Format 6th edition APA Running Header with Page Numbers in Google Docs

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a running head and page numbers for your APA style papers using Google Docs. If you’ve watched the related video on how to do this in Microsoft Word, the processes are similar but slightly different. I’m using a newer MacBook Pro and Google Chrome’s web browser, but Google Docs should look exactly the same regardless of the computer or the web browser that you’re using. There are a couple of ways to add a header to the top of the page. You could come up here to “insert,” come down to “header and page number,” and click this “header” button. But what I usually prefer to do is just click – double-click in the upper portion of the page. Now, APA has specific requirements for the title page running head. So make sure to check this box because the words “running head” only show up on the title page. So it’s very important to check the different first page option right here. Type up the words running head; only the R should be capitalized. Everything else should be lowercase, and then you can type up the title of your paper in all caps or you can do what I do. I prefer to paste it in and then highlight it and come up to “format,” “text,” “capitalization” and then I click “uppercase,” and I let Google do the hard work of capitalizing the title there. Now I’m gonna copy this. Because we didn’t – because we checked the different first page option, there’s no running head now on page two, the body of the paper. So I’m just gonna paste in the running head without the words running head on page two. Double-check that it’s all in the right font. It should be exactly the same font as the rest of your paper, which usually should be Times New Roman, size 12. The last thing we need to do is add page numbers, which can be a little bit tricky in Google Docs. Firstly, come up to “insert,” down to “header and page number” again. Hovering over page number, you’ll see a few options. APA requires that the page numbers show up on the title page in the upper right corner, so select this first option, the the upper left of these four options. Click that, and Google Docs does this funny thing where, instead of putting the page number in the right corner, it puts it immediately after any other text in your header. So all you need to do is press tab until you get the page number as close to that right corner as possible. Sometimes it also does this funny thing where it’ll show up the page number will show up on the next line after the text. If you look very closely, you can see that the number two is a whole line beneath the text of the running head. So all I need to do is delete these extra spaces and again, press tab until it’s as far over as it can go. Again just double check that it’s the right font. This is Times New Roman, size 12. And there you have it. There’s your running head with the words running head only on the first page and nowhere else, page numbers in the upper right corner.

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