Electromagnetic Spectrum – Chalk Talk

♪music & sound effects♪ The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, including the visible light that makes plants grow, and the infrared that your remote control uses to command your television. Wavelength is one of the properties used to describe electromagnetic radiation along with frequency and energy. Physicist Max Planck was the first one to realize that frequency and energy were directly related. For all you math lovers, it looks like this … Why does wavelength matter? Because electromagnetic radiation can be used to examine multiple aspects of the same object. For example, when we look out into space we might see something like this, because our eyes can only detect a small range of wavelengths. But there is a lot more information out there. The different types of radiation have practical uses too: High frequency x-rays have very short wavelengths and enough energy to pass through our skin easily, but not our bones, and at the longer end of the spectrum are microwaves which can have enough energy to heat our frozen dinners, but not enough to heat the walls of the microwave itself. So you can see that this electromagnetic spectrum gives science a whole range of possibilities.

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