Full Tour After Remodel Class A RV & Mystery Box

hey everybody Eric and Jax here from
nomadic fanatic I have a special video for you today you asked for it it is
time to finally update you on the progress of what Miranda the RV looks
like today after all of the changes I made I cannot wait to share all this
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sponsoring this video now we’re gonna change gears and let’s talk about the
changes I’ve made in this RV since I’ve owned it yeah so I felt it time to do an
updated little tour of my RV and kind of show with you a lot of the changes that
I’ve made what you’re mostly just gonna be the interior stuff but talk about
every little aspect of the RV and what I like and maybe what I would have done
differently but definitely time to give you a new tour of my RV Miranda here
she’s got two slides a big one here on the passenger side which is giving me
problems the teeth underneath the slide mechanism are all chewed up it’s very
difficult to get this to go back in but sometimes I’m gonna be parked somewhere
like right now it’s nice to have the extra floor space
we’re about that lets me get inside because I do not have to have this slide
out to be able to use it lots of under storage here got a few
Christmas decorations around it right now and here’s the driver’s side of the
RV with the driver side slide out this is where my new Rico dual recliner
system is at so having the slide out puts me farther away from the monster TV
which I will show you in just a minute also again lots and lots of storage
underneath there’s four on each side well that’s the water this is the part I
don’t like for winter because the water pump itself is exposed on the outside of
the RV with no protection or heat other than that everything else seems to do
okay this is the motorcycle carrier this is where the motorcycle is stored while
I’m driving it comes with a seven foot ramp here that allows me to get a lot
more room I remove the license plate from here and popped it up to here where
you can see it so that the motorcycle isn’t blocking it as well as I added LED
strips on the back here so you can definitely see my turn signals and brake
lights they’re not blocked by the wheels talk about solar the thing I’m most
happy with this RV may be the modification that just makes everything
work is the epic solar system off-grid boondocking setup that I’ve had
installed on this RV which makes it possible and the brains of it I will
show you but up on the roof we’ve got four solar panels up there that are
three hundred and twenty watts apiece so I’ve got twelve hundred and eighty watts
of solar permanently mounted to the roof I was originally gonna go with just
three and then possibly tilt those panels in the wintertime when the sun’s
lower since I found out I had more room I just added a fourth panel and
therefore I get that 25% extra solar anyway naturally and I don’t have to
climb up and down the roof at all so yeah lots of watts of solar on the roof
but we got to have a way to store it and that’s where this compartment here comes
into play the brains of my solar operation this is why I do not have to
go to RV parks anymore and plug into power why I don’t have to run the
generator for power I’ve got five lithium batteries equaling 500 useable
amp hours of storage a 3000 watt inverter 150 amp charge controller there
and my buddy Wayne Darby prepper Wayne on YouTube installed
system so that inside were tapped into the fuse box inside which means every
outlet in there works when I’m not plugged in as if I were plugged in
basically I don’t know the difference we’ll go inside and I will show you an
updated tour of Miranda here and so now we will step into the RV and we’ll take
a little tour ready jacks so again both slides are out right now but I’m going
to kind of show you where those slides would be when they are inside and we
will start here in the living room where I guess the most changes have
happened not the most difficult changes but the most has changed because most
RVs have an uncomfortable couch and a dinette and I no longer have either of
those this is where the monstrous waste of space four-person dinette used to be
and now I have this nice convenient little six drawer system keep filming
gear and everything else in and there’s this monstrosity right here this is a 55
inch TV don’t know if it’s absolutely the largest physical TV in an RV
it is definitely fun to watch sports and movies on this TV but the TV was just
part of it that really uncomfortable couch sofa that came with the RV was not
working that is why Jax and I upgraded to these
awesome dual recliners with cup holders and storage underneath here do you want
to demonstrate how it works Jax once you sit down you just pull this cord right
here they’re not like electrical or anything
and of course jackson’s are gonna be able to sit back but the recliner goes
back it’s a zero wall recliner and so he’ll sit there also then sit here when
i get up to go get another barley pop he’ll steal this seat and then i’ll go
back over there because he likes the warmest seat really did you don’t need
to do that right now i do have the front curtains up here because i’m living in
the RV right now and i don’t really need that but i can open it up and have a
nice view this TV up here is used mainly just for my epic security system which
i’m not going to talk specifics because i don’t want there to be anything like
like a loophole or something that i leave
but I installed seven exterior cameras around the outside of the RV and also
one inside here so that I can monitor the RV while I’m away or I can simply
just look out and find out what exactly is going on at any corner of my RV also
the interior camera is great because I have the cameras hooked to the internet
all the time a server so I can remotely watch from my phone anywhere in the
country I can see what Jax is doing on the couch what’s going on inside the RV
in general I can even hang a little thermometer up near it and see what the
temperature is remotely in the RV and I am getting a new alarm installed in the
RV while I’m here in this location soon yeah the TV is a very large TV but this
is not just for like pleasure you know this is my work vehicle but I also need
to have a fun way to watch movies and I have a lot of online streaming
subscriptions oh by the way one of the things I do to help me boost the signal
because I do rely on that cellular signal for Wi-Fi is I have a Wi-Fi
booster I’m not using it right now but there’s the block for it and then up on
the roof of my RV is the amplifier and the exterior antenna which is going to
give me much better signal strength to the nearest cell phone tower to be able
to have Wi-Fi on the road alright let’s stand back and look at
this again remember this slide is out right now so when I’m driving this slide
this edge of the couch comes to right there leaving me this whole section open
and wide it’s actually wider here than it is in the hallway there that is kind
of fixed I can’t change any of that so yeah we’ll move on to the kitchen over
here I’ve got my gas stove and my oven I’ve got a microwave and as I mentioned
every outlet and USB in the entire RV is always hot always available on solar
okay that’s why I have my k-cup coffee maker over here plugged into a power
strip I can run that no problem off of my solar batteries
I’ve got storage under the sink which as you can imagine once this slide comes in
I do not have access to those two drawers so nothing that I need on a
regular basis is stored in there there it’s mostly just cleaning supplies I’ve
got a dual basin sink there I hang up my coats my keys and
sunglasses here I’ve got my 100,000 subscriber plaque Claire we got my
fridge and freezer with mr. Han so will there in carbonite they’re always
running on gas propane for me we’ve got Jax’s bowl for water and food
right here which reminds me I forgot to point out the litter box kind of hidden
and stealth right here in the corner easy to maintain and clean and I just
spray it every time he uses it and we just keep up with that it’s no biggie
right no no big you know got storage for pots and pans in here and and a lot more
cupboard space for other foods you know this is a line I had put in over the
summer which is tapped into my existing propane line so that I can plug in my
catalytic heater directly off of the propane line in the RV and then here is
the old dual bunk bed situation there were two bunk beds here taking up a
bunch of space and I took those out and converted this into my own little office
most of the stuff on the desk is secured to the desk those cameras need to move
but everything else is secured by Velcro velcro everything yes and I do want to
get a better office chair let’s go over to the bathroom I have a nice big comfy
shower in there mm-hmm I got my sink and toilet and of course I have a nightlight
in here that stays on all the time so I’ll cover that you can see it’s always
on might as well doesn’t run any power and it’s an easy way to light up the
bathroom in here so there’s that and that takes us to the master bedroom here
and remember the slide is out right now this is where I have made the biggest
changes noticeably the bed now goes north to south instead of east to west
which meant when the slides in the in position which this base would come to
about right here the bed going this way you couldn’t access any of the drawers
and even even these ones up here would not open and there was no way to walk
around the bed now with the slide in and this change right here I can walk all
the way around the bed with the slide in Jack’s you like that I
got Jax’s food right here an extra kitty litter right here I kept one end table
with a drawer fan and a light this window here can open let in some air
with a screen it’s also an emergency exit and we do have our little mattress
here very nice comfortable mattress there got my massive magnet board here I
do have a lot of magnets but this is the largest magnet board that you’ve ever
seen this is 6 feet long by 4 feet tall got it on Amazon for a hundred and
eighty dollars and right now I have removed the old TV that was right here I
don’t use it I’m gonna do something else like storage here otherwise I’ve got all
my clothes hung up my jeans are kind of piled up down here and my sweaters and
hoodies socks the boxers in one drawer and utilizing every bit of storage yes
this is where Jack spends about 18 hours a day sleeping on the bed yes Sims does
yes so did I cover everything that’s basically the four main remodels the
couch converted to the dual recliner the dinette converted into the TV area the
bed switching that so that it’s a walk around with the slide in and of course
my office space with the dual bunk area that is how I mostly I have made this RV
mine and comfortable for both of us on the road full-time so anyway I just
wanted to update I’ve had lots of people ask me what the RV looks like now eight
months after I got it in this box right here I have some awesome news it’s been
exactly a year since I introduced stickers on this channel and right away
and those featured the old RV Yoda so it was time to stop into a bullet-proof
works over there and had some new stickers made for the channel it’s a new
type of material it is UV resistant and a hundred percent waterproof it features
the new RV Jack’s has been moved to the roof of the RV and got some palm trees
in there and Miranda looking really really good
so these make great stocking stuffers or if you have an outdated one that was not
made of the best quality before you want to get one of these
they are for sale now I’ll put a link in the video description if you’re
interested I have a special end of 2019 price for these you can get two of them
for five dollars or five of these for ten dollars shipped internationally and
that’s a really good price I’m kind of undercutting the market for YouTube
sticker sales but yeah that is the price until the end of 2019 or until I sell
out here in East Halton because I’ve got the time to sit down and write out the
envelopes hand handmade and send them out to you before I get back on the road
before Thanksgivings over so if you’re interested link in the video description
below otherwise Jax and I are we’re gonna attempt to stay warm it is getting
colder here in Illinois so we’re gonna do our best and just just roll with the
punches some people are like Erik you’re not chasing 70 degrees anymore well
neither was I when I was in California two months ago 110 degrees now 30
degrees average those two out we’re still sitting pretty about 70 degrees
average I mean right I’ll be back with some more videos from Illinois soon here
guys and remember if you’re interested in those stickers get them now while I
got them in stock and I’m available to handwrite all those envelopes and ship
them out to you and thanks so much for supporting the channel guys also if
you’re on patreon and you are in one of the top two tiers the personalized
postcard tier or the signed autographed picture tier I’m gonna send you two
stickers automatically with this month’s patreon mail out so thank you guys over
there on patreon I’ll put a link for patreon also if you want to see some
extra videos and clip subjects and I / they are otherwise so long see you soon
guys bye bye you

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