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  1. I think it's impressive that he just stood there and started his story right away. He told his story so fast-paced, not leaving any important little details and very much in order, easy to understand, it's like a detailed synopsis of the movie.

  2. Why are comments turned off in so many lectures at google? Penn Jillette and James Randi – no discussion allowed there. Why? Makes no sense.

  3. His speech is very poetic. He seems to have a way to twisting words around. Can't tell when he is lying or not either.

  4. Wish so much that my dad could be as great a dad as Abagnale’s. My dad was drunk almost all the time (except for when he had to drive to work). He beat my mom for 15 whole years and didn’t stop until they separated and he later married my bitch of a stepmother. I still remember how dangerous he was to my mom when he beat her in the kitchen when I was 7 years old. I’d also like to thank that cunt at Child Protective Services who put me back with my biological parents when I was 7 so that a few years later a psychiatrist in a cushy office in La Jolla could recommend that my dad restrain me by sitting on me when my dad did that to physically violently assault my mom for several weeks when he was intoxicated for no other reason than he was in a bad mood. Oh, yeah, one of my most memorable Christmases was when my dad said to a family therapist about a couple of weeks earlier “We’ll everything’s going pretty well.” A week or two later he came home drunk on Xmas and yelled at my mom “Pig!! You pig!!” while he beat her under the Christmas tree. He did almost nothing to support me and was a brute and a man-child since as far back as I can remember! Fuck that asshole! He always reminds me, “Oh but I have a trust fund set up for you” so he can be absolved of actually being in any way useful or responsible for the rest of his remaining days and the money’s supposed to make up for the fact that he’s a lazy bum who was never there for me. I still can’t wait for him to pass away so I can stop dealing with his bullshit! Oh and he cheated on my mom to her face and treated her like complete garbage through their whole marriage. He never had to take any responsibility for any of it because he’s rich. Fuck my piece of shit father! He’s Michael Wais Sr., the senior principal bassist at the San Diego Symphony. You can punch him in the face or tell him how shitty a father he is if you want. Just don’t shoot him or anything. (Fuck it. Lol! I don’t care if you shoot him bc at least I’d get paid. Just don’t boast that I gave you any ideas to do that. Lol!) Fuck my worthless piece of shit father!!

  5. He is a real artist. I think even now his side of the story raises many questions. He claims that he was just a child. Yes he was, until 18 years old. And he was old enough to date women. I graduated from the high school at age of 16 (I went to school earlier) and at age of 17 was studying in the university and making enough money for living and didn't use the system and people's trust. People like him are dangerous because they use our trust in their interests. And he is telling me that he was just a child. One more time he tricked the crowd. This is why he doesn't sleep well because he hasn't changed.

  6. If everything he just said about debt cards is true….
    I should take my 357.
    Put it to my dome and pull the fuckin trigger.

  7. please dont try to emulate this guy and let a woman define the meaning of your life. Such idealization is dangerous. this guy has obviously chilhood scars and he has a fetish for a wife/mother figure. Since he is a criminal dont use him as a model in this issue. Define your own meaning in life and dont put a woman on a pedestal .This is a glorified dickhead…..screwed a lot of people over….think about it.

  8. I learned how to break into parking meters after I found an abandoned meter and examined it for a long time. ive never robbed a meter. lets make a movie.

  9. frank you did nothing wrong. surviving and discovering that your tatics works is just beautiful. thanks for the information for the future. thankfully you got your peace in the system. i copied you for some time. and did some bad things. just (everybody) know: honesty is the way… and that comes from a former drug addict.

  10. Started out as an amateur criminal–now he's a professional criminal for one of the most corrupt organizations in the world, speaking at another one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. What a guy.

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  12. Funny story, but kinda corny at the end. He's a very blue-pilled guy and now that we know how corrupt the FBI is…well, always has been, he's just working for a different sort of organized crime. The end is really sappy, but interesting story.

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  14. How dumb could the parents be? He didn't know about it, is suddenly commanded to go to court and then suddenly decide something that he would have to think over.

  15. He somehow thinks that other people at 16 are vaguely similar to him. And he seems to think that his unbelievable confidence was something normal for a teenager.
    No, he could do what he did because of his extreme confidence. He didn't have to think about consequences as much because of his extreme confidence.

    He goes about to attribute his achievements to chance and luck but it was his confidence that even brought chance into the equation and then gave him an immense edge against all odds because of his charisma (the result of his confidence).

    I think he sees himself in the wrong light and has the wrong view on other kids and other people because what he says about other people or people in general does not match my experience. I am more similar to him (when he fooled everyone) now that I'm the age he was released from prison than I was at the age when he fooled everyone.

  16. I don't care who someone grows up to be, or where they work, you don't selfishly con people and lie for years on end with that not being a massive part of who you are. Don't like him. But I can see why he's been useful in infiltrating criminal organisations for a government agency. He's a sniffer dog.

    But his story made for a great movie though. But we should never forget that the key to making enjoyable movies or protagonists we are drawn to or interested in that the key element all 'Hollywood' criminals is charisma. We've all loved gangster movies, and it's because of this. But in reality charisma is the simplest way to earn trust. People are naturally trusting; it's human nature. Everywhere you go, everything you do, you are ultimately trusting people even if you're not conscious of it. Everyone's an easy target to the dishonest. Yeah, don't like this man at all. I hope he does forever feel guilty for taking advantage of so many people. He should never forget what he's done and should feel guilty for the rest of living days.

    It's the most basic and fundamental mentality to be a good parent and partner. Sure, many fail but that's ultimately down to not recognising they're not with the right person, or didn't want children or shouldn't have children but did so anyway. I'm not fooled by anyone pointing out what a great husband and father they are. I'm sorry but that's not special and its ultimately of no consequence. This isn't a comparison, but a point I presume people want to pretend can't be true; even murderers can be loving partners or parents, and pay their bills on time. The very worst of people can still have very common, socially acceptable attitudes and ways.

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  18. I worked for a company as a contractor whom wanted to find lost source (10 years ago), to increase their security. Shockingly, All I had to do was search the former emplolyees, call the former employees, tell them I worked at the company, and asked for the lost source, and EVERY timer I got the source. Insane how quick the former employees were to hand over the source, for a formerly major financial company.

  19. People in the comments are talking about how smart he is and they aren’t wrong but that’s not the trick. He tells you the big trick it’s confidence. Magicians,, sales people and con men will tell you confidence is everything you can screw 90% of what your doing wrong but if you act like you did it perfect people will believe it.

  20. Bravo! I too had a difficult time when my parents told me they are getting a divorce (I ran away and ended up in a group home). I totally understand and want to say that you are an incredibly intelligent man and because you are, changed the direction of your circumstances- You are a WINNER! Total respect!

    You need to forgive yourself and hold your head high!


  21. which FBI is this guy talking about , i know the FBI that creates bank robbers so they can bust them to keep their budgets for the next year , i know the FBI who helped stage the boston bombing bullshit . they said we are planning a bomb exercise across the street from the kenedy library , during the boston marathon . if you look it up, its exactly where the firecracker went off . they admitted it before it happened . dosen't surprise me one bit that they hire felons

  22. How is it that cyber criminals are allowed by the US Government to operate freely, taking billions of dollars per year, like pirates in the eighth tenth century, unchallenged?

  23. Well, I love Frank but what he predicts near the end of the video that in two years (which are are now two years from the posting of this video), that "passwords" will no longer be used on devices to identify the user. Guess not? The "Trusonia" he talks about has never happened. Not sure why but maybe in the future.

  24. im in awe at this mans ability to talk like that!
    no wonder he could talk himself into any character and out of situations!

  25. You are a very articulate and intelligent man – superb video and so interesting. My father flew Qantas 707's in the late 60's and then tristars and 747's for other airlines. Great interview. You sound like a good man

  26. A sixteen year old grifter. A criminal by circumstance yes. A criminal yes. Has cost us all money yes.It's a grey area for me as to cheer for him or make him pay for the crimes he committed. Since he never physically hurt anyone . I'm going with(and thought about it a lot) i AM CALLING HIM A FOLK HERO.

  27. hard to really get into the story when the listeners in the audience think this is some kind of comedy skit, damn hillbillies, i wish you would just stfu.!

  28. I can't help but think that his punishment still did not compensate for all the conning he accomplished. He lived an amazing but illegal young adulthood. He went all over the world for his cheating. That seems to be worth it, for me.

  29. Great talk, a bit sinister at certain points: I doubt there are so many "ethical" people in the US security services nowadays based on what we've seen with "Russiagate" and "the war on terror" etc., I also feel the US with is using it's technology in much the same way as China i.e. spying on citizens and manipulating them. Has Frank become more naive in his twilight years i wonder, have his glasses become rose tinted?

  30. He’s right. The most wonderful appreciation for his wife and children
    But GOD has given him her & all his children – God was his daddy all the years
    he was broken hearted kept him provided for him. Glory to God for this wonderful man !

  31. The fbi lie and so do Hollywood…and now a control system to shut anyone down they don't like, sounds very Orwellian to me.

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