Esther and Puppet Esther Explain Cake Web Browser

Oh, hey! I’m just surfing the web with Cake. What’s Cake? It’s a next-generation mobile browser, like Safari or Chrome, but way better. Designed for how we actually use our phones. It totally makes sense, right? Cake isn’t like those desktop browsers that are watered down and then crammed onto your phone. No more back and forth, back and forth, between your search results and web sites. With Cake, you just swipe. It pre-loads your search results to get through them even faster. That’s cool. And with 5G speeds, it’s even more amazing. No other mobile browser does this! It’s almost like Cake can see into the future. Maybe think about accounting or something? Cake is serious about my privacy. With built-in ad blocking, enhanced encryption, and completely anonymous search I don’t have to worry about my data getting into the wrong hands. Unlike other browsers, Cake protects my identity by never even asking for my name or email. Cake also blocks those annoying ads, pop-ups and trackers getting me to the content that matters and making pages load even faster… which I love — so I can browse the web stress-free… unlike this guy. It’s for you. It’s decaf, yes. I can also personalize Cake for my life. I can follow the sites I actually care about, turn on settings like dark mode, and even customize the Cake app icon on my home screen. Cake makes navigating the web super simple and really fun. With Group Search, I can easily toggle through different types of search results like webpages, videos, images or even shopping. I can find more of what I’m looking for in less time. Like, I don’t know, maybe a custom Little Esther puppet… which I happened to order with Cake a few days ago. This is for you… PUPPET: future accountant! Cake is unlike any other browser you’ve ever seen. And when you find things this fast… PUPPET: You’ll never see the world the same way again. You’re really pretty. PUPPET: No, you are. ESTHER: [Laughing] Stop. PUPPET: That lip color looks good on you. Thank you so much.

15 thoughts on “Esther and Puppet Esther Explain Cake Web Browser

  1. i think this was the first ad i watched till the very end on youtube – and also downloaded the app. will come back with feedback.

  2. Good thing he listened, he went on to major in finance and went crazy rich with the Robin Hood app here’s the sequel

  3. One of the few adverts that I actually didn't skip when it appeared midway while watching a video. Had to find the actual video and drop a comment. Downloaded the app as well. Very creative concept

  4. Hi friends, this is my experience with cake. At first I disliked the style of the Ad, but after seeing it again I decided to hear it out. It's a pretty cool concept, since most of us usually search something up and like to view different perspectives or infos on stuff in regards to the question we asked.

    I've been using it for about a week now, being someone who asks Google 80 questions a day, and I have to admit it's pretty convenient. I've tried Chrome, Samsung, Foxfire, but none of them felt as unique to the user as much as this app has. Not only can I go through search results faster, I give a lot more attention to the results that are tucked at the very bottom. I get to group multiple search engines, helping me be less biased in one search engine's critiquing , and I can customize my home page (hide or include) .

    But I should also mention the things I think are lacking. For instance, if the url search bar was on the bottom rather than the top since its purpose serves for mobile users who have to stretch to the top of the screen. There's also making the collections and favorites more accessible from the 'more options' tab instead of having to open or go to the home tab.

    Then again, it's new, so I'm sure in due time there'll be more options with enough feedback and users.

    With how much the mobile experience is evolving, I do encourage everyone to try different browsers till you find something that you like, and enhances your experience.

    Happy browsing 😀

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