38 thoughts on “Florence + The Machine – St Jude (The Odyssey – Chapter 3)

  1. this has to be my favorite video of the era, the fact that it's one take, the color grading, the emotion, and the fact that it was shot in my country 😭😭😭😭 i will NEVER get over it

  2. Let the loss reveal it… first my grandmother, then my uncle, then my father… and now I'm getting closer and closer, so yeah…. let the loss reveal it

  3. She sings beautifully especially live n she’s the best song writer I still can’t believe no Grammys or awards (well In the US)

  4. I love artists where the whole album is so quality you couldn't pick which are the ones you'd release if you had a choice… All of them!

  5. Her soul is undoubtfully is mitaculous. And her voice with the keaboards sound very balmly. What a combination for the name St.Jude! I am her liker anyway! Admire the song!

  6. Reading the comments on here shows me how powerful bshe is and how she planted her seed of peace in us and growing till it blossems completely

  7. I feel every second of your pain and there’s no fair way to thank you for sharing it. Your music saved my life.

  8. Oh Florence…. my God. I’m right here with you and I’m WAY beyond thankful for you. Your music frees me, after it explains to me WHY I’ve been caged.

  9. ok but tell me i am not the only one who's like STARING at her shoulders and back

    they're huge

    i love it

  10. David and Michael you tell Aunt Sherry…WADE has Been Restored THE COPLEY NAME HAS BEEN REDEEMED. COUSIN zzzzzz STICK 2GATHER.

  11. Why is she soooo underrated GODDAMN what a great fucking culmination of everything that makes humanity beautiful through poetry, music, and art. WORDS CANT describe how much I admire this woman. We love you FLO!

  12. Do you know how creepy the children's laughter is if you're not watching the video?
    Actually either way.
    Watch out for those little monsters.

  13. Dear Flo,
    This song reminds me of the first time I fell in l love and got my heart broken. I’d listen to this song on repeat and sing the lyrics to myself. “I’m learning so I’m leaving, and even though I’m grieving, I’m trying to find the meaning, let loss reveal it” became my mantra, and gave me so much hope during that rough period. Thanks for sharing your art with us, and I hope you know that it has and will continue to move me in ways that words fail to describe.


  15. Closing with the flock-swarming again is beautiful. It's frustrating that the moment it fills the frame, VEVO ads which can't be removed block the sight.

  16. This is probably the song that hits me hardest. It's a quiet acknowledgment that things weren't right, and even though it hurts to admit it, it is also a relief. A weight is lifted.

  17. I personally like Never Let Me Go more though. Her music has this ability to make one feel different emotions at once I guess.

  18. They all seem to be carrying a heavy (burden) including the boyfriend? carrying Florence. And then towards the end there is a man carrying a woman, like its a could-have-been type of scenario if they just carried on. But they did split, and then there is the spectacle of the birds all flying at once, free, and a little bit awesome 🙂

  19. There is something so, so special about this song.
    It just fills me up entirely to a point of overflowing. It's not even happiness, it's not sadness, it's more like "Yeah things can be a bit shit, but just let go".
    Florence has such an uncanny way of reaching into you and firing up so many of your emotions all at once – pretty sure she's not of this world 🙂 <3

  20. I lived through something exactly like Florence after a devastating heartbreak that wiped me off the map. I know that, because the themes of this album went through my head before I even heard it, and I could relate deeply to her songs. Now that I've found the visual album, I'm staggered by the parallels to my own experience. She truly described that very dark place in the most poetic and beautiful way possible. I hope her heart heals fully one day, she deserves to be happy.

  21. Not sure how I am going to find the time to work on my own songs, if I keep hitting the repeat button on your videos all the time! Really amazing! 💙💚💜🌟🖖

  22. This is purely beautiful, I will forever be grateful for the endless inspiration that this song and video provides

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