FIFA Mobile 20 – Oktoberfest Event Breakdown F2P

38 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile 20 – Oktoberfest Event Breakdown F2P

  1. I hit the post more than i scored goals.
    I get it maybe EA wants to make it more "realistic", but to hit the post more than twice in real life match is just either unlucky or got vodood.

    Its either hit the post or go way wide like a Ramos penalty.

  2. I am gonna stop playing this game. Nothing good happened so far; i was expecting a change in game play, impoving slowness in the game, but nothing changed that makes the game more impressive at all!!! I am gonna say Goodbye fifa moblile soon

  3. agree two worthless events so far. and the way to hard Zidane event is just a scam, all the icons from it will actually lower my chemistry. wtf

  4. I got that streak on my first try, I thought it would be difficult but somehow I got the streak and the player.

  5. I noticed the shooting is trash aswell goes wide a lot of the time, im not sure if its the game or the players im using because if I play with my legacy team then there is no problem shooting so im baffled

  6. can someone please help me understand the zidane icon event
    qeustion : how can i play the carreer part 2 ? do i have clear part 1 first ? or should i just meet the requirements (which i all ready did serie-A)
    so is my game bugged or should i clear them in order ?!

  7. Hi man, can you do a video on trading with silver-gold players? , cuz the silver thing u did last season doesnt work anymore 🙁

  8. FHS for what you used ur N&L points had around 238 used 100 for elites .138 left for what to go for skill boost or elite ???
    And Do you think about totw???
    Worth wasting coins?

  9. I thought i was the only one or that it was the players I chose!! The post or beyond, so many times! So frustrating! And the Oktoberfest is crap!

  10. The shooting issue makes the game so fucking frustrating. It's so awkward missing the whole goal even at a close range. Anyways, those damn pretzels. I once got 2 burnt pretzels in the first 2 shoots. Then I got 11 – yep, eleven! – good pretzels in a row, and basically right now you can already guess the end of this story. With 2 remaining slots available and a 50-50 chance of success and failure, I obviously failed. It's not that I needed that Singh dude or that it costs something on the market, but it's just that it was a nice game to win.

    I'm still resisting on spending money on training, boosts and market, I only bought Brozovic TOTW to help a bit the chemistry, and I put some bronze and silver players which hadn't any value on the market into those few non-auctionable players, to thin out a bit the bench…since those players can't be sold I'll later use them in better players to get back the XP and money spent. I'm close to have 3 millions coins. Yep, my team suck, it's a 84 OVR (it's actually an 82 with a +2 bonus perk) with 87 chemistry, but at least I'm a bit rich! I could easily be close to 90 but I'd be more poor. Also have more than 300k XPs. And I'm not wasting gems in these shitty events neither, I'm saving as much as I can for Champions League, Freeze and TOTY, I have 3500 gems right now. I'm also not spending money on boosts, I'm waiting to see which are the best, I just got all of them at level 1, I don't go higher as right now, with a rental team, boosts are pretty irrelevant and I see maximize them as a waste of money. That's my strategy, I'm trying to be less impulsive than last seasons, 'cause it's easy to spend money and gems when you have a lot of them, but at the same way it's also easy to regret that when you want to spend them on better things and you don't have them.

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