Free calls, no sim card needed, free minutes! any android device! just wi-fi/data and 2 free apps!

hey guys I'm going to show you how to make free calls without a SIM card on your Android device and basically what you need it's blurred out because I want people calling me or any of these numbers so that's why it's blurry what you need to do is you need to get a Google Voice account or get a gmail account and then get a Google Voice account and you can get a number and then what you need to do is you need to download that under your phone so if you think Google Voice app to put on your phone and this uh app called socket owned it looks like like that taco dome okay so then you download they have the free app and then you put it on your phone and there's some settings you have to go through which you're pretty easy and then when you go back to your Google Voice account you can just um go into the settings and then make it so that it forwards your calls to Google Chat instead of your mobile phone number that you put in there and then it what it does is it forwards it to the taça tone and then your phone will ring and what I'm going to do is demonstrate by I'm going to go ahead and call out I'm going to show you the first I don't have a SIM card in my phone there is no SIM card in my phone just the SD card in the battery of course okay so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to the taco to an app and I'm going to go ahead and call this phone and now if you watch it's gonna ring okay so that's me calling that number off this phone okay so now you know that it it's that works and now he also has a tacit own phone number which I'll call to just I don't demonstration I'll call his because he downloaded that too because it works when you're running out of minutes and you don't want to use up you don't want to get overage charges and you can still make calls with a Wi-Fi connection so I'm calling his taco to a number and then as you see it rings okay so basically that's pretty much it I mean it's extremely fast and easy also you know I could run off of his Wi-Fi hotspot' if I really wanted to if we weren't you know near a Wi-Fi connection and then I can just make Wi-Fi calls that way as well but the whole no SIM card is pretty much really awesome especially if you have an old phone an old Android phone laying around and you need you know you want to be able to get some use out of it you know if you have family that is mostly at home with a Wi-Fi connection there you go just have them create a Google account a Google Voice phone number and free phone calls and I mean Wi-Fi connections are extremely easy to find especially in like big neighborhoods and sometimes you can even find free ones in large cities so that is how you can make free calls I'll place some more more information in the description some more details but yeah it's really nice no SIM card free calls so I hope you enjoyed if you have any questions send me a message thank you

28 thoughts on “Free calls, no sim card needed, free minutes! any android device! just wi-fi/data and 2 free apps!

  1. You didnt answer rhe phone that rang to show that it actually works and u also didnt show the other phone not having a SIM card

  2. I just got the talkatone app someone here mentioned. It has adds on top and bottom, but since the app is free, can't complain. I used hangouts before to make free outgoing calls via wifi and was not able, to my knowledge, to receive calls, also, it did not have a speaker, which we like to use when calling grandparents and the toddler is trying to listen and respond… thank you!

  3. Google voice not work here in Romania.Here,you can do this only with one app,Gvphone,but after initial,you have in the past a sim card with a number.

  4. I don’t know why but honestly I hate YouTube I don’t like you no more it’s all because of people like you bullshitters a lot of you guys bullshit how the fuck I’m gonna go open a Google voice account with that I haven’t an actual phone number like are you stupid or stupid come on man use your brain before you download such a video like that

  5. thx Dot. i have an old phone i dont use anymore, and my new phones sim card doesnt fit in old phone. so how do i get a google ph. number? or is there a current way around this? i'll be travelling overseas soon. ty

  6. Hey awesome vlog what I do now is Still using Hangout as well google Voice as my main internet phone line and gettting freedom pop free data plan with free 1 gig each month with hangout when needed I always turned off data if near wifi location to save usage as of 2017

  7. Thank you Dorothy. my iphone malfunctioned during the 10.2 update yesterday. i would like to thank you for this video seeing as how i had to pull out my ultra old galaxy s 3 until i recieve me replacement phone in the mail.

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