Ep 43 – Elon's brain computers, Tesla updates pricing again, and StarHoppers static fire

coming up on today's episode Tesla drops prices again Elon must put electrodes in your brain and the star hopper goes boom maybe ish let's get Ludacris hey there and welcome to our Ludacris future this is the podcast we talk about all the cool future stuff that's happening tomorrow that's making today more like yesterday I'm Joe Francis with Joe YouTube channel with me is Tim Dunn really makes hi it's me Tim da da astronaut from things where people use their eyeballs to look at internet and with us also is Ben sullens what's up guys it's Ben songs from Tesla omics and I don't know about you but I am still drunk from last night I was hanging out with the guy in charge of pricing that Tesla man he hears they know how to party like they're still going they're still out there I don't know what's happening those guys they got some good stuff and uh man it's just a blast well let's hear about it apparently you're real I mean you're hardcore about I didn't even know that there's a price drop I've been too busy down here in Texas but we'll talk about that later wait it's pronounced Tejas okay it's actually not Taoiseach yeah no so I actually wanted to do a whole skit where like came in and had a bottle of whiskey but anyways alright so does the drug surprise in the skidder just real life good morning tesla updated their pricing I'm reading from electric here and options across the lineup and discontinued several variants of their cars again again again I feel like we've already had an a full-on title that said tells the changes prices again yes so this is like like the Excel spreadsheet where it's like underscore final underscore final final so yeah so they updated the design studio on Monday with several changes pricing options across the lineup one of the big things is that they dropped the standard range model s after just three weeks and then reintroduced it but it's officially gone now so the Model S now starts at eighty thousand dollars and the Model X at $85,000 they go 100 kilowatt hour battery pack yeah they only have the long range versions now there's no more standard range version so seventy nine nine seventy nine thousand nine hundred ninety four the mother said that before the standard range I don't remember I think it was like 74 thousand maybe or what was the long range one before yeah I think that was 84 I can be wrong okay it's like what what our are you talking about you know pretty specific so now they have long range of performance you know and so it's 70 its eighty thousand for the long range on the Model S and a hundred thousand for the performance and then on the Model X you have 85,000 and a hundred and five thousand and I believe it says here that Tesla's making the ludicrous package which it gives you the 2.4 second zero to sixty which I think they're being conservative on standard on its performance Model S and X so just previously this was a twenty thousand dollar upgrade now is included in the performance model so you're telling me you can buy a one hundred thousand dollar car that's literally the fastest car in the road ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollar car yes so some little little psychology there for the pricing these guys were on some DMT stuff last night I'm telling you they're really really going hard on this so they also updated some stuff with the model three something about the paint Hutton was tweeting about this to improbably was paying closer attention than me but now it's pearl white instead of the standard white that was previously a 1500 option now that's just included and I believe that the price is is actually down yeah it's kind of a weird thing where some things went up and some things went down so now if you look at the the actual price here of the standard range plus model 3 which is the lowest end one you can get it's thirty eight thousand nine hundred ninety what's with the nine hundred ninety it may it might be something to do with the price in Canada and stuff like that how you know like if a car is above a certain price it doesn't get the tax credit kind of thing so that they they listed it at literally one dollar less than that anyways so yeah so I think that this I don't know what this was before do you do you guys remember was it like forty four thousand for standard range plus no is thirty nine okay I think the last time I looked at prices was like ten prices ago seriously okay so yeah so standard blush so maybe it's it's just a you know slightly cheaper but I believe the pearl white multi coat cost fifteen hundred dollars so now that that's included in that price it's like technically cheaper if you wanted the same car right so yeah so kind of weird and then there's some of the additional stuff that is kind of weird about this is that on electric again they're reporting that if you if you unbundle some features if you remove some items in kind of after the fact like off menu stuff you can actually get a model three performance for less than fifty thousand dollars which is nuts for a car that quick and just that unbundling features right so I think what they're talking about is it comes with these 20 inch performance wheels standard but you can eighty you can get the 18-inch error wheels upon request actually what I that's what I have is that the performance with 18-inch arrows which I was like weird now you know they don't really even offer that upon request it's a you know the secret menu like in and out or something which is ponies know what my model three animal style that's right protein style animal style so okay so one of the things that's interesting about this and I'm curious your thoughts Tim well jump back to the camera here Jason Fenske who you guys know I'm a big fan of it engineering explained recently hit a pothole in his performance model yeah $2,600 $2,700 something like that to replace because he had to replace two tires and two rims that were correct and the rims were cracked because he has the performance tired the 20-inch one and one of the things he complained about is he said look I like low-profile tires don't really give you much in terms of actual performance so he would have preferred the 18 or 19 inch wheel with a fatter tire and so but they didn't when he bought it that was not an option and and one thing he said in there that made sense because Tim you had a thing where you couldn't like there was a $5,000 upgrade to the performance brakes and stuff but you didn't get that right correct and I think one of the deals is you'd have to have the bigger wheels to fit fit the brakes the bigger rotor and brakes and everything so so anyways there's like this whole weird thing I was shocked that those the rim itself for the 20 inch performance wheels was over $700 per rim yeah but they're not forged right they're cast yeah dude no there's no way that should cost that much money zero like now and if they were forged and if you guys aren't familiar though like when you look at rims or wheels yeah like Forge are just an order of magnitude more right like you can spend twelve to fifteen thousand dollars easily on a set of rims for a car that are forged but if you hit a pothole they're not gonna crack there's no chance that those things are gonna break yeah so so I'm looking at going dude what is up so but apparently he he could get his wish now if he wanted to cancel and reorder because he could get it with the 18 inch wheels that's out of the 20s yes and I'm guessing that that option would then not have the you know performance brakes I'm pretty sure they would not physically fit under an 18 inch rim and wring it for me I wanted you know I definitely prefer it's you know as much as I like do quote unquote touring you know our Grand Tour like for instance driving down to Texas needles last week having the extra range with the arrow rims makes a huge difference a little bit smoother ride makes a big difference the taller ride height you know without the performance shocks and springs or whatever they are probably makes it a little bit smoother too you know that was just my preference and I can swap snow tires out really easily and find a better set of snow tires on an 18 inch rim then I could a 20 inch rim so for me it's like purr and I like it being a sleeper I like it looking just like a normal model 3 you know not even having badges or anything and then being as fast as you know performance I think to me that was like the perfect fit but I know that's not for everybody but I'm I'm surprised that they even have it remotely mentioned as an option because I would still choose that every single time myself yeah did they ever give you track mode mm-hmm okay yeah yeah because the track mode there was a thing there too right we're yeah we're like this is stupid and and like there's zero reason why you shouldn't be allowed to have that all it does is like let go of traction control a little bit so you can get some of that overseer and I got some go like well you can't take it out of the track you know on the performance brakes like stupid people take like bone-stock civics to a track like yeah I mean anyone can go to a track you know I don't know it's just weird that people are like it's like I'm not going to be a if I do take it to dry I'm not gonna be beating up that hard B that might be one time in my entire life that I would consider doing that I'm not gonna buy a car for like the one time I take it to a track you know yeah and once you go really fast and he doesn't want to stop literally so you know there is a thing here if you guys are wondering and I'm gonna try to do this so someone created a bot on Twitter called Tesla change tracker I kind of you know cuz I asked Twitter I'm like I actually want to see this data visualized every model that is currently available and the price changing over time I imagine it looks like a bowl of spaghetti but I'm very actually curious just to see what that looks like so I haven't seen any charts on this but but someone does have a Twitter bot and so I'm gonna probably write it like a little Python script to parse this out and say you know exactly okay there you go price has a model three standard plus previous starting price 39 900 now 38 990 so you know there you go so drop by about a thousand bucks Wow so that's super cool that someone did that and so I'm gonna try to parse that data now my only thoughts on this I mean it sounds like things are good because they're things are getting cheaper generally there's more of a separation between the s and X versus the three which is probably good for people that want to buy those cars to feel like oh I'm getting something markedly you know different or you know above and beyond and I'm paying for it you know but let's not forget when the Tesla owners X or Tesla owners actually blocked a factory entrance in protest over the model three drop which was kind of a funny thing to have in a while ago it was kind of a joke I think these guys weren't super serious this was in Europe so anyways like the the thing the message I would give to Tesla is just there is nothing that will piss people off more than adjusting these prices there there's like nothing you can do that will that will directly hit at the heart of what people care about which is their own money then this so just just stop it like I understand the idea to continually refine it but like imagine if you guys were in a meeting hey I have a you know I found out that we can actually adjust these prices would be a little bit more efficient for X Y & Z like you should have on a white board or something whatever you're having the conversation you know outcomes like good outcomes and bad outcomes like I don't know what the good outcomes here and and this should only be my perspective on product development should only be focused on the customer like good outcome for the customer or bad come for the customer and I have a hard time finding the good outcomes for the customer in these scenarios the good outcome is that there will be more customers potentially yeah but but so you're pissing off the current customers if we weren't talking about this I bet no one would care and no one would complain because they're happy with the car that they bought you know what I mean unless you like constantly checking Tesla's website I had no idea this morning that doesn't change the car that I bought out in the parking lot right now yep maybe I'm I don't know have a different opinion about it but like I don't know I wouldn't have bought it at that price if I wasn't happy with it you know ya know it's a fair but it doesn't bother me too much that somebody else might get a performance model for seven thousand dollars less than what I paid for a non performance model I mean it's kind of a line with what Tim saying there like I mean it doesn't make my car any less I still it's still the car that I enjoy and I also think that they have the benefit and this probably isn't gonna last forever of like the early people that get on board with this are the people that are in it for the mission you know the people that are like on board for you know supporting no matter what that's probably gonna change in the next year or so but I have a theory about this I mean if I may posit it of course posit my theory anyway my theory is that this is basically marketing for them because they don't advertise and a really quick and easy way to get headlines is to change your price hmm yeah I mean we're talking about it we're talking about it I mean um no this isn't about politics or anything about me that I think that's a big reason why you know Trump won and 2016 he just like sucked all the oxygen out of the room and owned every single news cycle he just was every single day saying something that made headlines and I think that's kind of kind of Tesla strategy too like they in a different way but but that's you know like if they if they make a little price change everybody you know it makes some headlines and people talk about it and it just gets their their cars out there in front of people a little bit more right so they don't have to advertise they don't have to do marketing and all that kind of stuff right I think it'd be cool if they offered sort of a like 30 day or 7 day price guarantee we're like hey if it drops by a significant amount within seven days of you purchasing it will give you will give you the difference yeah you know and because like if it fits a thousand bucks like the thirty nine nine to thirty eight nine fine but when it's like seven grand or ten grand or something like that it's like dude that's if I were a lot of performance p1 what you know or yeah it's Model S and they included Ludacris now for free and I had paid twenty three go I would have been yeah I would cancel my order a hundred percent uh-huh it's like a software update yeah okay well I mean that's something they just give you that's that's my point right yeah yeah like like it's when there is a physical difference it makes sense you know way different I thought actually some of the like original maybe this is how it was originally they actually add a different like breakout circuit or whatever on the before on performance versus ludicrous the ludicrous actually had like a higher it's kind of like a fuse but it is it more like a different type of fuse as far as well that might have been true back in the day but from the folks I know at Tesla on the engineering team that I talked I asked this question but with model 3 because when model 3 performance came out my immediate question was okay is there gonna then be a future performance Ludacris version of this or is it just going to be performance and they said it's just performance the way it works is they have different like cabling to you know push more juice to the motor different motor like actual hardware that's different but the there's no difference between what you now consider performance and performance Ludacris from a hardware standpoint that's what okay that's my understanding that may have been the case back in the day like my model X for example it was I think a ten thousand dollar upgrade back then for ludicrous mode but now it's just a software update so yeah yeah yeah it's a thing like I'm just I don't know it seems like like a guaranteed way to mess with people that just that just became customers you know like us we've all had our cars for a year more you know around that time it's like yeah like it's us it's water under the bridge but if you just bought this and it just like I would be scrambling to figure out how to like recoup that so I think a price guarantee or something if they're gonna keep doing this like right like I still don't understand the reasoning behind it well in the near future we'll have full self-driving and then all the cars will be two hundred thousand dollars so we won't have to worry about that anymore do you guys do you want to talk about that have you got do you guys have thoughts on that hey before we talk about that real quick I just want to say one thing this trip is gonna take me over 200,000 or 23 20,000 miles already and I've had the car for 10 months I just wanted to say that my car has 7,000 miles check to the other day just on the lark and you know it's like 7,000 that's yeah I have been but I've been that's I think pretty unusual okay driving yeah let's do it I mean if you guys do you guys are you guys up to it let me find the tweet real here to tweet real tweet real quick real here so maybe we can just kind of some respect we trill here yeah Elon said something about you will one day not be able to by Tesla's anymore because it will not make sense for them to sell cars because of the the money they could make by just having them being in the fleet and that and that the price of auto full self-driving between now and I don't know every six months or something like that is going to continue to go up right so I don't know like all you guys go first what do you think like of Teslin actually not selling cars someday because it just doesn't make sense finance they for him well I think the numbers I mean it is it's all a numbers game you know if it's more valuable to them to have them on the road driving themselves and doing an uber type of thing yeah why would they sell them to a consumer I mean yeah I think that make sense just weird but I just I still think that it's gonna be a very long time before car ownership goes away I think it's a generational thing I think I think it you know at least 20 or 30 years before people adjust to that idea I don't think so I think we're talking 10 years tops before it's pretty normal because of how many people in big cities don't own cars and they just uber and lyft now like that's just their normal thing you know III a lot of friends like people that live in New York I have 10 friends out there that none of them open a car none of them will consider oh no buddy ever has owned the car in New York what but but it's because it's such a dense metropolis area you know has public transit available and now that type of public transit available could be anywhere it could be in Cedar Falls Iowa you know a small town that doesn't have something like that could have a fleet of autonomous cars and people would then be able to reconsider owning a car well it's a percentages thing I mean that there's there's yeah at what point are we gonna reach 50 percent I mean that that might be in the next 10 or 20 years or something like that but I think I think there's just something about owning a car in merica that is not gonna go away anytime soon right you know well it's a culture I think I do think that Tim you like you maybe have a point about it being a regional thing how certain area is like I think both you guys are right to some extent like yeah New York is a no-brainer San Francisco is probably another one you know places like that you know I could see car ownership it's probably already on the decline I haven't seen anything but but yeah in more rural areas or like even LA like forgetting you not owning a car in LA you're nuts like I would love to not own a car in LA but everything is so spread out it's so far that I mean maybe you know they could get away with it because they just flood it with the cars but certainly let's sit let's just like take it from Tesla standpoint if they wanted to do this they they probably can't produce cars fast enough and it wouldn't make sense financially to put them in places with smaller populations where people don't drive as much you know Joe you have you put 7,000 miles on your car like 7,000 miles with them Tesla Network trips isn't gonna add up to a lot of money for them right so it probably makes financial sense better for them just to sell you the car so like yeah maybe in the future like in Elon time you know but well it's gonna be a mixed bag really they might have Tesla Network cars specifically just for the Tesla Network and then some that are available for purchase that have different whatever you know different specs and whatnot yeah well I mean also you know they can sell it to themselves you know at cost obviously and if they can pay it off and I mean there's a lot of money to be made in the rideshare stuff and if they're undercutting other rideshare companies because they can because they develop their own you know that they don't have drivers they develop their own software and hardware and house and all of that you know they could be the cheapest option by several percentages and totally dominate that market like any management is what I looked at be be 80% the price 80% cheaper yeah 80% yeah 80% cheaper that only sounds to me like that why yeah so 80% cheaper would mean like it'd be 1/5 the price they're gonna be 4/5 the price because I hate persimmons and stuff like that yes cheaper be 20% the price which is 1/5 yes yes I'm not sure if that's right though yes someone someone did something an analysis on it and studied what it what it would cost and it was like 80 to 85 percent cheaper if you could remove the driver essentially well right there I mean if they're one of the first ones to actually be doing that significant area seriously and controlling the hardware I mean it's a no-brainer no one would own a car if you could do even though our cross-country road trip in a you know in a driverless car like my road trip if it was like hey you'll get in this car it'll do everything you don't need to drive and it'll be you know cheaper than gas for your own car if you owned a car right and I think everyone would do that right it makes a lot of sense at that point yeah yeah and then why sell a car if they can make money that way yeah III think the the question is on the market adoption it really is what it comes down to because if the time value of money comes into play here because if I could sell you a car for $40,000 now or I would get maybe a hundred thousand dollars but it'll take me 15 years to get it because this cars sitting in Cedar Falls Iowa and not everyone's using it then it's gonna actually make more sense to sell to you now and so I don't think a lot of these things are just blanket they're not binary things right so yeah I think car ownership will last for a long long time but maybe in some areas it'll just be the norm you know of like yeah like who owns owns a car like maybe LA and maybe I'm wrong about that but I just can't imagine you know and what are you gonna do with it that that three hundred thousand dollars for the garage on your house mancave so so I actually I was at VidCon this this last week and actually had some work done on my car so I was without a car for a little bit and doing a lot of uber ring and and you know so yeah you can definitely get along with without having a car obviously thanks to Eber but I got in one guy's car and it was the first time I really really felt unsafe in an uber and I don't he he was a he was a genuinely nice guy and I'm not saying this to be mean or anything but he had some kind of like nervous system condition he was ticking quite a bit and his hand was like shaking the wheel and his foot was like hitting the accelerator and we're going 80 miles an hour down the highway right next to a Mack truck and his doing this and I'm just like Oh I mean did you report it like I mean I mean no I did I mean I didn't wanna be a jerk about it and he got me there and everything was fine maybe he's better driver than I think but it just didn't feel it did not feel good for a while I've been in one where the back suspension like clearly there's a linkage broken or loose because every time like they'd hit like a bumper to go you just see a wheel like rolling so bad I do have that that moment a lot of times when I'm being driven in an uber where it's like this guy doesn't have any special training or anything he doesn't have a special license to do this it's just a dude in his car that may be having a bad day his wife just left him and yeah he's just done you know I don't know you know the funny thing is when you have people get in your car and you're not an uber I've had a couple friends in San Francisco they're like some random person just got and was just like just like walked up and got in my car and it was on their phone like you know just like yeah drive drive it's like hey get out of my car [Laughter] that's funny I did not think that would ever be a thing that here we are all right so last bit on this Elon Street related to this cost of a Tesla full self-driving option increasing by $1,000 on August 16th the cost will increase every few months those who buy it earlier will see the benefits so did you guys buy it was the question I mean we I have it yeah Joe you didn't buy it did you the fault I did not get full self-driving now so and I had a question there this is where you know Tim would get his question answered and I don't is this like the question was is this true for future models essentially so I put my reservation for the model why I chose full self-driving and it does have a price but this was a deposit this isn't an actual order so it's still refundable and all that but imagine if I have to wait you know goes up every few months and it'll be a year before I actually get this thing I'll end up paying times what it what it is now is kind of lame right right so yeah we'll see hopefully they they honor the price that you know is quoted at and all that yeah I'm excited because hopefully later this year they start shipping the full self-driving chips you know because I know that they're putting those in currently manufactured cars but yeah I'm excited for v3 chips because I think those the people that bought it yeah yeah speaking of putting chips in things Joe is there anything else happening here so yeah a thing happened and a lot of people asked me about it we've been hearing about neuro-link for a while it's all mostly been speculation just kind of wide-eyed you know pie-in-the-sky type stuff like what kind of things can we do and we didn't really know exactly what they were working on and now we do they they did a present I'm sorry I'm trying to find the video real quick got too much crap open on my computer there it is yeah hello so they they did a presentation what was this Wednesday night it's not no Tuesday Tuesday yep yeah I'm already losing track and and they talked about some of the details of what their what they're working on and it's pretty interesting stuff so of course they're gonna be starting with working with quadriplegic people who are paralyzed with like you know spinal cord injuries and stuff like that to try to give them the ability to control phones and computers and actually use their phone as an input for their computer devices and whatnot and possibly control robotic arms and that kind of deal and they even talked about eventually even making it so that sort of that training in the brain can actually give them actual mobility back and they're in their hands like that's actually something that you can do with neuroplasticity and everything so of course the headlines today were you on musk wants to put implants in your brain well isn't that's not wrong 10,000 reservations 10 sign up yeah well I could Shermer screen here it's if I was smart in thinking ahead of time I would have like gotten stills from this but I didn't and that's not the right one wait can you see it is the right one yeah we can see that okay so you see the little neuro-link logo yep technology so they talked a little bit about the the background of this sort of technology this has been going on for a long time they've had deep brain stimulation for people with like epilepsy and I think even just cases of depression like severe depression and stuff but those are like literally big huge nails and electrodes that go down deep into your brain that's why it's called deep brain stimulation they also have something called the Utah array which is just a tiny little like size of your pinky nail electrode with like 256 spikes that go down into your brain and connect to the neurons and stuff this is an order of magnitude as he called it bigger than that and more capable because instead of 256 it's like 10,000 of like trolls yeah and they are super super small let me see if I can find a picture of one of the electrodes here they're like smaller than a human hair right it's like yeah much smaller than a human hair and they had all these different people up and I want to say I like that Elon is doing this lately with his presentations he's bringing his team members up there okay so you can see this that that's a human hair on the left for people who are listening obviously you can't see this but it's they've got this little tiny electrode with a loop on the end of it that is between 10 and 40 microns across Wow and they were saying that in order to get down into those nerve cells and actually stimulate them you have to get around 60 microns so they're actually getting down than that and there's like 10,000 of these things that will get implanted all around and they explained a little bit about how the way our neurons work in our brain is they work through something called action potentials so you got your neuron and it's got these little tentacles and tendrils kind of flying out front and see see my hands doing move actually there's probably an image here somewhere where I could pull up it's just gonna take me three hours to find it but anyway the way information travels through these neurons is is across these dendrites and axons and there's little synapses which are gaps in between them and they fire ions across through these things called action potentials so it's kind of like just kind of shooting out these these ions because they're ions are sort of electrically charged you can measure the electrical charge that's coming across there and yeah so basically what they're doing is they're implanting ten thousands of these little threads is what they call them and connecting them to a chip that they call the in one chip and yeah right there you can kind of see it's just a tiny little little hole in your head it's just a little yeah that doesn't look scary well so they talk about what they eventually want this to be as something like LASIK like on the order of just being able to go in and do a day thing and be under local anesthesia and and just be done with it I don't know exactly how they do this in sand getting all those in yeah oh wait yeah ten thousand of them yeah we're gonna focus on the motor cortex at first which is like just one little kind of strip across the top of the head which means that they're not going to throw it all over your brain or anything like that but it is still a little bit bigger than yeah there's a 60 microns measure right there oh okay so here's that's the Utah array and the deep brain stimulation I was just talking about so you can see those are like down like nails going down into the center of the brain it's comic-con right now in San Diego I feel like I've seen some people walking around with this here's the here's the n1 sensor so all these little threads come into this little tiny processor right here and they brought out people to talk about the different elements ever they brought out somebody to talk about the the thread technology and the computer chip technology that they were innovating on all these things and if I can find the image what this does is it actually there's a picture right there like connects to a penny you can see how small this is yeah oh here we go so this is ultimately what it's going to look like you've got this array of electrodes very thin electrodes going into your motor cortex up here and then it goes down to this little implanted device behind your ear kind of like a cochlear implant and then it's got the the connecting device that powers it and lets you connect with a phone it actually charge it or something do you want out you have to charge it yeah I assume so and maybe there's multiple ones you can have one charging and switch them out you know but there's already an app that they worked on and it so it literally will let you control your phone with your with your brain and it'll connect over Bluetooth to a mouse or a keyboard so you can just interact with a computer through your phone and there's actually a training system here on the far right where it'll you have to train your brain how to use this so you actually move the cursor around it's like a game that you play but wait so you can you you can control your phone at this now they haven't like actually implanted this in anybody yet though right not yet they're looking at doing that oh here we go next year first in human clinical study they did say they kind of threw this out at the very end and it was something somebody asked and you could tell they were really uncomfortable talking about it but they have been testing on monkeys I mean it's just you know it's it's horrible but it's something you gotta got to do but it was funny because at one point Eli was like oh yeah there's already a monkey that can control a computer with his brain and one of the other guys was like you're not supposed to say that yet hey boss you know but yeah I mean that's that's where they are right now Wow okay so so to get this to the overview the at first so they're currently developing hardware and the interface so that you can like literally connect your phone directly to your brain and then from there you could either control your phone or control their devices someday like a robotic arm or maybe a wheelchair if you're quadriplegic or whatever and then eventually some of this could be an opt-in procedure so that any person who ever wants it could literally get this because it might be more convenient than trying to use your stupid thumbs to control the phone so there's that yeah I mean he always talks about I actually I love this example that has where you have like in your brain you've got the limbic system which is the deep down like reptilian brain right and then you've got the neocortex around it and that's the higher-level thinking brain and he talks about a digital layer on top of that in the way he explains it and I think this is an interesting way of looking at is that we already kind of have this digital layer it's just we have to communicate to it through our fingers on keyboards and phones and stuff like that this basically gives you like we can just google it right I had a good question and get the answer to it it's not something we have in our brain but we have access to that so he's trying to make it so it is something that's in your brain so I mean again there's they're starting with paraplegics and with with people that need this technology to to you know have a better life and have mobility and that kind of thing which is Noble obviously but but ultimately they do they do want to make it so that like as he said in this presentation like even at the most benign even if we have the most benign AI in the future that's not trying to kill us all it will still fall way behind so this is like a way to sort of keep up with that in the law yeah let me ask so that layer in between so I just watched a video recently with I don't know the guys name the veritasium channel dan yeah yeah what's his name Derek Derek Miller okay yeah so fantastic stuff right he had a thing where he talked about the you know I don't know if it's the limbic system that you mentioned but there were two like his example was phenomenal it was there were like two people in your brain and one was the Quick Reaction version and one was the one that had to think and how basically we don't want to think right are you guys familiar with the bat and ball example the press how the batter's actually have to swing before the pitcher lets go of the ball no no no okay so so we'll do a little thought experiment here too I like to explain this because it gets to my point about what I'm concerned with about nearly if if you go to a store and you buy a bat and a baseball the total for the two items is a dollar ten the baby the bat is exactly one dollar more than the ball how much does the ball cost how much was a total $1 seven cents dollar $10 10 so and a dollar five is the price of the bat and five cents is the price of the ball you got it now most people it's like some like 80% of people that respond to that say it's a dollar and that the ball is ten cents right so what happens is we have these nice round numbers right okay if we've got two items a dollar a dollar ten cool like it's just it's like what happens is it tricks your brain something like eighty five percent of people that respond to this say the ball cost ten cents and it's because we don't want to think we don't want to sit and say wait a minute that's probably not right because there's if it comes in on Twitter because that ain't Twitter and YouTube that's all anyone wants to do is be like hold on this can't be right of the thing messed up your yeah so have emotions so if this if neuro-link can connect directly to like what our thoughts are wanting I'm just I'm just scared of where it's gonna go if the majority of our thoughts are like practically like just instant responses not things that we have to actually manifest right well whole I I think that I know what you're saying but it's in the same way of being like what if you know like okay you're going to be controlling this stuff just like we control our hands and how often are you nervous that you quickly in and by accident flail your arm across the room because your brain reacted too quickly for it or whatever you know like that's not I mean it's my son is misbehaving and before I know it I have my shoe in my hand ready to chuck it I'm like how did my shoe get in my hand but it happened to the force yeah like what no but but my point is is that if there needs to be like like like yeah I would hate if it was so connected that it you're unconscious like immediate thoughts are like executed you know so I think that I'm pretty far down the line to even start talking about that because right now they're just talking about the motor cortex yeah because that's sort of like you know he did make the point in the in the video or in the presentation that that people always say what if your brain was just what you know what if you didn't every body and your brain was just in a vat somewhere and he was like well our brains are just an Evette it's called our skull you know in everything that comes into it everything that goes out of it is done through these action potentials and the neurons and stuff and there's there's different modules of the brain and there's the the motor cortex is what they're focusing on so that you can control things with it so it's like an interface between us and computers and that's I mean that's kind of the scope of it right now I mean I could see further down the line being able to connect directly with somebody else's input and maybe like just translate your thoughts to somebody else you see what if you could see you your brain but not with your eyes oh I think that Oh eventually happen to you know what I mean like yeah yeah it's projecting the image in the part of your brain that the original cortex or whatever that recognizes images but your eyes aren't actually the ones perceiving and like imagine blind people you know no you were your eyes they already have really really really really really basic versions of this we're like they'll be like a grid of like maybe 16 pixels and they're really blurry and they can kind of tell light or dark so that you can kind of recognize that they're about to run into something right like ish that are totally blind yeah and this could of course eventually be that word there's high enough resolution and you could ask Google what's this blah blah and it could be sitting there reading with your eyes like just like um I don't know is that in a mood oh yeah like um doesn't Black Mirror have that type of stuff where people oh this is totally blank mirror yeah this is totally Bob are you guys concerned at all about how little we know about how the brain works and well so that's a that's actually part of this as well is that is that by putting 10000 electrodes down there and reading all these action potentials and stuff like that's it's it's a learning thing too like you're we're gonna learn a lot more about how how the brain goes and I think everybody's brain is different so it's it's it's sort of like luckily we do have this neuroplasticity so like once it's in there you know the the neurons can kind of rearrange themselves to sort of incorporate this and use it better and better as you go on over time it's just like practice it's just like some kind of you know practice makes perfect yeah yeah dang I mean why don't they just like put neurons and everyone's brain or something you know it was a low low price of so yeah great I'm excited for that stuff but I should we should we move on to this week's why don't they just hmm sure since you were clearly trying to tease that out there try today's why don't they just comes from our discord channel and if you want like we're gonna probably pull from these pretty often just as a perk to our to our patreon supporters and our discord members so if you do have some good wedding just and you want to kind of have first dibs we did make it now so anyone in our discord channel can do the why don't they just channel and this one comes from Tom vase our and Tom vase our is from the UK and this will become quite obvious when you read this or maybe not that you came up from Europe so here we go Tom Tom vase are says why don't they just create a state / combi / were in America would call this a station wagon or a wagon version of the model 3 and s instead of making SUVs but it would be much cheaper to make model 3 estate instead of model y OU tom says he's from the czech republic by the way so there we go Europe thanks Tom is the market really that small at least in Europe the the vast majority of company fully cars are estates so win it so they would love those and I mean it wouldn't look that bad and Tom already did a pretty decent mock-up here it's actually surprisingly decent mock-up using what looks like maybe paint or something right but is pretty good so if you're just listening to this basically imagine a I'm not like an Audi what's the Audi station wagon little thing like that the small tron know each other kind of looks like that why I always wanted one of these what are they called a3 like a3 wagon Quattro yeah I'm it looks like that you know a nice a nice little hatchback e-sport back there not sport bike but hatchback / like small wagon version of a model 3 and s why don't they just do that guys I [Laughter] imagine everything for them right now is just like keeping things simple so they can just like get the production numbers up and in keeping the wine as as simple as possible and I guess that's just another stamping machine they would need to like to like make all the different parts and stuff I mean yeah I think I mean the model why it looks well for one I think probably wouldn't look as good but the model why I kind of feel like is this you know what I mean or that's the same idea anyways and I don't know like it I don't know what you'd gain from the maybe more more head room in the back or something like that but essentially you know the model the model why is the model 3 hatchback with the power liftgate which is like the perfect car so now I'm so good I do crossovers are just more popular than then station wagons right now oh yeah by like a couple orders of magnitude I think that's the exact answer right there I mean at least in the in the US market which is clearly it's still the the biggest market for Tesla just as era station wagons do not sell here like almost at all station wagons and normally even hatchbacks are just such a small percentage I love them I've always I've had two or three you know wagons like that and I just think they're awesome practical cars they make a ton of sense but out of Americans we want like SUVs and crossovers for some reason I personally would love that I would think that'd be super super cool but I just don't think that's what would do that because they're trying to appeal mostly family the only company I can think of that really has leaned into that aesthetic is maybe Subaru and Volvo yeah are big into the SUV or the I mean the station wagons like that yeah but in when you go to Europe and that's by far the majority you don't hardly see any sedans you know you they're very very rare it's it's almost the exact opposite and I I don't care for the small SUV market you know and Tom army tom is saying in our discord that he he thinks it'd be easier to make than the why yes but it wouldn't sell as much I think the why is going to be by far their biggest market share is I don't know if it would be easier to make though I mean maybe like in if you could step back in say let's make this one or the other one but considering like when I rode in the model y yeah you could have you could have tricked me into thinking it was a model three it was identical in like almost everyone the only thing that was different was the the roof panel was a full glass panel so they didn't have that cross beam and then when we didn't even get to see the trunk but like the it was a more it was a hatchback essentially was the only difference so like from a manufacturing standpoint everything like they could probably combine the model 3 and model y on the same line at Fremont if they wanted to because it's that much similar like like you could make you know 90% the same and then just like it diverges or what a deal on say it like 77% the same or something and then it just diverges at the end so I don't know if that like I would be surprised if that would be true if it would actually be easier to make a different version of it than what they have the already planned but you know yeah fair point I think that model of car probably would do well in certain markets but yeah here and it's not big like even you know like if you compare the model Y to the Model X the Model X is like significantly larger than the model y the model y is like slightly bigger than the model 3 based on my own ice cream I gonna fit seven seeds in that no that's do that is a joke you can seven seats don't fit in the Model X and I have one and I can tell you like those back two seats no chance I mean maybe a kid that got in kids kids not in car seats right because car seats are massive so it's just not everybody squirrel size seats we're like corn holders maybe put those in the backseat or like the roadster you know how that's a four-seater right sure plus two feeding for children without anything like below-knee amputees basically yeah if you want your knees in your face the entire drive yeah all my friends are you know horse jockeys and so we're all good like we hang you know they just fit back there no problem they're like four foot seven yeah I think I think ultimately we just need to get Simone Garrett's on this you can have her have her make that yeah by the way I think you pronounce her last I mean yes I've heard her say gear well Tim I've heard her say yes I remember well let's for the next week we're gonna have a we're gonna find clips of her saying her name you know she's if she if she wanted people to pronounce it correctly she should just have a more simple name it's just she's Swedish or Swiss Swedish Swedish okay right yep yep sweet just like the fish famously it's Josh yeah yeah I was trying to find it find the US auto sales by type but last time I looked at it yeah I think you were right the crossover SUV segment was something like like 60% of all sales or something it was like just like just stupid big like I think you know again is point one percent I don't think the wagon shows up as its own category I think that's just considered a sedan so I don't think the it's broken out loud like you know and I'll put a caveat here that a lot of people like to come up with their own weird stats out there when I say these things I'm talking about like the official numbers put out by like NHTSA people like that so I don't I've never seen a category four wagon maybe I want to see is a model three turned into a station wagon with a giant wood panel across the side that's what that's what the world wants right now alright here we go according to rodent track the number of wagons in the u.s. dropped from 2013 to 2018 from 1.9 percent of total sales in the US to 1.4 percent and then since then wagons have gone up 29% from that so we're back up to like what you know 1.67 so it's not a park or just not a popular market in the US and that's their biggest market so that's why don't they just make a wagon version of the three instead of a crossover SUV that's the that's the two biggest differences between the US and Europe is station wagons in the metric system yes that's that's it that's it that's the only yeah yep not anything else I mean if that were to happen the the sales would like blow up or something though in Europe so man things blowing up that is huh yeah speaking of things that blow up our segways that felt so good and let's let's let's let's Segway this nothing blew up yes explain what happened because there's there's conflicting reports out there yeah yeah so I'm down here and I'm actually on South Padre Island and which is by crows fly about five miles from sorry that's eight kilometers from from starship slash start actually from star hopper and remember star hopper is the testbed it's basically literally just like a set of tanks inside one cylinder with some landing legs and now a rocket engine just kind of tacked on to the bottom of it in the end this is at the very southern tip of Texas in the United States this is learning how to hover and and control the Raptor engine and this was me from about 1.5 miles or 2.5 kilometres away from a secret location and these they were doing a static fire test which is where they hold the vehicle down and they light the engines and yeah it was really hard to tell if it was still standing after static fire and we're sitting there literally going is this still standing is it still standing but there was a small fire that you can see after the the ignition and so this is a also if you're if you were listening sorry you definitely did go on youtube and look up just search I don't know I already astronaut star hopper and you'll find I was able to record this at 4k 120 frames a second so 4 times Lomo and and I'm shooting at basically 1200 millimeter equivalent lens so it's actually a quite decent footage and so this was normal this was this went well this is what we were expecting to see was about a five-second ignition of the Raptor engine and then it cut off and then afterwards you can see there's a small fire was basically at the base of the rocket near the engine and that's the part that you know that that's pretty normal even when a falcon 9 or falcon heavy core lands you see some they're still fired just kind of shooting out you know it's not that big a deal but the only problem is that fire remained for four minutes so for full four full minutes after the successful static fire there was a substantial amount of actual fire so here we're probably coming up on so you can see if you're watching this now you can see that there's still like a fire at the bottom go ahead and fast-forward a little bit until you get to the the next part so about four minutes okay there you go oh here it is yeah so this was four minutes later all of a sudden this happened and a huge what we're seeing is a huge huge huge flame goes up the side of the from the base of the vehicle up the side of the vehicle and it's totally engulfed in flames just under so that was there was four minutes after the test four minutes after the town oh I didn't see this okay and from what people were thinking I mean you hear it's go oh god oh god and then here you can see it in slow motion and so much oh look it I mean this looked bad really really bad so for I mean we don't really know what happened and I we do need to point out this is like a Hollywood style fireball though it's not energetic we couldn't hear this we didn't hear any of this hmm I thought like for sure we're gonna go Oh God but um but there's not a lot of energy behind that so that most likely is something like you know a fuel line ruptured or a fuel line you know burnt through or something or the quick disconnect on the something right I don't know what it was exactly and we still don't know the important thing is is that the Rockets still standing you know that's the Rockets still there and the Raptor engine from what we can tell is still in intact so what most likely happened is it burnt some things more than they wanted to so they I'm sure they're going to have to replace some things but yeah anyone God immediately if you look at the comments on this video it's just like full of people telling you what went wrong and guys you don't know oh they know they know they know it's it can be again it's one of those things where you need to remember that there's literally teams of people that are working in the same hours right now on this vehicle and on this program and when people are sitting there armchair you know from their houses you know like in their underwear at torito's on their shirt it's going like well clearly they use too much of this it's like god no you don't know like you don't know welcome our new sponsor torito's so yeah who knows it's not gonna be that big of a delay like this isn't like a program end or anything as a matter of fact sounds like they're trying to find sources on some of the parts that did get charred and burnt and melted and it looks like maybe within a week or two i'm total southern estimate it did not hop it did not hop to get clear yep it's right it didn't try to hop yet it was genetic test and then the plan was assuming the static test went well the next day they would have attempted the hop good but the the fire and the fireball created some delays that that burned through some things horrible things I mean I mean honestly like people just need to put this in context that this isn't like a huge deal I mean yes it sucks like yeah it's not good it wasn't intended to happen but but it also wasn't like catastrophic this was not an explosion this is an explosion is energetic this is not exploded this was a flammable event you know so it's sorry I didn't mean interrupted but do you think that they achieved their goal with this in terms of like doing a static fire was it a successful static fire in the sense that it fired yes from everything I've heard reports are the static fire itself the actual test was successful yeah okay then it had unintended like consequences afterwards that are causing some delay yeah and that's the way to look at it and people need to go you call that a success like yes they tested the engine is still the most the way I described it on Twitter was they are extracting more energy out of like literally the theoretical maximum amount of energy of oxygen and methane like that's how you have to think about this is like this is a science experiment where they're literally just trying to get as much energy out of those two molecules as physically possible you know they are at the cusp of that so oh no a little bit of a fireball happened you know like not a I don't know could this be another thing about changing the price where it's a media strategy they wanted more people to talk about it so they have four minutes later they're like nobody's gonna talk about this hit the fireball button this one we're just a pyrotechnic that just look cool yeah yeah it's like Cremora bomb or whatever it's called we had what it is is there's somebody out there got a shot well this isn't possible it was at the neuro-link thing but I was gonna say like a shot of Elon just like walking away from it in slow motion walking with a fireball in the background that movie with a Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga the recent one stars yeah weird like they filmed those shots of them playing music together at Coachella but the mics were off so like people couldn't hear them and you know they kind of didn't look like them normal stuff so you didn't know what was going on so yeah yeah so what if it's like that like like they just they just had this setup already like there was a movie crew on set just be like oh yeah like and since we're here we may as well you know utilize it's for the next Fast and Furious movie they just got a shot from yeah that's pretty much exactly what I think happened clearly but yeah it's just one that you know we're at this place that we're hopefully we're finally going to see this thing hop and that will be freaking awesome when it does yeah I hope that it's within I don't know what to do though because I'm not gonna stay down here for two weeks which by the way I definitely need to think the people at enjoy SPI calm so that's enjoy South Padre Island help me find like a hotel and hook me up with like food stuff so amazing there's like a really nice Hilton down here with super with Tesla Chargers and everything so yeah I did I'm not getting paid to say that but they've made this a lot easier for me they're like here here's a charging station and everything in here they gave me like food vouchers and stuff should I take some photos take some photos and stuff and we could do a Tesla travel guide for South Padre Island yeah South Padre Island is very easy for for Tesla but getting from here without this because it's 40 or 50 miles to star hopper from here because you have to go all the way around like the sound and there's no supercharger in Brownsville so me leaving here at 100% even sitting out and leaving climate control on literally all day I still got back with like 40% so it's amazing so I literally couldn't so it is possible now quite easily with a Tesla to do it if you're staying at a hotel that has a destination charger so again it and by the way South Padre Island I think you know it used to be like a huge huge like party like Spring Break city and I think people always think of it as like a spring bake college town it's actually pretty family oriented and like really quite inexpensive compared to some other beach destinations how would you compare it to Cocoa Beach that's my only reference point I think it's I think it's a little nicer yeah like quite a bit nicer actually I hop or waffle there's actually a decent amount of like little restaurants instead don't don't wanna offend Joe I know waffle house is near dear to a sorry I think I am a fan of both any breakfast food is good food to me I'm sure there's both out here oh so some more of the story is if you want to try to catch because here's the deal remember this is just the first hop hopefully this soon this will be the first hop of star oh and we've also mentioned they did a static fire of a raptor engine about two months ago as well and that was I think serial number three Raptor engine serial number four had some problems so yeah number five had some problems on the test and this is serial number six Raptor engine and they needed they still need a static fire any new engine that goes the vehicle to make sure that all the systems are working so that's exactly what this was was a static fire and then once this is successful they will try to go on with the hop which again the hop is intended to be about 20 meters up and probably translating a little bit over so it doesn't land back on it has like as fuel connects now so I think they don't want it to land anywhere near those fuel connection points so I think they're going to try to fly it away from there a little bit most likely about 20 meters over and though that flight should last like between 20 and 30 seconds probably it's not gonna be very long of a hop and that should be by my estimate with I would say within a month it would be a good estimate and I'm debating whether or not to try to come down here again for that cuz it's she's getting a heart rate down there yeah I would love to I would actually love to hang out we've got friends that teach surf lessons down here and stuff they're gonna take me surfing today oh yeah so that's gonna be super so maybe I will just like maybe I'll just move here and just become a surfer professional surfer what kind of waves are down there because it's in the Gulf of Mexico right it is in the Gulf but it's surprising I think it's just like in a big part they get pretty big waves believe it or not and the so I will find out I'll report back I'm gonna go you know hang out with my friends at the the South Padre surf company and I'll let you know if it's if it's better than when I served with you Ben and went through the tumble dryer yeah well I'm looking now actually and Surfline hey two to three feet I'm in I mean it's reasonable right I think it seems like a decent place like if you're not very good like me yeah like you're just in that part of the world like I'd have to see it on a map to see how open it is but generally you're not gonna get hardly any waves over there but to three feet I mean when we were in Cocoa Beach like 1 to 2 feet was a big day and everyone's like let's go surf and I'm like seriously yeah ok Tuesday Diego Boyle flexing over his wave sighs no and and I mean I guess we yeah we do have pretty consistently larger waves than that but waves here aren't like I just learned that Puerto Rico has some of the best massive waves in the whole world and I was like really it's in the Caribbean right and they're like not really like part of its facing the Atlantic or whatever just where the current goes like just insane I'm like do it man yeah so I'll report back if I survive sounds good and if not hey it was it was good while it lasted you know poor thing anyways yeah even let them I'll let that report back South Padre just upload your new link first and then oh I hope well if we're kind of wrapping up that topic there's something I wanted to get in real quick and meaning do this for a while but we put so much effort into like this as a YouTube thing and as a video component of this whole thing but there is obviously the the regular audio podcast and every once in a while I actually go into iTunes and look and see what kind of reviews we've gotten we've got some really great reviews we it's rate reviews we have really great reviews and I wanted to kind of shot these guys out and say thank you for that and and obviously for anybody who wants to go give us a review please do it didn't have to be a good one but we prefer that but no right now it says we have an average rating of 5 stars 139 ratings 134 of which are 5 stars holy cow guys I know I saw these real quick so there's there's W Myers 96 from July 15 says love these guys they keep it interesting and fun most importantly they make some very technical concepts easier to understand which is technically my whole thing but all Pegasus 11 from June 27th says you guys are great I was a subscriber at all three of you guys before you join forces join forces for the good of mankind that's literally what it says you guys really do make it easy for the average person to keep up with and become inspired by some of the coolest stuff by some of the coolest and most inspiring companies and there's a little bit more from that but I'll just kind of leave it there one more I could do real quick Eric 5002 says this is probably my favorite podcast currently I can't get enough layman's talk about the incredible advancements going on right now thank you guys very much and keep it up that's all just really nice stuff you guys are saying I thank you for this really great yeah that's amazing yeah I think that people forget that this is like also a podcast for because the our YouTube watch and stuff is I think a lot higher audience than our podcast but yeah there's there's so many reasons why – but yeah that's right well and the thing is like on YouTube people can comment and they can kind of join in a conversation stuff like that not really something that you can do on the podcast side so these reviews are really the only feedback we get on the podcast side yeah so that's why I wanted to kind of call these out they're a lot more graham and precious yeah yeah seriously thank you guys thank you um we should also maybe someday consider like I know my friends at the orbital mechanics podcast do correction burns when there's like something they just totally you know whiffed on one week or you know because we talked pretty candidly about things we're not sitting at these the topics were talking about are very just like reactionary and we're just kind of winging it on a lot of things as opposed like when we do like an in-depth topic where we might have to do research and stuff and actually have hard numbers but yeah we we maybe should consider doing that maybe our our discord members one I hope keep track of that stuff for us a little back checking for us you know and remind us of things that we messed up on and maybe someday when we get something wrong maybe that'll happen someday maybe maybe really intentional yeah we could call it like the not so ludicrous second segment you know right chill mode crash crash test three murder action yeah we'll figure it out well we'll get a good brain so what Tim are you shooting any other videos while you're down there I started an intro because I'm gonna be talking about how Rockets throttle some day like how they are able to throttle and control the thrust output of a rocket engine so I did a little stand-up intro in front of the hopper for that but I'm still trying to finish up today actually I'm trying to finish my Apollo Lunar Lander ladder video in our Lander ladder video so that hopefully I'm trying to drop that on Friday the day before the lunar landing as I say how many more days do you have it's coming out Saturday is the actual anniversary so I'm hoping to have that video up before the weekend to hopefully gain a little bit of traction to flex it there's a really fun topic I mean that is a massive step it's missing two full rungs it's it's 90 centimeters off the ground it is so weird that they didn't just put more rungs I have a well I don't know if you need it but I was actually at the space the Air and Space Museum here in San Diego yesterday was my son's birthday and that's where I wanted to go and so we they have a life-size yeah they have a life-size thing of Neil Armstrong and the lander and yes sure not sure enough the ladder was like not complete they do I was asking people about if there's a mock-up anywhere and no one said there was one in in California I would have gone and filmed oh yes I have a photo of it let me know if you want to I think it said Ben's like oh my god I just stumbled on it it was just there it was so easy oh you can't because my photo focus Wow there it is it did look a little short like I don't know how tall Neil Armstrong is but I was like like significantly taller than he was he might have been like 5 foot 5 in this thing maybe it's a good 90% scale or something yeah yeah but I mean it's flown there my son almost jumped over so they have like the sand you know it's like grace hand or whatever they had for that for the footsteps footprints and there was a bug in there like a little like roly-poly and he's like oh like he's like trying to jump over like just like on the moon because they have the Apollo 9 capsule capsule yeah yep and then and then there was a big diagram of how rocket engines work I'm like oh it's like Tim's video that's where that came from okay yeah yeah it's awesome what are you guys working on this week well Joe you're changing gears aren't you yeah yeah I you know VidCon kind of threw me off and I was already way behind I'm not by the way say what did you have like a booth or what do you do at VidCon I don't know any had people asking good to me but I don't even know what it is I didn't have a meet-and-greet I did get cut I got recognized one time and if this guy is listening I am so sorry because I was literally I was walking out of the Convention Center and my wife had just called me like she's like I just answered the phone and then this guy's like hey I like your show and I'm like oh god I got it I'm sorry my cut my wife just I'm sorry you know and I walked away and I was like that's the one guy that recognized me the entire time but now it's it's uh how to describe VidCon there you go what is it it's a it's a convention for its a YouTube convention it's um there's a community side to it which is mostly like you know really young kids and there's a lot of booths and stuff like that and I actually do know some people that ran booths and sold merch there and stuff like that but so there's that and a lot of like stages and performances and games and all that kind of stuff and then there's a creator level and there's all kinds of seminars and panel discussions and some really big youtubers go in there and answer questions and do that a lot of it is you know how to build a YouTube channel how to do this how to use other platforms it's you know it's it's a learning thing and then there's an industry level to it that is the networks and broadcast and you know big players running companies you know doing video content in the last time that I when I got the industry pass so I didn't get the industry pass this time and I really didn't spend a whole lot of time at the convention it turns out like I I found out there's a layer there's always an extra layer above where you were at the convention and this year I discovered the the next up layer is not going yeah kids parties and stuff exactly like all these all these companies and and networks and and whatnot they they they get Airbnb s like around the convention center and just hang out there they don't actually even cover the convention so I got to hang out with two buddy at their house Nick nimman and those guys I the group that I'm with I'm sorry I'm kind of rambling a little bit now you shouldn't have asked me but I want to know the the group that I'm with that like sets up my sponsorships and everything they're called standard broadcast there's a lot of educational youtubers that are a part of it kurz Gas Act is one of the founders CGP grey as one of the founders I got to meet both of them which was amazing I got to meet Brian from real engineering we got to hang out a little bit amongst others but they had a house and people were just hanging out and they had a barbecue and I went and hung out and got to meet these guys and that was really cool I got to meet some really big youtubers I've been following for years and you take a photo of CGP grey post it no no and that was the thing like I wanted to get like video or something but nobody else was getting any video and I was like okay my phone away you know I don't get to meet CGP grey in hearing that guy's voice coming out of a face was the weirdest thing like he sounds exactly like he does on his channel and he was like hey I'm great I'm like oh my god that's like two weeks ago ya know you can always tell people who are there for the first time they've got the thousand-yard stare it's just so overwhelming but you know it's kind of worth going to and I've met a lot of really great people there so yeah I'll consider going some here maybe know about it well I've always had like one foot in the the YouTube optimization side like I used to do that for a living you know so I kind of know a lot of those guys too and then you went to the YouTube Nextup or something a while ago yeah that was 2016 that's almost three years ago yeah yeah so yeah I've only I went to VidCon once I did not get the industry track I should have and I wasn't nearly cool enough to be invited to any party so it was whatever basically me walking around with like teenagers asked me to buy um alcohol was kind of know I felt like hey well and if you have that demographic as your as your audience then that's a great place to go like you meet hundreds of fans and stuff and there's there's a couple of people that I went to the next up program with the last time that I went that that is their audience there they've got kind of animation channels and they just literally walk on Twitter like we're gonna meet outside at the play bud and come see us and it was like swarmed with these kids that were coming around they were signing autographs and getting pictures and I was like friends with these guys and I was like all happy for him I'm standing there and I got my camera and I look around it's like me and a bunch of kids with my camera and I'm like okay alright well it's funny what the the funnest thing I did there when I went a couple years ago was to try to create that to be like yo yo Logan Paul's over there oh my god he's right over there just like shouting just cuz every now and then you'll see that just yeah yeah hey you're just hanging out all sudden you just hear like like you know five thousand people just rule yeah it's like the Beatles or something I'm not going there no me not to go there we don't have to be part of that you can be don't go to the thing go to around the thing yeah yeah yeah you are changing your video yeah yeah since I was already behind and then the neuro-link thing happened I got a whole bunch of requests for it so I'm like ah I might as well just do that so yeah long answer to that question yeah I like it I wanted to know about it so now I know what about you Ben I'm tired man I'm just I'm tired the face app is getting to me it's sinking in I love it that's all the internet is this week it's just comes AB I'm feeling like I look in that app and I don't know anybody my on Facebook was like I did the old man face app thing and now I look in the mirror and that's all I can see I had a friend keep applying that to like photo until they just like oh it looks like a skeleton I don't like bubbles yes dear bird I can't even think of what it looks like there's like this gloopy thing from so oh you know if you ever seen that weird sad fish thing that like those laws of the ocean what is it the blobfish blob fish it looks just like that like money it turns people into blob fish yeah that's exactly what it looks like so if we keep applying protip keep applying whatever the face app to your face and you'll turn into blob fish yeah for those this there it is yeah especially like not these things yeah there we go that's the perfect that's what you'll turn into basically Wow sad face it's such a weird thing so Ben besides probably now devoting the rest of your life to blob fish what are you what are you doing I think you need to make a video in a Tesla it doesn't really look that in the water can blob fish Drive a Tesla that's Ben's now ya know I've got a video so earnings calls next week so partnering with clean Technica they have this whole thing going on we're gonna be live-streaming it on YouTube which they Tesla doesn't post it on YouTube so you can watch it there and they have their whole like a team of journalists or whatever that are going to be updating it in real time as people ask questions so when someone comes on to ask a question you know their price target for Tesla stalks you and then if their bull or bear they'll type out the question they'll type out Ilan's answer so we've got this whole bit going on I just basically get to hit go and then you know take a nap so I'm pretty stoked on that and then so I'll probably post a recap video that plugging it into kind of my dashboards and stuff like that and so you know doing that and then I have a video on that thing that you can plug to regular wall outlets into this thing and then plug your car into that to double the charging speed so actually Joe I thought about you and I was doing the video like yeah when you're out at your dad's place in Texas and you know it's just slow charging you could literally just plug this into two outlets and you're getting I think I was getting seven miles of range per hour in my Model X you'd probably get maybe 10 the model 3 per hour so overnight you know get a hundred miles of range back likes better than 5 hey you know what I mean like it's yeah and that I think the thing cost 180 bucks so even for people that like live in apartments or places where they can't install one of these like a high power charging I'll I think it's a pretty cool thing so I did a review of that posting that the following week and then after that I don't know man I seriously my house is a wreck pregnant wife like just just the world is closing in on me I'm just like ready to slow down for a little bit so yeah I hear ya dang yeah should we try to wrap this up with with a friendly reminder again that now we do have our patreon stuff and I think our outro talks about that but we made it so that our Ludacris members can listen to this show live so we actually have hi guys we have people actually currently listening to us record so if you want to do that you think that's fun and add a little bit of spice into the channel more than welcome to that and that was earlier when you were asking the question and he said he was from the Czech Republic mm-hmm that's how he was able to respond in real time that's really yeah yeah so if you guys want to join that I go to patreon.com/scishow and that helps support us and hopefully helps us make better and better videos and better products in the long run we're trying to slowly integrate more and more cool new features and fun things and we can only do that because of you guys so yeah thank you for that and I hope you know yeah so maybe we'll see you guys and our future discord channel simply didn't do hey thanks so much for watching and or listening to the our Ludacris future we really enjoyed doing this so if you liked this show we invite you to please go and give us a nice 5-star review on iTunes or your podcast listener thing of choice and if you really love what we do we do have a patreon set up now where you can go and donate whatever you can donate and there's little perks that you can get from that including getting your name in the credits amongst other things access to us is pretty cool so thanks again for listening and support however you can and we do appreciate it very much thanks

27 thoughts on “Ep 43 – Elon's brain computers, Tesla updates pricing again, and StarHoppers static fire

  1. About the Tesla price changes… I think Ben has the solution with his "price guarantee" idea, though I would also add a 50% rebate if the price change is 30~60 days out, and 25% from 60 to 90 days.

    On the question of whether or not to even sell cars in a FSD universe… the key factor is the robo-taxi NETWORK. They simply split the robo-taxi earnings with the car owner at a rate that makes an attractive deal for both sides, and let the owner decide when or whether to participate. This rate could be adjusted for regional variations, like population density, so people in Iowa (where the ride-sharing market is still in its infancy) could still buy a Tesla, even if they don't have a lot of opportunity to participate in the robo-taxi network.

    The FSD capability is ultimately a software solution, so apart from the hardware its marginal cost is negligible. As long as they can keep car owners from using Teslas in competing robo-taxi fleets, there's no need to spike the price out of reach for the general public… especially if your goal is to accelerate the advent of electrified transportation.

  2. Why don't they just…. morph all of your faces into one? Maybe it's been done already, in which case I instead wish for a OLF version of the three-headed giant from Monty Python's The Holy Grail.

  3. "It's in the Gulf of Mexico right?" Wow that guy is dumbbbbb…. Ben has said a lot of dumb stuff but that takes the cake. Plus another idiot that doesn't know the waves in the Gulf of Mexico can be surfed on…

  4. 52:55 Tim's right, I would also rather say "yairts" for Simone's last name. I think the reason for her having dual pronunciations, is that English speaking people often would have a hard time making the connection between the spoken and the written name otherwise. I do the same, sometimes; i e pronounce my name wrong, so that an English speaker will have less trouble getting how it's spelled… "vuss-keh" vs "vass-key" for me. Oh and we don't even really HAVE those "Swedish Fish" IN Sweden… We DO have a variety of actual fish called 'fjärsing' (at least in some parts of Sweden), and that's amazingly enough actually pronounced pretty much like Joe's attempt to say 'fish' in Swëdïsh, but with an added '-ing'.

  5. I think when FSD hits the market, Uber is gonna go away. They’re 100% venture funded and guess what these investors will do with their money….

  6. Why not make a station wagon? Because they are worse than crossover. A station wagon is a crossover with a smaller roof in the back, which is just stupid. You can't carry bigger things if the roof doesn't get bigger, you can only carry longer at that point., but if it is a crossover/suv you can carry bigger and longer.

  7. If you take into consideration the tax credits received then early buyers of Model 3 didn’t really pay more for their cars. I bought my Model 3 in December of 2018 so I could get the 7500 tax credit. I paid 60,700 for my long range dual motor with full self driving plus an 19” wheels. So my cost after the tax credit was 53,200. My same car with the new pricing is 56,240. I don’t actually think too many people will get that upset about the price changes as long as they remember that they got higher incentives for being earlier adopters.

  8. It seems like there was cryogenic fuel was on the ground burning. When water guns hit the fuel causing rapid vaporisation and large flame.

  9. About Tesla price changes. Didn't the earlier buyers have a bigger tax break than the current or later Tesla owners?

  10. Tesla have to change the pricing and models soo much because they are trying to manage how fast the car is developing and manage customers expectations of value, they are also trying to sandbag because they know what tech is coming.. So they are doing it perfectly.. The game is to make the customer feel they are getting a bargain at that time.. and they have no regret in waiting..

  11. Seems silly to talk about making station wagons and Tesla without covering the aerodynamic efficiency. Elon and Tesla have talked about this.

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