G-Lader ABC – A wie Auslasshälfte G40·G60·G65

Today it should actually be called video series. Because we thought we’d do a g-charger ABC. For each letter, we look for a topic specifically for the vehicles with g-charger or the g-charger itself. Today we start of course with A, as you can see here the outlet half (in german). What immediately catches the eye is clearly the surface of the g-charger. The g65 2.0 g-charger has a surface with the original milling pattern from the cnc milling machine. Whereby here at the g40 and g60 g-charger we have the surface of the original alu diecast. The metarial differs of course also in the alloy. G40 and g60 g-charger are generally the same. Except for the first generation of the g60 g-charger. There the alloy is harder. Then the probability of run-in marks is also slightly lower. With our g65 g-charger it is milled out of the full aluminium as already mentioned. Inside the g40 g-charger the chamber depth. So measured from the running surface to the top. The chamber depth is 40mm as the name suggests. With the g60 g-charger we have here no not 60mm but exactly 59,5mm. And the g65 2.0 g-charger, no it is not 65mm but 63mm. Exactly identical between g40 and g60 g-charger is the bearing seat in here. As well as the six striving here in the outlet. There is no difference – it is exactly the same with these two. With our g65 2.0 g-charger we only have three bars here. This has the advantage that the opening is slightly larger. That more air can flow through with less resistance. It is easier for us in the production to work out only three bars instead of six. We just said that. The bearing seat is exactly the same on all three. Of course we also have the same bearing, the F.A.G. NU202 and very important with brass cage. But about the details of the bearing we make an extra video at the letter L. If the bearing is the same then of course the shaft seal is also identical. Never been different. All three have the same shaft seal. The dimensions and length of the sealing strip guides are the same for all. Therefore of course the two sealing strips in the outlet half are the same as the SINTIMID sealing strips. Underneath there is also the same wave spring. I think we have explained the outlet half, the letter A so far. If you have suggestions or ideas for the other letters of the alphabet that have something to do with g-charger vehicles, please leave a comment. With some letters it is not so easy to find the right topic. I would be happy about a subscription or a thumbs up. We will see each other again soon for the next letter. To the letter B. Thanks for watching and see you soon.

7 thoughts on “G-Lader ABC – A wie Auslasshälfte G40·G60·G65

  1. Gute Idee!
    Bin gespannt auf mehr.

    A: Auslasshälfte
    B: Benzin
    C: Chip
    D: Dichtleisten
    E: Einlasshälfte
    F: Fett
    G: G Lader
    H: Hauptwelle
    I: Intake (Luftfilter)
    J: –
    K: Kurbelgehäuseentlüftung
    L: Ladeluftkühler
    M: MAP Sensor
    N: Nuten
    O: Oel
    P: Potentiometer (CO Poti)
    Q: Qualm
    R: RS Auslass
    S: Steuergerät
    T: Temperaturen
    U: Ueberdruck/Unterdruck
    V: Verdränger
    W: Wackelauge
    X: –
    Y: Youngtimer
    Z: Zündkerzen

  2. Mega geil gute Idee. Find ich gut.

    G: G60 LADER Generationen
    Erklärung und Unterschiede der 3 Generation und der Verdränger 🙂 vielen Dank für die Videos dadurch wird es immer Lader geben

  3. Ich bin übrigens der der dich mal angerufen hat und 25x G60 Lader besitze 🙂 vielen dank für die super erklärungen immer. Weiter so:)

  4. A: Auslasshälfte
    B: Bypass od. Bearbeitung
    C: co poti Erklärung
    D: Drosselklappe od. Digifant Erklärung
    E: Einlasshälfte
    F: Fett sorten und auftragen etc
    G: Generation alle unterschiede etc
    H: Hauptwelle Verschleiß etc.
    K: Kolben od. Kühlung
    L: Ladedruck od. Laderäder
    N: Nebenwelle Verschleiß etc
    P: Pleuel
    R: Riementrieb Flach/Zahnriemen
    S: Syncro Antriebe
    U: Unterdruck
    V: Verdränger/ Lagerauge
    W: Wellendichtringe
    Z: Zündung Besonderheiten

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