First member of Congress tests positive for coronavirus

100 thoughts on “First member of Congress tests positive for coronavirus

  1. U see the military is still trying to suck out money from the taxpayers. U have 20 yrs of our money give it back.

  2. You lost you're opportunity you should have shot down those missles Korea launch now they know they have the upper hand, like if the east forgot about their failure at ww2

  3. If they would just shut down all non essential jobs in D.C. then all those congress people could just stay home

  4. Noone wants to hear the truth, but it must be addressed: The recent apostasy of Trump dividing Jerusalem in his deal of the century false peace two-state solution, combined with Trump's overall arrogance and lying during the duration of his run up to the election, and during his presidency: Topped by the republican disloyalty to God and to the truth in voting not to convict Trump in the senate: And the overall wickedness of the republicans and democrats, and the American people: There is no wonder why we are in this predicament with Covid-19. Is the physical splitting in half of the United States by earthquakes next? Is the whole world being punished now? What to do about it? Well; the continued and uninterrupted arrogance by the president is not helping.

  5. Good. Glad to see the scum aren't escaping this despite their pampered lifestyles and privileges. How poetically just.

  6. Dear American:

    Where are your promised test kits?

    Why Trump said everything under control but stockmarket behaves like a waterfall?

    Why the celebraties (like the NBA players and

    officials) got tested with no symptoms but you can'teven if you are choking?

    If you are confirmed, will you get a free treatment inhospital or simply asked to go home for self-


    Why your president said the virus is no big deal butdeclare a state emergency after about one month?What measures did he take in this period?

    Why your medical system is so advanced but won'toffer a worked test kit in the beginning?

    Why CDC hides the numbers first and now stopsreporting the new infected ones?

    You have your own whistle blowers, has anyone takemeasures in response to them? What happens tothem afterwards?

    I hope you can think and research about these

    questions for your own sake.

  7. Where is your faith America? You know we are living in the end times and things like this will happen. The AntiChrist is trying his power. It will get worse. Be prayerful, be humble, have faith and use common sense. One Love

  8. It’s Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart from Florida. Fox is trying to force you to watch this entire video when they literally don’t say it until the last 10 seconds. The title should be adjusted.

  9. Oh sure, The rest of the country shouldn't gather in groups of more than 10 people, but magically it's perfectly fine for a bunch of older politicians to gather in huge groups. What could possibly go wrong there?

  10. When all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. What a massive failure of this Administration and the US government in general.

  11. We need to have all of our essential drug and PPE (personal protection equipment) and vaccine production be in the USA. It would safeguard our medical needs and put people to work here in America. This needs to happen before the next major outbreak including a possible second round of corona when we think its run its course. The 1918 flu had a secondary outbreak which was more deadly than the first.

  12. Watch the science! It is NOT only the elderly and those with co-morbidity who are dying. Watch Peak Prosperity and Dr. John Campbell for rational data with sources so you can research for yourself. I hope the U.K. is not going to rely on “ herd” immunity. South Korea has taken some amazing decisions. Their quarantines have nearly eliminated the regular flu.

  13. Airline industry has no passengers they need no fuel they have limited maintenance and workers why do they need money???

  14. I just came back after over 2yrs from my cabin in the woods, I had no phone and followed no news. Trump has over 16000 lies???? What the hell is going on?? Don't tell me fake news because that's what uniformed science denying scumbags say. All Americans have usually trusted that the info given by a supposed news source (the president or fox) is real. My repub party is nothing but a deadly embarrassment.

  15. Karma! Mario Balart Florida Congressman has Corona Virus. Florida, the last state to shut down bars, restaurants, concerts, public events, full of party kids on spring break. Tourists, kids, in FL will return home and keep spreading the virus killing mom, dad, and grandparents. Florida, still trying to make money from tourists while spreading the virus to the rest of the country. Even Trump had a few "presidential" moments recently, but not Florida. Florida, run by the NRA and tourism industry, second most corrupt state in the U.S. next to Illinois.

  16. …….months ago, no one knew what this was………………………now everyone's an effing expert, & taskmaster, ordering people to get tested without their consent. 5 days ago, it was in a few states, then they say now it's in all 50 states…boom, just like that. I admire our leadership, the media is another animal of its own. My family & many relatives work in hospitals across the country, they're still waiting for all these sick people to start flooding the emergency rooms……………………………………………………………………………………..

  17. You need to do something to keep the truckers healthy,when the trucks stop rolling everything stops and you are SOL!!!!!

  18. Two congressmen infected that's a good start might as well send them all home you couldn't tell the difference anyway🐀

  19. The rich can finally give back it's okay to give back the rich do not need any more money there fine it's the ditch digger the landscaper the dishwasher the guy that gets $8 an hour and no respect

  20. Isn't it amazing that the experts are counting those infected by males & females. What happened to the lefts 57 other genders??? lol

  21. Your president is spreading the virus in the WH and his administration is too afraid to do anything about it. 🤢🤢🤢🤢 making America great again.

  22. give everybody EBT cards for Food moratorium on the rent the credit card the phone bill Gassville, free-standing give everybody EBT cards then you know how the money is being spent on food

  23. When the hell is my local grocery store gonna get more toilet paper? Start answering the questions I really care about.

  24. Was it Mitch McConnell of Kentucky or lieing Lindsey Graham or I didint know jim Jordan or maybe he learned Susan Collins


  26. 7600 cases in the US? Didnt the President say that there were 15 and that would soon be 0? This must not be democratic hoax any more

  27. These two are going to pay!!! I explicitly ordered everyone in congress to NOT GET TESTED! They’re just trying to Ruin My perfect Numbers!!

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  29. 20 March 2020-CDC reports cases in U.S.A. are 15,219 and deaths at 201. Also, WHO reports 15,219 cases and 201 deaths. So why is Fox News reporting 7,600+ cases and 115 deaths? That's a difference of almost half less than CDC and WHO is reporting. Why????

  30. hospitals still refuse to do the test for people who have symptoms could be a coronavirus they still asking if you didn't travel you are not eligible for the test , that is crazy

  31. And trump kept saying he had everything under control. This is out of control and not going away in april, August , or September. I wish he would stop lying.

  32. It is so amazing that all the politicians move stars and sports figures are getting the conrna visres? Do know anyone with it? It's the NEW WORL ORDER SHEPPEOPLE. Scar you until you give up all your rights.

  33. The first successful covid19 testing in the US was done by Dr. Chu's lab near Seattle. Though they found the first cases in the US, Trump's CDC shut them down with red tape.
    Testing adequate to tracking the virus in the Seatte area stopped with Dr Chu. Trump''s insistence on building "our own" kits lost us the initiative and a targeted response in America.

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