Ethan Brosh ANCIENT LAND Official Music Video (ISP Theta Preamp)

39 thoughts on “Ethan Brosh ANCIENT LAND Official Music Video (ISP Theta Preamp)

  1. Ethan, you need to do a balls out crunchy Petrucci style song in the vein of this one & call it "Enter the Brosh Pit", "Into the Brosh Pit" or "Forming the Brosh Pit" – Keep on Rychin'

  2. I'm really into your playing..yeah that's a big HELL YEAH. !.!.! I ASAP am getting a isp..there preamp and anything else isp has produced..and yeah what guitar are you using in this video Ethan..?..Thanks and just working on my tone as always..I've mixed Marshall and Randall for many years..anyway KEEP ON KEEPING ON…[email protected] I am my FATHERSFOOL ….FF….OFFO….

  3. This is pure badass melodic metal, Love it, superb playing Ethan. Do you have any instructional material available ?

  4. To think I never heard of Ethan Brosh until Michael Sweet. Man, such talent. I love how you can make your solos fast as hell with so much power on your double picking but yet slow it down to something very moving and melodic. Yes, you have a God given talent and I want to see you get more known. And I for one will spread your music all over the Internet 😀

  5. I haven't been this moved by guitar playing since listening to older George Lynch. Thanks for keeping shred alive!

  6. ethan brosh you are one in a will set examples for millions….you might not see success now..but the legions of fans will follow you and your playing will live on..thats the ultimate truth…thanks for your music me and and my brother both are guitar player and we worship your playing……kudos..m/…

  7. This would be a great song to go into battle with it's so fucking cool. Excuse the language. 🙂 God I love this song! It makes me want to salute.. 🙂

  8. I'd actually never heard of you before and your video came on straight after another one while I was browsing… Your playing is awesome…. really special. Great!

  9. Wow, very cool. Very ancient land like too! Love it. Thanks. I can't get enough.. Ill at home and this is great to play! Now I have to try one of the theta preamps! 🙂

  10. You can really see how polished your style and image has gotten over the years.  You're a perfect mix of old and new Ethan – rock it out man! 🙂

  11. Love the eastern feel to the tune. really crunchy power chords. nice riffs, and legato. love the way the tunes breathes. as always your two handed technique is seamless, listening to it on record it's hard to tell the picked notes from the two handed technique. almost like you have a sixth finger. love your hammer on's and pull offs too. just a really cool tune

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