Automatically Generated Caption! May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ
be with you all! Be all very welcome to the Gospel of the day here on the eVIVA channel, and know that it is with great joy that I have your company and
feel very welcome in all our prayers. And today’s gospel invites us to love everyone without exception, even those who don’t want to see so we approach the
holiness and perfection of the father of heaven and we are recognized as your children
and the gospel of this Sunday the twenty-first February 3rd is the gospel of Matthew chapter 15 verse 38 to the 48 and he time said jesus to his
disciples you heard what was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
I tell you, I didn’t face anyone who is evil on the contrary if someone slaps you
on the right side also offers you the left if anyone wants to open a
process to take your tunic from there also the mantle if someone forces you to walk
a kilometer walks two with him gives the whoever asks you and doesn’t turn your back on
whoever asks you to borrow you have not heard what has been said, you will love your neighbor and
you will hate your enemy, but I tell you love your enemies and pray for
those who persecute you Thus you will become your father’s children who
is in heaven because he gives birth to sun on the bad and the good and makes the
rain on the just and unjust because if you only love those who love you who
reward you will have tax collectors don’t do the same thing and if you salute
only your brothers what to do extraordinary pagans do not make the
same thing and therefore be perfect as your father
heavenly is perfect the word of salvation glory to you
Mr Automatically Generated Caption! hello dear brothers and sisters the gospel
this Sunday the gospel very beautiful many people understand and the words
alone do not need much explanation after all who knows the least
of the Christian life knows that this is the spirit of the thing everybody loving each other
doing well for the other being meek don’t avenge more forgive but the question does not
is simply knowing is putting in practice this is where the
difficulty like being tame with that work person who at all times
is implying with your service how to be patient with that person who only does
criticize your opinions or your activities
and how not to respond to that slander or that injustice that we suffer is very
difficult isn’t it we all know we are human and at all times our limits
are tested all the time we are put to the test and this is all part
of the path that we choose now the secret of living this gospel is the
exercise things don’t happen in a it’s not like that
we managed to live everything that you teaches us it takes exercise now if
every day exercise let’s go the one who you teach us and put in
practice to stand firm in prayer with time everything gets easier patience is
a virtue and virtue is achieved by practice
and so dear ones in today’s gospel Jesus wants us to overcome evil with good
want a love translated into gestures concrete is a spontaneous question how is
that jesus gave a gift like that to reality ones is that you want
that our conduct be modeled on the same as god even and makes the sun rise
about bad and good and do it was rain about just and unjust because only by
divine love we can be perfect like the father because we know it is very difficult
live that precept love yours enemies and pray for those who persecute you
so that you may become your father’s children that is in the skies
and those words ones looks like something impossible for us in the same
especially when we observe some families one of the parents mothers children up
even brothers treat each other so violently a difficult coexistence even
happens in many murder cases within the family itself now if that
happens to families that naturally should love each other how to do
to love my enemy and who is mine enemy
we can say that that person who feels good feels pleasure to me
harm that person who is capable of awaken bad feelings in me
like hurt anguish or contempt for anger good and when we hear the most of yours
enemies we can say they are words revolutionary know why why
produces a turnaround in our way of think and makes everyone took a
shift because let’s be honest some enemy is small even big all
we have is there on the other side of the door of that neighbor’s apartment
so unsympathetic lady intriguing that I always try to avoid it every time
to enter is in that my relative who 30 years ago you did badly with my father
sits behind you at school and never most looked at his face since he
accused to the teacher is that girl that you dated and then I exchanged for
another is that merchant who tricked you are those that from the point of view
politician don’t think like us and so our enemies and today who sees the
state as an enemy and practices violence against people who can represent
just as they exist and will always exist people who consider enemies
priests hate the church because well all of these and a multitude of others and
we call the enemy must be loved it is but you can ask yourself more how
must be loved and it’s true ones must be loved and
make no mistake that we can solve the problem simply by changing the
feeling of hatred for another more benevolent something more is needed or if the
Lord anoint love your enemies and do good to those who hate you
and of course we know that we are human imperfect sinners to reach the
perfection that jesus asks us love must prevail
we know that god doesn’t agree with our mistakes and sins but he loves us
is always ready to forgive us is this dear the perfection that jesus wants
that we achieve we must and we can act like dad and been perfect like him and
this perfection will only be achieved by loving being kind patients not being
coarse and different cold not leaving that people from our coexistence
influence our way of acting is not so a real must act
crystal and we must always remember and on the cross jesus
asks the father to forgive his persecutors your executioners jesus
forgave those who took his life we’ll be perfect when we can
forgive those who take lives those who commit terrible violence against
helpless innocents we can start praying for them ask the holy spirit
to be present in our hearts so that we are able to love with the
divine love and that we are able to doing good here made us sick of loving
who hates us and forgive those who do evil
and so dear ones in today’s gospel Jesus teaches us here for the love of
forgiveness for mercy we can yes live in communion and fraternity
contributing to a world ever better not forgetting that the cross is
for all of us Christians a sign evident that it is indeed possible to love
the enemies themselves amen thank you very much by the company leaves the like in this video
subscribe to the channel for those who have not yet is subscribed and share with your friends
and family so a big hug that the sir always protect you and have a
excelent day

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    Obrigado a todos que fazem parte desta obra de evangelização! Venha você também fazer parte deste grupo se INSCREVENDO, não esquecendo curtir, comentar, compartilhar com seus amigos e Ativar o sininho das notificações🔔.

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  5. Glória a voz senhor
    Que a paz do senhor esteja com todos nós Amém 🙏
    Um abençoado domingo para todos nós ♥️🌹💖

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    Peço orações por mim Maria Lúcia de Oliveira é meu filho Josué Oliveira Soares de César é toda minha família Amém Amém Amém Amém Amém Amém Amém Amém

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    Acredito eu , que não tenho inimigos , mas não levo desaforo pra casa.
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    Peco oracao para Fernando Tavares da Silva. Conversao e cura.
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