FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Theme Song Trailer (Closed Captions)

So…what did you wanna talk about? When spring comes, I’m leaving town and going to Midgar. I’m gonna be a SOLDIER. The best of the best. Like Sephiroth. Development footage. Subject to change. Tell me. Is it really you? Are we on schedule? Please, Mister President! I am asking
you to reconsider – no, begging. Director Tuesti. The stench of the director’s cowardice
fills the room yet again. Mako supersaturation confirmed. Engaging materia cooling to reduce temperature. Madam Director. You have a meeting shortly. Stop. Your timing is impeccably atrocious. Oh dear, oh dear… A man of my refined tastes running out of butter! Welcome to the Honeybee Inn…Cloud. True beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame,
to which notions of gender don’t apply. Perfection! Not a word. Not even one? No. But you’re so pretty! Today’s bride-to-be is… “Today’s”? Pathetic. Huh! Which one of you said that? You got a mouth on you! Well, aren’t we having a wonderful time
kicking the hornet’s nest! You know what I want. A second dance… just the two of us. So what the hell is it? A fascinating question. Did it just talk? I am that which you see before you.
Nothing more. Cloud! A touching reunion. Very, very good! And thus is the hypothesis proven correct! I can only hope you will continue not to disappoint. Was gettin’ tired of playing tag anyway! C’mon! Avalanche ain’t Wutai or anybody’s puppet! We’re here to rescue Aerith, remember? We don’t need more attention than what we’re gonna get. Yeah, I hear ya! I know these people,
and I know they’re never gonna let Aerith go. She’s the last living Ancient on the planet. Think about what that means to Shinra’s scientists. This is… The source. Of everything. Jenova. Suck on this! Cloud! The Shinra Electric Power Company isn’t the real enemy. I promise you…there’s a much bigger threat. I just want to do everything in my power to help. All of you… And the planet.

100 thoughts on “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Theme Song Trailer (Closed Captions)

  1. This game looks really cool. But I know nothing of final fantasy. Will I still be able to play it and know what’s going on or do I need background knowledge from other games

  2. Had a feeling they were going to spin the HoneyBee in sub-plot into some sort of transgender virtue signal instead of just calling it what it is, Cloud dressing in drag.

  3. I swear. This BETTER be good, or we could see the biggest revolt in history. People's Hopes are SKY HIGH. You've waited this long to remake, You better deliver Square Enix!

  4. God, this entire trailer. And the last part with the music. I'm fucking crying. :'D
    The remade track alone is worth its weight in gold.

  5. The only words I could think of in every second of this video is OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOOODDDD!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

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  7. I've played this game countless times before but man, these cutscenes fully acted out and not just text is something else.

  8. Remember not over-hype this game. it may not have EVERYTING we played. btw, im calling it now, the gold saucer will be a PAID dlc, same as neo bahamut, knights of the round table and other stuff…

  9. Man, I can't wait!! Having played every FF since FF1, even obscure, almost impossible to find FFs with google, and some not even credited as a FF even though they have the Final Fantasy moniker, such as Final Fantasy Ehrgeiz which was a hack and slash level based game you craqlwed down floors on, upgrading your characters by what types of things they ate/gear, etc, etc…. FFVII is the game that set the standard for all RPGs since it's release, changing them from cult-like just grinding with mediocre stories into games with characters being what makes a good one stand out,

    The scene when Sephiroth descends on Aeris, killing her, was the single most influential scene in any RPG, and still is to a lot of people. It caused an entirely new aspect of what RPGs would become.

    Now, it's been 30 years of FF, with no signs of stopping, only getting better and better, I just cant wait!!

    Ehgeiz is almost impossible to find, I have 2 copies, but can't even locate it with google, on Ebay, etc, etc. It's not even on the official list of the 47 games with the FF moniker. There are others like that too. (since so many don't know about it, or believe there is such a game. And I don't mean Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring, it's actually named Final Fantasy Ehrgeiz, and none of the FF characters are in it)

  10. This trailer proves once again that the alphabet people don't play video games, they read up about them on wikipedia so they can pretend they know anything.
    Here are some Cloud "OMG he is trans" Strife fun facts:
    He only dresses up like this after Aerith convinces him to do so
    He only does it to save his childhood friend and quasi girlfriend Tifa
    He hates it and at the 1st oppertunity gets rid of the dress
    He is straight
    Most LGBT+ people will not play this game because they don't care about video games, but they will talk about it as if they played it, and they will complain and demand more censorship as always, because that is all they are good for, for govts to use them to justify censorship, that's all govts value about these people.

  11. That honey bee scene made me so happy, and I´m not even sure why. It´s nice to see that society is actually changing for the better

  12. I wonder how they will spin Jenovah this early into the story. Unless, it’s a precursor showing us that the second episode is underway as well.

  13. Cloud is wearing a dress! Thats going to be my favorite moment and I really hope final fantasy 8 and 9 get a remake like this because I would buy both of them! So excited for final fantasy 7 remake!

  14. So does anyone else hope that ffvii crisis core is included in a part of this remake?
    I know it seems counterintuitive but I always thought Genova was such a sad character in the background of Zach's story. Him and his books of poetry & devoted "fans". And he was very pretty in crisis core! Of course he was pretty sick/deluded as well.
    At least I can still hope!! Cant wait for April.

  15. I skipped ahead to 1:46 to see what kind of preview this was.

    With no context, I fucking laughed my ass off when Cloud attacked Red

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