Every one of us. #ConnectTheWorld

I am not referring to the absolute, infinite concept
of universal peace and goodwill of which some fantasies and fanatics dream. Let us focus instead on a more practical, more attainable peace. This will require a new effort a new context for world discussions. It will require increased understanding. And increased understanding will require increased contact. So let us not be blind to our differences but let us also direct attention to our common interests. Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal. Today, the internet isn’t accessible for two thirds of the world. Imagine a world where it connects us all.

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  1. Did he say let us not be blind to our differences?

    Forget human rights, poverty and peace. Let us all have internet so that we can spy on them?

  2. I am not saying internet is a bad thing. Countries that don't even have electricity probably need electricity to get on to the internet.

  3. Many countries in Africa are using satellites for Internet access because they haven't enough money for optic fiber deployment (necessary for broad Internet access by populations)! Does internet.org will change that? I don't think so… Besides, there aren't enough IP address for all population and very few of them have been given to poor countries, only IPv6 will allow the needed amount of addresses.

  4. Если они ещё живы еда им не нужна. Но из-за отсутствия денег у них нет образования, а с помощью интернета, пусть даже на супердешевых смартфонах, хоть какое-то образование будет. Видел много людей с огромным стремлением учиться. У них не было ни компьютера, ни огромной библиотеки, жили они за тридевять земель от места учебы, но они читали, готовились к занятиям на телефонах образца 2007 года. Internet.org позволит, я думаю, вытянет стоимость телефонов 2013+ года до стоимости 2007 в 2013.

  5. Дав им интернет, они как минимум поймут что если лучшая жизнь

  6. Connect with everyone in the world, that makes a lot of people happy. Finally there's a man who understand them, us, and I. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

  7. We think it would be ideal to include this great firm: TunnelGuru- as a partner too in bringing your desired internet.org objectives in to a reality.Contemplate on eradication shy locks ISP globally in the mainstream as well.

  8. Большое спасибо За отличный, чай, кофе, различные продукты, Что поступают и нам в Казахстан!

  9. U guys all have different perspective but i am sure that if this project actually works it will reduce the uses of drugs and more ever change the political system of many countries. This is like a new revolution, it has both bad and good part. Surely enough mark will earn money but it will also benefits us and people all around the world. This will give you the access to people from different countries.

  10. Let's look at how much Mark Zuckerberg donated to charities and the good things that he did. Now lets look at you and your entire family and how much they donated to charities, etc. I bet it is not even close to what you have done. But go ahead, keep degrading people, keep spreading how he "destroy the world". Maybe because that's the only thing you are good at. Keep that crab mentality that you have. It is good for you!

  11. А и вправду, кому нужна вода когда у нас есть интернет?

  12. This would require a giant leap in infrastructure and networks throughout poor countries. These requirements to make this possible are expensive. No one's going to pay for all of it. Mind as well try to balance the US budget and pay off the debt.

  13. and what's wrong with that? you're seeing the bad things of the internet,internet has more advantages than disadvantages. Internet has let you talk to everybody on earth, share knowledge to others. You say that because you are accustomed to have internet you don't know how valuable it is.
    And how do you know that people in africa and latin america are more happier than americans and europeans?.Because it's impossible to be happie being poorer and without education and internet can help those …

  14. people to get knowledge that can help to educate them.

    It's not internet's fault,it's people's fault if they dont talk face to face with others.

    It's not the internet,it's people who use it.

    And how internet turn us into robots? if were robots,we wouldn't had emotions.

    Seriously,some people should go to a mountain without information technology for 1 year if so those people learn of importance of internet.

    Pd:sorry for my english because im not native english speaker.

  15. Is it his job to "control" how people use Facebook? Maybe you've misused it. I used it to communicate with my friends from different countries. Some use it for educational purposes, for promoting goodness, etc in the world. Do you even TEDtalks and check some of the productive use of Facebook? Or do you use it you know, to update "i eatz pizza this morningz!"

  16. Well, WeBee you think that those people are more stupid than us that they need our pleasant help to grew up? I don't think. I think that those people need to be free and to have free access to all the knowledge of the world, to learn and to grew up with their own legs so that in the future noone could never ask for a payback.

  17. Ive already paid Mr Zuckerberg. He got his billions from every single FB user, from every single advertisement i we clicked on, so basicly we all donated to charities!

  18. I was kidding, in a sarcastic way even – you misunderstand me. 😉
    .. And no, I do not think they are stupid – just contrary! They may be smarter than most of the "free people whit the internet". They, without net, and we together are product of social engineering. Internet is a revolution as a TV was, but it is funny how it's set who will get it and when! That was my point, thank you.
    I agree with you that they need free access to knowledge, but they do not decide when they'll get it.

  19. I've got a better idea!
    Look at how much money Zuckerberg makes. Now, look at how much money your family makes. Now look back at how much money Zuckerberg/your family donates.
    Got my point?

  20. Do I demean Zuckerberg's effort to contribute to society? No. WOrldHackTUTs does.
    Now, look at your man. Now back to me. Back to your man. And now back to me. I'm on a horse.

  21. Surely cherrypicking from a JFK speech selectively to make a point JFK didn't actually make is the best way to earn trust. Actually, it's not, but it's a pretty standard and fairly effective propaganda technique. Perhaps if you'd like to earn trust, propaganda techniques are not the techniques you should use.

  22. Internet access brings opportunities to places where there are none.
    Besides, there are plenty of organizations helping to bring clean drinkable water to the 3rd world, which are now emerging markets.

  23. The web is like the world's brain. To be fair and to reach its maximum potential, it should be freely attached to every body.

  24. A agua deve ser livre e universal para todos e nao deve ser paga nem privatiza!
    Pertence a todos neste planeta, por isso, os governos devem esta obrigaçao ao povo!..


  26. Почему бы люди вредные к интернету? Что делать, если вы никогда не были в интернете?

  27. True, knowledge and information are two different things. True, to achieve knowledge, you need a mediator, trainer or educator. But you are wrong to say that this is stupid and that people don't need access to internet in developing their minds. If you know where to look, you will find what you need. With the internet, I've learned how to code, cook, fix electronics, understand science, even video chat with professors, lectures. Lots of things. Learn to filter the noise of the Internet.

  28. This makes me angry. So many people don't have clean water and medical supplies and all this guy is thinking about is to get them internet? So that more people get on facebook and he gets more influence and money? This is just not right, Mark.
    Do something to really help these two thirds of the world by giving them things they need for living, not internet. This is just sad.

  29. Hopefully I won't irritate you further but I think if you looked at it from the point of view of Social Business it might be different. What I mean is that we are entering a new era when the profit motive and the social good motive can be accomplished together. More very smart people will be engaged in solving big problems and increasing their own private wealth at the same time. As the Kennedy speech in the video refers too. IMHO

  30. Yeah. I never said this isn't a good idea. But there are more important things to do first, like saving more than 25 000 people who die every day because of poverty and hunger…

  31. My reply is for the people who gave a thumbs down to this effort…
    Did you know that the answer to every problem can be found using the internet ?
    Here is a thought : What if every person alive took an oath to support one person every 5 years…Would you do it ? Before you respond think about my question, because its a revolving question.

  32. 66% of the world can't connect to the internet? Where did they get that number? China's connected, India's connected, the America's, Europe, Russia and Asia are connected. I think the more realistic number is that 66% of the world doesn't want to connect to the internet, and Facebook and their ilk want to force them to connect.

  33. We are sharing information, we are connecting with fellow human beings, and more..!! It's a valuable tool, don't you think?

  34. it feels good to be one of the first one who subscribed, saw and liked your project . If this gets better i can tell my kids, there kids will tell there kids, its amazing!

  35. Friend, if you hate Internet and connectivity so much, why are you here? Are you being held by your own will in front of a computer? It's thanks to the Internet that you can share your thoughts to the world, thanks to the Internet you can ask for thumbs up to feel more in connection with people similar to you. Why all the hate?

  36. only in this website ..Facebook,twitter,google,youtube,internet.org. want connect the people  to take  advantage  of all people  …that is shit ..
    one day most people help to the most  people

  37.  It's thanks to the Internet that you can share your thoughts to the world, thank you.C'est grâce à l'Internet que vous pouvez partager vos pensées sur le monde, je vous remercie                 

  38. Explain to me how Facebook creates a value? 
    It maybe of creating a place where people can talk and collaborate, but it doesn't create food, water, housing, electricity, and basic necessity. Information is created by hard-efforts of teachers, educators, the US government funds for education.

    Invest in Creating of More knowledge or educational programs that people can share. Not just open the internet. There is already more than 10 websites, including MIT Opencourseware, U2.com or other great free education. Why not invest in them? Maybe because they don't create $ values? They create values to people in poor country by making them actually "LEARN". 

    Facebook is just putting a link to another site, and saying "hey, we connect you and them. Now, that looks great?" Internet is a bridge between one person to another. 

    Knowledge is created by people, and people create value through what they study, learn and develop. 

  39. Whose voice over is that?  It seems so familiar…..Can't remember the name….I think its that of a renowned world leader…Anybody knows?

  40. Imagine a world where every person is connected to the internet, sharing information, that mean 7 Billion consumers! 😉 Nice idea, will help a lot to bring the World to a new era of information. Sad part? They don't give a sh*t about ppl, they care @ increasing consumers sheet!

  41. People should be thankful to visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg, for the rest of their lives. Because of the innovations in technology, especially internet, we live completely different lives today compared to before. Innovators deserve more respect from the mass population.

  42. Because of his hard work and persistence, Mark Zuckerberg will be a name carried out through history. Not because of Facebook but because of his willingness to better the lives of other people. Exactly what i will eventually accomplish in this world, and help better the lives of many people. Im thankful for people like that because they make the world a better place. Keep it up Mark!

  43. So let us not to be blind to our indifferences but let us also direct attention to our common interests. Our most basic common  link is that we all inhabit this small planet.
    We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures. And we all are mortal.

    Que no nos cieguen las diferencias,
    centrémonos en los intereses comunes.
    Nuestro vinculo común más básico
    es que todos habitamos este pequeño planeta.
    Todos respiramos el mismo aire.
    A todos nos preocupa el futuro de nuestros hijos.
    Y todos somos mortales.

    Presidente Kennedy en la  American University el 10 de Junio de 1963
    #oneworld   #ConnectTheWorld

  44. Can someone help me understand this initiative, are they trying to make internet cheap for all of those who cannot get it in the third world or are they trying to make it free for people in those areas?

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