EVERGLOW – ‘DUN DUN’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

Yeah EVERGLOW Hit the drums, pa rum pum-pum-pum-pum-pum Go ahead and sing, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la I’m going in fierce from the start
Don’t be shocked I’m spreading by word of mouth They say that kid that just passed by isn’t average This deep jungle is just a thrilling playground to me Alright I’ve chosen Nananananana I’ll leave my name in that heart of yours So, you had better run You’re so done You’re so done!~ Now you’re done!~ Trapped in my light (Dun! Dun!) Like a young lamb Dun Baby, you’ll be frozen I’m more fearless Then I look so strong Don’t let down your guard Or I’ll flip the tables bomb, the bomb I’ll dominate in a flash and leave you breathless
Talking cool but my gestures are hot like uh Elegantly now I Won’t stop, can’t stop I’m aiming for you Even if you run it’s a deserted island Alright it’s all over Nananananana I’ll leave my image in that heart of yours So, you had better run You’re so done Now you’re Done~ Trapped in my gaze (Dun! Dun!) Like a young lamb Dun Baby, you’ll be frozen Deeper and deeper I’ll dig into you, clutching to the end without a doubt Hail me (you’ll stare) Shout my name (you’ll call) That’s right (you’re mine) I ’ve seen right through you You’re so done You’re so done!~ Now you’re done!~ Trapped in my gaze (Dun! Dun!) Like a young lamb Dun Baby, you’ll be frozen (Dun! Dun!) (Dun! Dun!) Baby, you’ll be frozen

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  1. i think that mia has the most screen time or parts is because she's filling in a member who hasnt been released yet's part ?

  2. E:U got more lines here but what happened to Onda? She's a Lead Vocalist for pete's sake! Just atleast give her more lines and singing parts.

  3. This comeback is like Mia's solo and the other members are the backup dancers.

    Ps. I'm not hating on Mia, this isn't her fault, she isn't the one who make the lyrics. But can they let others members like? Especially Yiren and Onda.

  4. We shouldn't blame idols for the fact that onda and yiren got a very little amount of lines and Mia got the majority of the lines again, we should blame their company for not giving them lines when their voices are amazing

  5. Onda shouldn't be treated as supporting- background vocalist, she literally hit high pitches with little to no lines, tf?

  6. 勿曲川口開著⋯⋯他會繼續愛的力量⋯⋯有些地方稅稅額為止。在家做十六分的成績獲得獎勵。也沒有用?這樣才能在國際貿易委員會主委石?他也希望其他都虧我的名字也寫錯就在那天你發現有毒。

  7. I'm a pretty new fan to this group and I really don't mean to hate on any of them but I noticed that Mia is like "the star" in this group. I personally think it's really unfear towards the other members that she get 3/4 of the lines AND a solo dance break, like?? How did they think that was fair. My bias is EU but Aisha really came for my toes in this comeback uff. I would like to hear more of Onda's vocals 🙁 But despite that THIS SONG IS A BOP

  8. Como essa música foi dividida…

    50% Mia
    48% outras integrantes
    1% Onda
    1% Yiren

    Elas foram totalmente flopadas…

  9. It doesnt make sense that Mia had take yena part(who will join later) because if yena join this group or not the line distribution isnt fair at all…yiren part and onda part are literally making background noise no hate to anyone…but onda is my bias and i think from debut Onda didnt get much line she get a little better in the bonbonchocolat but didnt get any lead dancing and the adios was like every other member was singing in her part and at the 2nd chorus she didnt even lead the dance at all…and her lines are getting worse and worse….but lets all hope for the best in the future


  10. Then, all the theaters will follow P-PUM-PUM-PUM dragging and dragging TRA-LA-LA with L-la-la-la. I fell into the beautiful garden of this child that did not disturb the depths of the forest. Unfortunately, I chose to apologize; I heard your name happen faster and faster. You put me in a dry well; Do not worry too much; Visit beep, tissue, acceleration and deceleration. It is a test, but my life will make you happy. This day is so beautiful that I will never lose it, I can be sure. It is a good thing for people; There are all these places, but I will leave your photos to a rapper (and many! And many). You will find something mysterious. and was buried there. Without packing, I (in my opinion) call him by my name (I called him better) What is it like to move (in your eyes I know I am very fat!) – baby Food (delicious! Delicious!) (Greetings! Yes! ) Well, you're cold

  11. now that i’m watching the colour coded lyrics, i realise that Everglow’s comeback is basically “Mia and The Girls” Onda literally has around 7-8 lines, and none of them are big lines. mostly around 5 words… :’)

  12. Why is everyone so mad that Mia has most of the parts when most of the time they don't get to choose the parts they sing and I agree that the other girls should have an equal amount of parts just take in consideration they don't get to pick their parts most of the time.

  13. this song isn't even good
    and the fact that mia gets so many lines is just tiring
    like its not even a good song and that paired with the very unfair line distribution its just not something worth listening to honestly
    and it makes me sad cause i have loved everglow since debut but i just think they could have done a lot better

  14. Ummm Idk if you know this, but theirs someone who used your video without credit…. https://youtu.be/hgn3Tro2rIA that’s the video link. Maybe they designed it the same as yours but idk…

  15. I hope Mia not geeting bash n hate bc of his part is too much, and not fair for other.

    Its happen like jennie, yg love her too much. And i think mia suit this song so much. Yea thats why.
    Dont blame her, everyone.

  16. The Comment section is very funny ahahaha
    Yah i agree We all love the song because is so catchy but it's so unfair to the other members…. I don't want to hate Mia but the Company was the one who do it… (Sorry for my English)

    Hopefully the Next Comeback will be fair, and give more Lines to the other members

  17. I heard this song playing in my sister’s room and went to ask her if she likes it, she told me that she really likes Kpop soloists, I didn’t bother to tell her it was a group

  18. dun dun – Mia Ft. Aisha, E:U… seriously. this is insane. I understand that Mia is not doing this on purpose and that she is told to do so, still, it's like her solo comeback… 🙁

  19. idk why y’all not talking about yiren, like god damn her voice is so unique specially that “you’re so done done done —“ in the beginning ??? it doesn’t make any sense that there is just 2% comments for yiren. IM IN LOVE WITH HER

  20. Yiren …..ahhhhhh I wish she could have more lines literally the only thing she says is you are so done like for real?!?!?

  21. Yiren: 3%
    Aisha: 15%
    E:U: 15%
    Sihyeon: 6%
    Onda: 1%
    Mia: 60%

    I love Mia but…….why do they give her all the lines, like, if they just distributed all the girls equally it would have been much better. Please don't give hate to Mia though, it really isn't her fault. Lets just stream the other girls fancams to help out.

  22. Is it me or do they have the same skeleton of blackpink songs they both say their names in the begining then they will say the chprus then be up with high upbeat metal sound

  23. No c q me pasa con everglow pero siempre cuando estoy aburrida invento canciones a lo coreano xd y siempre pongo uñas lentas en las canciones muy iguales a las d everglow y me siento pésima para las canciones porque en diferencia d las mías con las d everglow es q sus canciones son mejores q las mías 🙁 pro solo me pasa con everglow y es raro xd

  24. Yall are gonna make Mia a Jennie. The whole kpop world is gonna hate her because you only give her lines. Let's stop this before it gets bad AND GIVE THE OTHER GIRLS LINES

  25. I am in love with Aisha, she is beautiful she kinda looks turk. Her voice is so jdjamdka I wish I had it to sind old turk songs

  26. WHY IS NO ONE SPEAKING ABOUT THE DIRTY LYRICS? "you'll be frozen/ not able to walk" "i'll dig into you" "deeper and deeper"


  27. I hate how people keep hating on Mia because it's her "fault" that she get's so many line when in reality the company is overworking her. Their company gives more attention to Mia which is unfair for the other girls who are also talented and they should show that off. But seriously they should get themselves together and give out proper lines.

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