Freestyle Ice Skating: Grapevine Tutorial

Hey guys! We are here in Budapest with my friends, Jay, Patrick and Anthony. And we are going to show you how to do the Grapevine! Grapevine.. is definitely one of the oldest, if not THE oldest freestyle trick. Look at the old stagers. They’re killin’ it. For beginners it’s often advised to practice at the barrier to have a better understanding of the movement, but I have a better idea: I drop in the animation
for you now and you can memorize the movent with it. I believe this direction is the most
frequent but of course you can do it in the opposite way if you like. First thing: you’re
not spinning around. You can go in a straight line if you want or I like the circle better, but you’re not spinning around your axis. Let’s talk about the legs. The first half
is easy. Cross your legs while keeping them on the ground. Start turning your front leg
(right leg in my case) and let it stop. The other one will pass behind. Now turn your
whole body 180 degrees to the right and you will be going backwards. You’re done with
the first half. Now! Something similar comes. So you’re going backwards now. Do a similar
turn with your right leg as before, and let the other one pass. If you turn back now,
the cycle is complete. But wait with that! There is something else here. As you can see I’m not slowing down. Why? There must be a point where you generate momentum. And this point is exactly where you finish the cycle. Before turning back to normal I’m using my left leg to generate the momentum just like doing a crossover. So if you don’t want to slow down after 1 or 2 cycles, you need to keep pushing yourself at this point.
Just like with every other 3D animation I have, you can also watch this in your browser if
you wish to rotate the camera around. I put the link in the description.
For some extra: Patrick is showing the jelly feet version. Marko with the stop and revert. And Anthony with some extra footwork. 1-2-3 steps, and do the cycle again now.. 1-2-3 and keep on rolling. Okey guys, this was my grapevine tutorial!
Until I come back with a new tutorial, feel free to browse my existing videos!
See you.

95 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Grapevine Tutorial

  1. Ich glaube ihr seid Deutsch deshalb frag ich mal auf Deutsch 😀
    Könnte ihr demnächst auch ein Tutorial für das Dreieck machen? Irgendwie bin ich zu blöd dafür.
    Gutes Tutorial!

  2. Nice starting tutorial although both legs should really play a part in in the start of the grapevine, instead of having 1 foot stationary whilst the other goes in front both feet should be pushed out and pulled back together before the leading foot takes its place at the front also known as a Lemon in skating terms, with this technique applied it adds more flow to the trick and takes away the robotic footwork look it also gives you a better momentum for your forward to backwards transition, I guess it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. keep them tutorials coming Makleit 👍

  3. I'm new to skating but I think I'm good enough to learn some tricks… I'll give this a try! This tutorial is very thorough~

  4. Hey, you got a cool video tutorial right there… I was wondering if you could please make an "Crazy Legs" Tutorial? I looks really easy and it looks really cool but i can't make it… Thanks. 🙂

  5. Hey man ,
    I've been skating for years now and its great to finally see and good youtube channel that helps promote freestyle skating. Your videos are very well made and edited , I love your animations and you can see that hard work that goes into your videos. Please keep up these amazing videos , I might learn a feel things too !

  6. Oh my gosh… you guys are aMaZinG! Thank you so much for this tutorial, especially the extra steps and footwork at the end. I've been waiting so long for a tutorial to show me those extra footwork! Greetings from San Francisco 🙂

  7. Great tutorial. Could you do a tutorial on on something more basic. I have trouble with the pivots from forward to backward and backward to forward. i.e. The part where you say your right foot stops and then your left foot passes from behind then you turn 180 degrees. Could you show how and when you distribute your weight and I how you use the edges during the pivot. Thanks!!!

  8. I used to skate as a kid, then I moved to a tropical country and never really gotten back to it since then (figures). However, im thoroughly enjoying these videos ! Great editing, great explanations, it looks awesome, it's short and gets to the point. Good job, keep it up !

  9. Thank u so much! I've been slowing down after 1/2 movements I'm gonna try it now with your advise cuz I was trying to figure out how to generate the speed!

  10. Hi Uristenzor! I love your videos, could you give me a tip on transitioning from backwards to the begininng of grapevine? The first part I can do easily now, but unless I'm holding onto something, I can't do the second part because my direction keeps switching instead of going in a straight line. 🙁

  11. По видео не научиться, я смог сделать это только когда начал контролировать свои ноги и движения)

  12. great video and tutorial ! – just one small point – I find that the "push" comes not so much from the crossover at the end of the cycle but more from what I call the reverse backwards crossover just before the end of the cycle and watching your video it seems that where most people seem to get if from – but i could be wrong. The best version of the grapevine that I have ever seen is from a Canadian skating group called Le Patin Libre. See the link – that are not on ice in the video in the link, but believe me they do even better on ice.

  13. Thanks.. but the animation were a little off putting. I still haven't been able to clarify in your video when exactly you're supposed to be pushing off again to maintain momentum.

  14. I got a little problem. I can do this move perfectly but unfortunately I have to stop because I lose speed. I don’t really understand how you generate that momentum. I’ve tried doing the trick with more speed and turn my legs faster but I always stop after 2 cycles. I also noticed that the body movement and how fast you turn the body helps. Is this also a hint for the momentum?

  15. Possible to show us in another video where the balance points are on the blades? Such as back front middle and edges in each component of the movement. ThX

  16. can any of these freestyle tricks be done with a figure skate? because i got used to the figure blades more it helps me balance my self more.

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