Focus will be on data density and speed, among others, Cisco VP says | Capital Connection

well Arjun as you know we're going from 25 billion connected things today to 500 billion connected things over the next decade the primary requirements then moving forward are going to be data density that is the ability to consume more and more data speed being able to access that data faster and of course low power consumption which is critical for IOT and a number of other factors associated with digital age progression and a–casey it ticks all three of those boxes for us of course the semiconductor play as well so is this also about trying to own a bit more of the supply chain as well given I guess the the broader macro environment and worries over supply chain as well now it's not so much supply chain I don't believe it's it's more about capability and it's more about realizing that our customers need these key characteristics associated with the products and services that they get from us so it's very much a customer facing move and is this an acquisition you fill is getting you ahead or catching you up with other rivals well we tend not to worry too much about what's happening behind us we continue to focus on our customers and on innovations that meet those customer needs so I think that were we're in very good shape well 5g of course a huge focus for for Cisco right now but there's been a huge amount of hype around this technology there's been some you know predictions about how quickly this is gonna roll out around the world but as you see as you look at the market right now is there too much hype and is it making us believe that this is going to come way faster than it actually is well it's a very good point Arjun I mean most people refer to this as the 5g race and I think that's a bit of a mischaracterization because it makes people believe that this is all about a sprint and whoever gets there first wins it's not about that this is much more like a marathon because 5g is about inclusion it's about making sure that those that are even in the rural areas or underserved populations have access to first quality education first quality healthcare that in many cases are connected to the rest of the world for the first I'm so I think it's a mischaracterization the goal is to finish the marathon not to win the sprint hey everybody its Hadley gamble from our new CNBC Middle East Bureau in Abu Dhabi thanks for stopping by now to watch more you can try one of the videos that just popped up on your screen and don't forget to subscribe

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