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  1. They act like Trump is in charge and at fault of everything.. Just more political hit pieces during a time of crisis. As if you weren't trying to impeach the guy during the beggining of this whole fiasco either.

  2. de Bladio is a MAYOR!
    The president works with Governors of all 50 states. Tell him to take it up with Cuomo if he wants the National Guard involved.
    As for the US Military, they have a different job entirely than becoming Combat Ineffective from being able to defend from outside threats that may take advantage of this situation.

  3. de Blasio is trying to make political points. The President & White House is dealing with the Governor of NY who is then deciding where the Federal resources get distributed & he knows that

  4. I'm from South Carolina I just read South Carolina just received 55 pallets of N95 mask we need those things but New York needs it's More in my opinion

  5. I think Trump is not helping because of the Investigation the Southern District o New York is doing into his Family ,What a Great Leader we Have !!!

  6. Thanks Governor Hogan for all your hard work in MD. Tells you something when all the black democrats in PG county came out to support him.

  7. 1921 – Immigration Act – Restricts Immigration of
    Eastern and Southern Europeans

    Immigration Act of 1921 restricts immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe.

    Agribusiness lobbies to allow law to exclude their primary source of cheap labor –


    1924 – Immigration Act – Militarization

    Immigration Act of 1924 stops flow of other immigrant groups and officially
    establishes the United States Border Patrol and several stations to tax entering migrants and formally admit workers from Mexico.

    1929-1934 – Great Depression and Deportation

    During the Great Depression about half a million Mexicans and Mexican-Americans

    are deported to Mexico.

    1930s – Atomic Bombs on Indian Land

    During the 1930s the U.S. tests the first atomic-bomb in the Southwest on Native

    land. In addition, the establishment of forts that would become “twin cities” – for

    example Nogales, Mexico and Nogales, U.S.A – begins the official militarization of

    the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Confucius said: " If you want to define the future, study the past"

  8. They can make all the press conferences and put the blame on any and everyone, but WHAT EXACTLY are they doing? They cant be doing much when they are doing press conference 24/7.

  9. 1933 – “Good”
    Neighbor Policy FDR’s “Good Neighbor Policy” promises to end U.S. military

    intervention in Latin
    America; a promise that the U.S. continues to break even today.

    1942 – the bracero program

    Due to dire labor shortages because of WWII, millions of Mexican workers are

    recruited through the establishment of the Bracero Program to help sustain the U.S.

    war-time economy. Before workers enter the U.S. they are subjected to humiliating

    “medical examinations” including the “fumigation” of their naked bodies.

    program leads to various forms of workplace exploitation and inhumane working


    Eventually over 5 million Mexican “braceros” are imported to work in
    various industries playing a vital role in the U.S. and “free-world’s” victory over the “Axis Powers” (Germany, Japan, and Italy). At the height of the Bracero Program more undocumented immigrants enter the U.S. as the families of the men recruited follow them into the U.S.

    1942 – Japanese Internment

    While Mexican immigrants are being “imported” to be exploited in the agricultural

    fields of the Southwest, Japanese immigrants and Japanese-American citizens are

    corralled in “interment camps” due to the racist questioning of their patriotism and

    loyalty to the U.S.

    These interment camps serve as precursors to today’s immigrant
    detention centers and camps.

  10. Sanctuary States deserve nothing absolutely nothing! Are we US tax payers suppose to neglect our own to care for people who are not even AMERICANS?
    That's the Democrats way, and it is unpatriotic and ANTI AMERICAN!!!

  11. 1964-1965 – Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and
    Immigration and Naturalization

    The Civil and Voting Rights Acts are passed. In addition, the 1965 Immigration and

    Nationality Act is passed ending racial and nationality quotas and establishing a

    family-unity based immigration system.

    1965 – Watts Uprisings in LA

    After the Watts Riots, SWAT is started in Los Angeles militarizing Black and Latino


    1975 – End of Vietnam War = more border military

    When U.S. war in Vietnam ends, military surplus war material is transferred to U.S.-

    Mexico border beginning a new era of militarization with motion-detection and heat

    sensors, in addition to the implementation and use of military weapons and

    strategies in the borderlands.

    1976 – Hate Crimes, White Juries

    Three undocumented immigrants were stabbed and tortured by George Hannigan

    and his two sons of Douglas, Arizona.

    An all white jury found the killers innocent of
    any wrong doing. It wasn’t until five years later that protests by the Mexican community eventually led to another trial and their conviction.

  12. You think they care about anyone? No they dont. They dont care about protecting us taxpayers. As soon as chaos started NY Gov Cuomo wasted NO TIME isolating his daughter. But what about everyone else? Why do it take so long to shut NY down to stop the spread if the virus? It dont matter to them who dies or lives as long as its not them and their love one!

  13. 1977 – Klan Border Watch – White Vigilantism

    David Duke and the KKK gain national attention due to their “Klan Border Watch”

    campaign on the U.S.- Mexico border.

    This campaign is the precursors to the
    “Minutemen” type vigilante groups that currently stalk and hunt migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border today. In response to the KKK’s plan, Chicana/os from across the Southwest marched in protest

    1980s – Militarization; Simposon-Mazzolli Bill

    The “American Border Control Commission” is established and the Simpson-Mazzolli

    bill is debated placing militarization of the border at the forefront of the debate. In

    addition, the U.S. government funds wars throughout Central America to overthrown

    democratically elected governments and displacing thousands of people forcing

    them to migrate north.

    1982 – maquiladoras and the peso

    Dramatic increase in maquiladoras on the U.S.-Mexico border after the devaluation

    of the Mexican peso.

    1982 – Gulf Coast Detention Centers

    Detention centers are built in the Gulf Coast region in preparation of a potential

    “immigration crisis” of Arab and Palestinians.

    Instead Black Haitian immigrants are
    jailed at places such as Krome Detention Center.

  14. He didn't even want to help ICE to with re: to the illegal aliens. Why should we have US forces help New York

  15. Fair Warning to ALL.
    The Better Business Bureau is already receiving reports on scams related to the Stimulus Checks.
    package announced this week includes sending every American a check to offset lost income from the coronavirus crisis. Scammers wasted no time in taking advantage of this news! BBB is already getting reports on BBB Scam Tracker (BBB.org/ScamTracker) about government imposters calling about the checks. Watch out for these phony government grants that ask for personal and banking information.

  16. Loud Mouth Bill De Blaugh Blaugh Blaugh DeSieo. Friday Night the president signed a Bill and informed Cuomo must not be talking with you. Your not a Governor, your a Mayor that should work through your Governors office. Also it was already told to you De Blasio, the USNS Comfort. Are steaming to NYNY Harbor.

  17. It's very good to hear honesty from members of both parties at this moment. A huge contrast with the sycophants kissing up to Trump @ the White House briefings.

  18. De Blasio just politicizing this disperate situation… all he can do is say Trump is not responding and blame him. He is just doing CYA for himself.

  19. Read the headline again. That statement can be taken more than one way. Americans must unite to protect our caregivers and the frail.

  20. THANK YOU for remote interviewing!
    I have cringed for weeks when I saw guests who flew to studios, risking getting and spreading infection.
    Please stay safe! We are here watching like never before!

  21. Trump is working with Cuomo. Cuomo has praised Trump. De Bozo should tuck tail and fall in behind his Governor. Not a fan of Andrew or his politics, but the man has shown true leadership in a time of crisis.


  23. He’s so right I was in a field hospital unit we could go out in middle of no where & have up in fully functioning hospital in few hours complete with X-ray Dept surgery air condition u would be surprised about military capabilities

  24. I hope this FBAR administration is not handling the supplies like they did with Puerto Rico where they found whearhouse of much needed water in supplies 2 yrs after the fact.

  25. Traitor-trump says there's million of supplies so why are the medical staff pleading for them?? Privateers should not be who traitor-trump deligates medical supplies to. This is a WORL pendemic. The USA should have a surplus by now.

  26. AOC, OMAR, TLAIB AND BERNIE ON CORONAVIRUS: "This is an unprecedented moment and we have got to think in an unprecedented way".

  27. Apparently the Mayor of NYC fails to understand the chain of command when a disaster hits. The Gov of NY decides what help NYC gets. A Democrat eating a Democrat blaming a Republican for failure.

  28. You know the mainstream media and establishment went too far when even the low information masses don't believe the propaganda anymore.

  29. Of course you know who to believe….the one that is concerned with the well being of americans or the donald trump clone…even mike pence disagrees with the bad president that we have….

  30. Ah the hypocrisy of the left. So covid-19 strikes, a terrible disease, and California and New York among others beg for the Federal Govt to please help them. If Trump doesn't act fast enough, then Orange Man bad, right? But if something happens that the left in Ca and NY like, such as illegal immigration, then they do everything in their power to thwart the power of the Federal Govt to do its job, to set up so-called sanctuary states. And when Trump wants to enforce the law, then Orange Man bad again?? So I say let Ca and NY burn. Let them handle the problem on their own and see how they like it. I live in Ca, the weather is nice but the govt sucks.

  31. We cannot risk our military right now. if they get sick we have no defense. Think use the national guard first. Producing equipment the military can handle, keep them out of the population as long as possible


  33. Trump and his cronies are spending more time manipulating and monitoring the stock market than anything else. They'll all be making huge killings on the market while people are dying.

  34. Come on wtf is going on with all these companies such as 3M and the like. Get this equipment like masks done. Man we're all screwed because of govmts, companies, scientists and a bunch of greedy idiots and higher ups. So to some this up, we are done for and we the people are being completely mismanaged and mass controlled and misdirected within the madness of it all.

  35. He said forget the blame and what we didn’t do fast enough. Gov Hogan said let’s go forward and now! People need to listen.

  36. What a joke!! Trump is doing awesome. Nbc is,always has been and will continue to be the problem. Just more fake news. Trump 2020💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👊👊👊

  37. UBER & LYFT, GIG workers, Freelancers, Contract workers, all businesses have been crushed!!!… Rideshare drivers should be eligible for state emergency unemployment benefits because a "Tax Credit" as previously proposed is not acceptable since they need the money now to survive during this pandemic health disaster of epic proportions. REMEMBER, we are several million workers strong in the U.S. today and our lives have drastically changed due to the Coronavirus outbreak in this election year. Our industry is huge and can't be neglected in this federal relief plan bill. Politicians & Lawmakers, we need your help now more than ever!

  38. Mayor de Blasio, the Taxi Limousine Commission (TLC) announced rideshare car service are authorized to be driving in NYC because you conveniently labeled them as "Essential Service"…Really!… Really Mayor? These drivers are not trained paramedics and their vehicles are not (ambulances) equipped to be transporting possible infected passengers around. The only vehicles that should be allowed in your streets are the First Responders, National Guard, Food & Medical supplies. We all hope you are currently working to contain the spreading of this terrible disease, but instead, you are still allowing people to be walking the city. You had never planned for a major health disaster like this one, right? Also, in a city with revenue higher than in some countries, you should have a financial plan to back and help these drivers in need. Now, we all really believe you Mayor don't care for our wellbeing or safety. Concerning for you Sir & your TLC commissioner, bad decisions and leadership…Shameful!!!

  39. Stay inside ,or get a one way ticket to Italy. Blasio failed to answer how the military is supposed to produce respirator machines. What companies? It's got to come from the manufacturers who are making them now? No?

  40. News Flash: Americans withdraw all their money from banks! Second News Flash: Coronavirus has been defeated you can all put your money back and go about your regular lives sorry for the inconvenience!

  41. Why is one of the more sensitive areas of doctors and nurses not protected? I am no medical expert but I hope they do realised. One of the exposed area Ear !! if this do help please put it through to the proper authority.

  42. If the government do not lockdown states, we people let us lockdown ourselves, as I been seen no body is going to save us.

  43. The Governors need to immediately communicate with residential rental real estate owners about social distancing in their rental complexes/buildings. They should also encourage disinfection of common areas with safe products that do not irritate or damage tenants' respiratory systems.

  44. De Blasio is a blatant liar. There is a large number of military personnel that had already arrived in New York prior to this interview, and De Blasio ALREADY KNEW THIS at the time of the interview. This guy is a traitor to our country. His behavior cannot be explained by mere partisan politics or stupidity. He is purposefully lying and sowing discord. He needs to be removed from office and arrested. So disgusting.

  45. Here in Germany its not more than 2 people or the people you live with.
    10 people is way to many, it will not get better then.
    I really think i will be cancelling my trip in August to the USA, it just looks like it will get worse until we get a new President and Administration

  46. Republicans will stick their heads in the sand until its to late and even now, after it is to late they just want to speak happy talk and not give fact based information.

  47. The governor is too afraid of trump to tell the truth. Diblasio is speaking truth and anyone not taking this very seriously because of politics will be responsible!

  48. the US allowed China to control industry, economy & acted months too late on what can nearly be proven as bio warfare. so while your military heads out to fight a pandemic your New President Xi Jinping will be walking in with his. he knew what he was doing, nobody paid attention! still not. China threatened yrs before they could cripple a country in three weeks bc they will have no product & it's playing out in all the hospitals but wait till it hits the people….

  49. I can not believe that even now De Blasio can not stop creating rhetoric that divide us as a nation or even as the people now. Im not saying he tells lies, worst , he creates half-trues and biased opinion based solutions REPs and DT "dont apply" that are highly questionable even to experts…

  50. De Blasio remainds me that students at the beach and basketball courts that could holth themselves from gathering just for a day or two than started to "live their lives" again and telling reporters things like " If I get corona I get corona, it is not going to stop me from partying".

  51. …and I am "natural democrat" (at least till recently I was). Unfortunately I start to realize there are no believe "authorities" can not spoil, so to speak, for you(either that applies to religious nor political views)

  52. You are some kind of stupid deblasio……I can't WAIT, till you go down…..oh and ask your wife, where's is the 800. Million she LOST!!!

  53. Demn If You Do – and demn if You Don't. This pandemic is a "perfect solution" to unburden pension plan's by killing of the people who are old or have other medical conditions. Democrats would love to be available making that accusations against the president. Think ! The Government needs Time to prevent overrunning hospitals ,to manufacture necessary equipment and supplies . To safe Your life's . This is a new kind of war- that No One was prepared for it .Obama and Biden new how bad is the system and Done NOTHING!. So count Your blessings for having Mr Trump as the president who gets things done !. If a democrat like Bloomberg or Biden was in the office he would be helping China in massive cover up. Or You could be a Canadian that have a leader who self isolate himself instead taking a simple test . So count Your blessing for You have a right man i the office!

  54. What a tool! Everybody wants to blame President Trump yet never gives him credit for things he has done..SMH, get a life…

  55. Looks like the MD governor is in denial. I bet he would be, well WILL be singing a different tune when he has 15k infected in his state.

  56. Does DiBasio understand its HIS responsibility to make sure NYC was ready for ANY disaster ? No he doesn’t … because he’s a complete incompetent A-hole.

  57. Deblasio. U are so useless. U cry u complain. U blame. U beg. U don't ever come up with situational idea to maybe help the situation. TRY ACTING MORE LIKE CUOMO!!!!! i hope u burn in deblasio u useless pr#%&k!

  58. I'm never cease to be amazed about quite how stupid a significant minority of my fellow humans are. If they don't get by now that they're responsible for their own wellbeing, let alone than for other people's, then there's no hope

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