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Flexible Calling Line ID. Janes customers
know who’s calling when they see her company’s
name appear on their phones. AT&T set up the listing
name for Jane when she ordered her AT&T phone
for Business primary line. As business grows, Jane adds
new lines for her new employees. When they make outgoing
calls from any line, the caller ID also shows
Jane’s company name. Then Jane hires a
service manager, and adds a line for
the service department. She wants calls from the
service department to display a different
ID name and number. The Flexible Calling Line ID
feature makes this possible. Here are a few things
to keep in mind about Flexible Calling Line ID. It’s available for customers
with more than 1 line. Before you can use
Flexible Calling Line ID the additional line
must be added to your company’s
business listings, which requires an
additional monthly fee. To do this, call your
AT&T representative. By default a new line
shows the same caller ID name and number
as your primary line. To change this,
sign into myAT&T and then go to AT&T
Phone for Business and change the “Flexible
Calling Line ID” setting for the new line. To learn how to sign
into myAT&T and go to AT&T
Phone for Business, watch the video “AT&T Phone for Business Sign In
and Access Your Phone Features”. Here’s how to
change the setting. On the AT&T Phone
for Business page select the new line
from the number list, then click the Phone
Features tab. Next, scroll down
to Outgoing Calls, and expand
“Flexible Calling Line ID”. By default, Flexible
Calling Line ID is on, which means that calls
from the line will show the listing information
for the primary line. When Flexible
Calling Line ID is off, calls from the new line will show the listing
information for the new line. To turn off
Flexible Calling Line ID, click “OFF” and
then click “Save”. And that’s it, you can turn the
setting on and off as needed. Simply sign into myAT&T. Want to learn more? For more videos go to
www.att.com/smbhowtovideos. For step-by-step help, go to the support center at
att.com/smallbizsupport. ♪AT&T jingle♪

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