Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard: the key challenges of the Internet of Things

there are many challenges when it comes to the Internet of Things of the the internet of everything I mean clearly if we are creating our meta intelligence that's connecting absolutely everything we have enormous possibilities but the responsibility of making that happen is is going to grow vastly exponentially as well think about cyber security cyber attacks application creating algorithms that take over from humans clearly the question ultimately is who's in control who decides who's accountable and right now none of that is really happening right now we're looking at this whole world as a technological problem we have to move beyond this thinking of technical feasibility to the question of how is it going to make sense I think the Internet of Things is one of the first things where we're either going to have an ecosystem or we have nothing you know today we're moving into a future where we're looking at everything is connected and many companies will hold many pieces and we have to hyper collaborate to actually make it work and we have to agree on the principles we have to agree on the social guidelines we have to agree on the externalities and the responsibility if we don't do that then we don't have an ecosystem and we'll just collapse the challenge there really is for humans to figure out what we want without getting lost in this hyper connectivity by never being in the moment or never actually being there always being somewhere else because I think the challenge for us is that technology is exponential but humans are not you you

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  1. Oh wow! Interesting stuff here. Is this series related to the other video here? Or did that serve as the inspiration for this series?


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