tube are you sick and tired of every time that you want to watch a television show or a movie it just skips and buffers and freezes and then eventually it just kicks you right back out to the home screen I'm gonna show you a lot of different ways that you can improve the speed of the Amazon fire stick of your internet of cody of all kinds of things so that you too can have the best viewing experience possible when watching all of this content that I show you how to get on my channel I know a lot of you have been having problems and issues with the buffering and I really wanted to make this video just for you just to show you how you can make this thing just so smooth so awesome and run the way that you want okay so the first thing that I want to mention if you have an Amazon fire stick first edition most likely your remote looks like this now you see it looks a lot different than the newer versions okay so if you have this remote most likely you have the first edition fire stick and it's gonna be time for you to upgrade I'm sorry to say but that's the truth now for like 40 bucks you can get the second edition it is a lot better it's a lot faster I do have the first edition and I have the second edition and the second edition is way faster than the first edition but there's something else that's even way faster than the second edition that's the fire TV now I know it costs like 20 bucks extra but guys 20 bucks ok you're using this to watch television and it's only 20 bucks extra if you go with the fire TV you're gonna find that everything works better it doesn't matter what application that you want to use all around the board everything works better so to move on the next thing I want to talk about is the reception so most people are just sticking this Amazon fire stick right into the back of their television so when you take this stick and you put something in front of it like your TV you're blocking the reception they sell this little cord just like this it's an extension cord for HDMI so what you do is you plug your fire stick in like this this end you would plug into the back of the TV so what you would do is essentially put your fire stick up here you know you can raise it up and then plug it in so your fire stick is then up above the television you can put it beside the television wherever is gonna be most convenient for you but that way you're not blocking the signal you're extending it up higher so that it has better Wi-Fi reception all right so if you want to make it even better so let's say that you know your router isn't too far away from your fire stick so what you can do is I have one of these cables just like this I plug one end into my router and the other end I have this little adapter right here I'll leave a direct link below so what we do is we just plug this in so that way the ethernet can then right here in the side of your fire stick now your Ethernet port and your fire stick are connected together this here improves the speed drastically okay I want to show you the difference from plugging in to the ethernet cable versus Wi-Fi this is my laptop and look at the speeds those are the speeds from being connected and being unconnected that's Ethernet versus Wi-Fi and you see I kept going back and forth back and forth trying to get you guys to understand what the difference is of plugging in versus you trying to get the Wi-Fi signal through the air there is such a huge difference when you actually hardwired any device versus using it on the Wi-Fi okay guys so right here in my Droid admin store close to the bottom of the list you're gonna find the speed test app I highly recommend that you download the speed test app that way you two can test the speed of your own internet now 20 upload and 20 download is what I highly recommend be the bare minimum if you're trying to view content over the Internet your this speed test will let you know if a internet cable with an Ethernet adapter is going to be your best option okay so let's move on to some other settings right here from the home screen of your Amazon fire device we're gonna slide over to settings we're gonna adjust a few things here in the actual device itself okay so the first thing that we're gonna want to do applications alright collect app use data it's on by default we want to turn that off right there because what that's doing is is a process of my device talking to the network and I don't want my device talking to the network and the network talking to my device and back and forth all day want to delete as many processes as possible so right here we're going to slide on down we have a game circle I don't know about you but I don't play games on my fire stick so what we can do is we can turn this whisper sink off so that way it's not trying to talk back and forth Prime photos right here allow guest connections we're gonna go turn that off now if you really use Prime photos leave this on I don't so we're gonna disable as much of this stuff as possible so that none of this stuff is running on our device okay right here in manage installed applications now look at my internal space I have barely anything left really this is uh I need to go through here and clean some things out because if all this stuff is on my device that's really slowing it down so go through here guys and pick some stuff that you just don't use that you just don't like and delete it okay so I'm just going to go and you know find something I you know I I do like this I just wanted to give you guys an example click the uninstall click uninstall that frees up so much space on your device so just click one go to uninstall uninstall twice ok and if we click back we're gonna see that that did increase the amount of the storage space on our device so guys think about this the smaller you can get that bar to be the faster your device is going to run ok so let's move on hit the back button on your remote and come back to this screen here we're going to slide over here to preferences we're going to open preferences okay then we have data monitoring let's click on data monitoring and we want to make sure that that's off again that's just one more process that our device is sending back and forth to the network we don't want that to be on notifications do not interrupt let's go ahead and turn that on so that's telling your device not to talk with all these applications and all their different notifications we can go to app notifications click in there okay so let's go ahead and turn all of the app notifications off I don't need to be notified for these applications so just go through the entire list of all of the apps that you have and we're just gonna click all of them off these are just killing all these processes that are going on in the background that you can't see and this is putting a strain on your little tiny Amazon fire device so now that you've made it to the bottom of the list and everything is turned off hit the back button we can hit the back button one more time all right so this is featured content so from your home screen you know that big that big poster up at the top that has like a movie or a TV show and it starts to play that's what this is we don't want that to autoplay so what we're gonna do is we're going to click off and we don't want the audio to autoplay either we're gonna turn that off these things are just putting stress on your device that's unnecessary okay there's really not much else in this list to adjust so let's go ahead and back out of here okay so let's go ahead and hit the home button on our remote that's about it for the Amazon fire settings themselves but I know that you guys you want to improve the speed of Kodi so everything I've done up to this point has improved the speed of the actual device itself of your fire stick but let's get into Kodi so I can show you how to make the adjustments that you need inside of therefore your best viewing experience alright guys so this is Cody's basic screen that you get when you download most versions of Cody if your screen does not look like this please go to your system settings hit skim settings and change the skin to Estuary now you will be able to change back so don't worry you're not going to lose your build this way you can just make your screen look like my screen so that it's much easier for you to navigate all right so the first thing that we're gonna do is right here we're gonna click on that little gear icon and we want to go to our system settings right there and we want to go to add-ons right here and we want to show notifications that way you know when there's an update and if you don't already have apps from unknown sources turned on go ahead click that on slide over click yes that's gonna allow you to add all those amazing add-ons that you want okay so while we're here you see right down there it says basic click it now says standard click it again and it says advanced we want one more time and we want expert ok so we're gonna have expert mode enabled so you see that it gives you a couple other options here in the screen what we can do now is hit the back button one time and we want the player settings right there we're gonna click open our player settings and guys right here if you push to the right it brings you into this menu we want to scroll down okay I'm gonna bring this up so you can see we're in the processing and this enable HQ scalars for scaling above take that click the button and make that number turn from 20 to zero we don't need that number to be 20 if you have a fire device you want that number to be zero okay if you look right below where you're at you to media codecs right here this one here says surface okay so what we want to do is slide down and turn surface off all right so that's one more step okay so let's go ahead and hit the back button we can hit the back button again let's go ahead and slide down the list right here – it says add ones we want to go right here and push to the right select my add-ons let's go ahead and open that together and we want this right down here on the list that says video player input stream we're going to open that this input stream adaptive push down tap on that we want to slide over highlight right there where it says enable tap enable now you have enabled the input stream adaptive okay let's go ahead and hit back on our remote back again if you have an Amazon fire stick one maybe it's time to upgrade to the two and maybe it's time to just spend 20 bucks extra it's 20 bucks and go ahead and get the fire TV it is the fastest fire device available now I also recommend that we get the extension cable to remove that device from the back of your TV blocking your Wi-Fi signal now to take it one step further I highly recommend that you get the ethernet cable Ethernet adapter and plug it into your device so that then you are running on a wire you're not relying on poor Wi-Fi you are directly wired into your router and that is greatly going to improve the speed now by doing that by upgrading your device upgrading your wiring then we went into Amazon we adjusted the firestick settings we came into Kodi we adjusted the settings guys if you have any buffering issues still maybe it's time that you increase your internet speed by your internet provider because honestly there's nothing else that I can possibly do for you to make your Kodi work any faster than everything I have shown you today all right guys well thank you so much for spending your time to watch my video I truly hope that I have helped you improve your Kodi improve your firestick improve your viewing enjoyment so that you too can enjoy all of these great and wonderful applications that I show you guys how to download each and every day and guys leave me a comment let me know give me a thumbs up say the buffering is gone whatever you know I just want to know that this worked for you guys and that you're not frustrated anymore trying to enjoy all of this awesome amazing stuff that I show you guys how to get alright guys well I hope that you have a wonderful day and I will see you next time


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