Error Codes 761 & 762 | AT&T DIRECTV

If you see code 761 or code 762, it simply means that the
access card in your receiver may not be inserted properly, or the receiver is
having trouble reading it. But don’t worry, the solution is
usually quick and easy. Here, you’ll learn how to
troubleshoot code 761 or 762, whether you saw it during
a live or recorded program. If the code appeared while you are watching a
program recorded on your DVR, press “EXIT” on your remote
control to stop playback. Next, tune to the channel where you originally
recorded the program. If the code does not appear
now, then most likely a temporary
error occurred during recording and is no longer an issue. If code 761 or 762 does appear
on this or any live channel, there are two
potential solutions. First, locate the door
to the access card, which is either on the front
or right side of your receiver. Code 761 means the access card may not be seated all
the way in the slot. Code 762 means the access card may be inserted upside
down or backward. Make sure the chip is facedown
with the logo on top, then reinsert it. The card needs to be seated
all the way in the slot to be read properly
by the receiver. Now, check to see if the code
is still on the screen. If not, then you’re ready
to get back to watching DIRECTV. If 761 or 762 has returned, then you’ll need to
reset your receiver. First open the panel and
remove your access card. Then, simply unplug the cord
from the electrical outlet. Wait 15 seconds;
then plug it back in. Once your receiver has rebooted, you’re ready to reinsert the
access card into the receiver, making sure it’s all
the way in the slot, and then get back to
watching television. If code 761 or 762 persists, please call 1.800.531.5000. Mention the code you saw
and the steps you’ve taken, and we’ll get you back
to enjoying your DIRECTV as fast as possible.

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