But on the other hand, we, being very well aware of what
our civilization is headed for, we would hope that
there are a lot of them, that they would help us,
do everything instead of us, solve all our issues, and that’s why
she answered that way. I guess so. Or it isn’t so? She agrees that it is so. T: There’s also the next question, can you please
ask them, if they were to give advice to humanity, what advice would that be? IM: What advice to
give to humanity? Well, you know, all jokes aside…
what’s the point of this advice? You have nowhere
to escape anyway… therefore, it’s better to work on
yourselves here, among yourselves. T: What awaits the human race in the future? IM: Everything
depends on people. And this is exactly related
to the previous question. Everything depends on people. On your choice, friends — how humane you will be and how actively you will defend the position of humaneness, that’s what will be. T: The next question is from Argentina.
Which of the religions is genuine and true? IM: In what sense? T: Which religion out of the
variety of religions existing today is the most truthful
and the most genuine? IM: The most truthful and the most genuine?
Well, I’ll put it this way. As of today, fundamental religions
contain a part of the grains. In all religions, two grains out of twenty-seven
have been preserved, note this, therefore, there is truth in them.
I would not divide them. T: Okay. Thank you. What is in zone 51? IM: A military base of the United
States of America. Everyone knows that. Guys, just google. I understand your question,
but that which you… is not there. T: What level of spirituality
can be attained during this life? IM: In fact, a person during his lifetime,
during this very life, can become a Buddha, and Gautama proved this. He is an example for you. And he had several followers who
also became Buddhas, therefore, a person can go beyond seventy-two
dimensions and become a Buddha. This means that he can come to the
Angelic world with a high rank, let’s say, that is why this
world is wonderful. Actually, if we touch on this issue,
then yes, it’s hard for a person here, I understand.
There are a lot of temptations, secondary consciousness is
strong, the system, and everything, well… there are a lot of problems, a lot of substitutions, substitutions in religions
divert one far from the truth, there are a lot of worries,
a lot of everything. But what can be more beautiful than a thorny path
leading to the stars? After all, having overcome this
and abandoned this illusion, a person can become
worthy among equals. Isn’t it worth it? A simple question. T: Did civilizations
on other planets with the same kind of life die
out due to the same mistakes that we are making on earth now? IM: Well, not always,
but to a greater extent, yes. T: Are climatic changes connected with
an increase of people on the planet? IM: Well, climatic changes
in this case have cyclicity , so the number of
people does affect it, but at the same time it does not.
Yes and no, let’s put it this way. It affects indirectly,
but not directly. Do you know what affects the most?
Not an increase in the number of people, but along with our increase in number, there is a
decrease in humanness in us, that does affect. T: That’s what the actual anthropogenic
factor is, right. IM: Absolutely right. T: Will the Anunnaki share their
advanced technologies with us? IM: Well, again, well… Well, my friends, just imagine. To give some advanced technologies to
our humanity, with our consumer system, with our attitude to each other.
Well, what will we do with them? Will we be deciding how to
treat incurable diseases? Will we use these technologies to
give free electricity to every house? Well, what will we do with them? Or will we use it to create an even
larger bludgeon than nuclear weapons so as to hit one
another on the head? You yourselves give
an honest answer, and you will also
understand my answer, which I will not voice,
you yourself will find it. T: Why do the Anunnaki,
if they want the best for humanity, allow the Illuminati
elite to manipulate us? IM: Wait, well, I have actually answered this question. Well, guys, what do the Anunnaki have
to do with our elite? And the fact that we allow
them to manipulate us? Why should they
forbid us anything? They generally have no right to interfere in our lives,
in any way. Their function is external
protection, not more. But our world is our world, and we must make
appropriate choices. After all, it is us who endow someone with power.
Isn’t that so? After all, power does not fall on them from the sky. And God does not appoint
anyone from the Illuminati or anyone else to be king,
prince, or president. All this is the result of our
choice, of our actions, let’s say so. We act in this direction. We get what we get.
Then why be indignant? If we have chosen
this, we like it, let’s rejoice and
live in such joy. And if we don’t like it,
we can change something. We have the right to decide, and no one has the right to dictate to us from the outside: neither the Anunnaki,
nor anyone else. It is our, excuse me,
evolutionary path of development, the development of our entire
civilization as a whole, and each person
as an individual. Why each person as an individual? Because the whole
civilization consists of people as individuals. And if, you, my friend,
are sitting and listening: “keep talking, keep telling
us your interesting stories” and the like, and then you go and
continue serving the Illuminati, then in that case do
not ask such questions. And if you do not want to serve them,
act in a different way. After all, the consumer format of the development
of the modern community can be easily put on the rails of the
creative and constructive one. And to live in peace,
in equality and in love, to be worthy of
the entire world. Then there will be technologies,
there will be everything. Why not? If we become worthy of this. T: Do they know anything about the fourth and
fifth dimensions? IM: Who? T: The Anunnaki. IM: Guys, these are naive questions,
it’s a childish question, you see? When a person
develops spiritually, the first stages of his knowledge precisely go through
the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth dimensions. When a person reaches the seventh dimension,
he gets spiritually liberated already. Well, it has been known
from the dawn of time. Therefore, at the level of spiritual development the
person involuntarily goes through at least six stages, and in the seventh dimension he already
receives freedom and Eternal Life. And our entire material world, the
entire, I emphasize, material world consists of the so-called
seventy-two such dimensions. And a person in his life,
during his lifetime, just like the previous question
was “can he achieve anything?” Yes, he can become
absolutely free spiritually and pass through all the
seventy-two dimensions, that is, become a Buddha. Well, I would… in human understanding,
Buddha means something, right? Well, I would say compared
to earthly values, he is a doctor of sciences,
that’s who Buddha is, a doctor of spiritual
sciences, right. Only in the literal sense,
not on paper, but in real life. Why? Because he put a lot of
effort, time and attention into his spiritual development. And additionally,
he worked to ensure that people around would become spiritual, that is, he served the Spiritual World.
Honestly, sincerely, and maturely,
without playing around, but truly and for real. And this kind of path
leads to such enlightenment as Gautama’s and other people’s. So, everything is possible. T: And the last question. We understand that the
ALLATRA Movement is focused on the spiritual
contribution into people. And the question is the following.
What motivates them to do this? IM: That’s what motivates them to do
this, guys, that’s what motivates us all — we’ve gathered here together in our spare
time and we are trying to talk to you. We don’t need fame, we don’t need your money,
we don’t need anything from you at all. But we need a different world. We need
a world in which we would like to live. From which we will not
want to leave even to the Spiritual World,
because it should be equal in love, in joy, in that sincere inner
happiness, so that to communicate with each
other here will be the same as to communicate with an Angel there.
And so that there will be no difference between
those worlds: the World Eternal and this world,
even though it is material, even though temporary
residing here but Angels. And let us together
strive towards this, my friends,
to make this world similar to the Spiritual World.
And not the one what it is now. And everything depends on us.
So let’s love each other.
02:04:38,865 –>00:00:00,000
Thank you.


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    por otro lado no comprendo bien cual es su punto hablan de cambio climatico y de amor entre nosotros lo que profesan muchas religiones, pero centrarnos en lo de los cambios climaticos ustedes saben que los que realmente pueden ayudar son los lideres mundiales yu las personas en no ensuciar pero … veo que hablan del cambio mas no de como cambiar eso ustedes dicen que eso es inminenete si lo es entonces cual es su objetivo?? de su programa

    ojala respondan

  35. Otra pregunta Igor quien es un maestro ??? de donde sale esa sabidutia y porq habla con autoridd seguridad porq el piensa q su verdad es la verdad?? cual es su profesion y siu objetivo

  36. Muchísimas gracias por toda esta información:) hay gente que si valora el trabajo que tratan de dar a conocer 🙂

  37. Hola, realmente interesante toda la informacion y Saludos a todos de un ser que busca su Luz a todos los seres de Luz.

  38. hola allatra envió un cálido saludo a todos ustedes desde Colombia , es un punto vista muy interesante y todo lo que ustedes están representando en calidad de el conocimiento profundo y sobre dimensional que ustedes transmiten a la humanidad desde un escenario completamente ajeno a creencias religiosas y política , y zhanna esperamos que puedas visitar nuestro país en alguna oportunidad y podamos aprender mas de ti y los que son como tu, un abrazo para todos ustedes

  39. No puedo creer que los escucho por dos horas y como si nada. Por otro lado les pregunto, ¿considerarán realizar audio libros para el libro de Allatra? La voz de la joven de "El Díalogo con Dios" del Libro de Allatra, es muy hermosa. Este diálogo le llega a una a lo más profundo de nuestro ser.

  40. bueno por donde empiezo toda mi vida he intentado ver mas allá de mis ojos, y intentar obtener respuestas a mis dudas he leído y he visto cosas en mi vida, pero en este mundo cada vez esta mas maleado yo solo quiero verdades y hechos. yo quisiera ver las cosas sin mas dudas y ver la realidad ya que se me acaba la vida y quisiera ver la verdad, toda mi vida desde niño he dicho (SI VIENE UN EXTRATERRESTRE Y ME DA LA OPORTUNIDAD DE DAR UN VIAJE A VER MAS ALLÁ DE MIS OJOS Y DEL MUNDO ME IRÍA SIN DUDARLO ASÍ YA TENGA HIJOS Y UNA VIDA ) ojala lean esto es un mensaje desde el corazón y del alma

  41. El pensamiento no es materia es energía cuando la materia de nueve a la velocidad de la luz se transforma en energía

  42. Que fácil! Que fácil es decir “nosotros no podemos intervenir en la vida de las personas” que fácil es decir “tenemos tecnología para ayudarlos” pero al final de cuentas no hacen ni caca 💩 díganme una cosa: Uds no pueden intervenir? Y entonces porque tienen un candidato a la presidencia de EEUU? Luego eso no es intervención? O sea, en la política y en el poder si pueden intervenir? JAJAJAJAJA no me hagan reír! 🤣 CHARLATANES!!!! Dejen de jugar con la ingenuidad de las personas y con su ignorancia!!!! Uds no son resptilianos, Uds son unos sinverguencinianos! DESCARADOS

  43. Nesecito saber q tipo de contacto tuve en argentina tengo 2 videos de ovnis y necesito sabeer q seres son .. si son de vamfim q nos dieron su primer contacto mundial ..

  44. Se escuchará mejor con voces diferentes…. Yo les ofrezco el dialogo de algún participante… De manera gratuito. Ya que me gusta su programa

  45. Hola amigos.
    Quisiera preguntar algo que alomejor es descabellado o solo es coisidencia. Un dia mirandome al espejo pude observar unos simples lunares. Los que me parecio raro fue que uniendo los puntos se forma la constelacion de la osa mayor..tal ves sea cosas que pasan. Solo queria preguntar si significa algo l es solo unos simples lunares…en mi pecho…saludos amigos y a todos los que seguimos este canal.

  46. jamas crei sentirme tan conectada con este movimiento, siempre pense estar sola con estos pensamientos, pero al fin estoy feliz de saber que allatra crece y crecera con mas fuerza pues es extraordinario! Gracias

  47. Gracias a todos ustedes por su valiosa información …por favor no desistan ya que personas como yo .ama de casa. les estamos entendiendo y aprendiendo.

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