Facebook or Google: Which One Should You Use?

hi my name is esteban martinez from additcted
2 ppc and i’m joined today with Yesica from Crimson
Dragon, social media specialist and today we want to talk about the benefit
or advertising on both search and social
to maximise revenue, sales and customers to your business
so Yesica in your experience how would you see the benefits that you have
seen with your clients and businesses that you’ve
helped with advertising not just on facebook
but on google as well? Basically what I think it comes down to is
the push versus pull concept so for example on google on adwords
when you run your advertising people are actively and intently looking for
the product or service at hand on the other hand
when people advertise on facebook it works really well if you have a latent
need education or training services or even gaming
i’ve had quite a bit of experience with gaming companies
because it’s a latent need then people with go and search for it
or click on it i should say rather than actively search for the product
i totally agree with that and in addition
i think there’s been a recent study saying that customers need to see a brand or an advert
at least seven times to recall or remember
so this is really helpful if you have a brand new company for example
then that’s where people won’t be searching for you
on google from day one they need to be able to be exposed
and advertised to online so that’s where facebook
and other social platforms can be a great way
to get customers aware of you first and then once they engage with your brand
and engage on your channel then they can obviously search for you online
and then obviously to purchase online or in store depending on your business
supports your customers what other examples have you seen
where the customer journey goes between social as well as search?
i’ve seen customer journey’s where people first click on social
on facebook as an awareness piece they might view it
they might click through and they would have that exposure
until eventually they might go into search go into google and type in the keyword
and then find the product again what would you say about
would you choose either one platform over the other?
which would you say is better or what would you advise customers or companies
who are looking to use one of them? i don’t think one is particularly better than
the other i think they can work together
and there are some or facebook will work better in some industries
and google will tend to work better in others so for example
if you’re a plumber or an electrician
or you’re selling washing machines for example
you wouldn’t really be putting that on facebook because
when you are searching for or when the customer is searching for those
products there is quite a bit of intent
in the purchase so people are specifically searching for
something therefore those industries tend to do better
with google adwords however i’ve seen for example
education can do really well because it doesn’t come into
peoples minds that they want to study art or science
or learn another language or learn another language
or even what i’ve had experience in was drones, flying drones
so that’s not really on the top of people’s minds
so that’s where facebook has worked better because i suppose it pushes the concept
onto the user and then it intrigues them to make
further actions click through to the page
and sign up for more information i totally agree with that
and have seen examples as well where there’ll be a new product or
new device online that i see first on facebook or see a movie
movie’s are a great way where you’re not actively searching for a movie
but when there is something that’s out there
that’s when display and social media is really good
because it gets that in front of your mindset you’re aware of something coming through
and then you actively search for it to try and find out when it’s available or
when it’s coming out so on the flipside
i wouldn’t go to social media if i was actively looking to buy something
whether that is a watch or sunglasses
generally i go to social media to look at videos to look at photos
or my friends and family again when there are adverts
that are linked to my interests then that’s when i’m more interested to click
on them find out more about those brands
but then once i’ve discovered a new product or a new company
then i’ll go to google and search for them and actively look to purchase them
if and when i’m ready i totally agree with you
i think like you said people are looking at what
their friends and family are up to on facebook so they are not actively searching for
something but rather they want to have a concept introduced to them
whereas on google they are looking for an answer to their question
so that’s where i see the massive difference
and you can have the same product but it’s important to be mindful
of what people are doing on the platform how they are hanging out online
and how you can communicate that message to get that action you desire
that’s it for now thanks very my yessica from crimson dragon
check out her link down below to find out more about social media
and how you can use social and search together to get more sales and revenue for
your business she has also written a great article on her
blog that i’ll include in the link below
thanks for now and we’ll join you in the next one

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