Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S8 (Exynos) Speed Test

What’s up guys, David here and like last
year, this year the Galaxy S8 is powered by two different chipsets. If you live in a country like the U.S. or
Canada, you’re getting an S8 powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. And if you live almost anywhere else, you’re
getting Samsung’s own Exynos 8895. Now while both of these chips are using the
same 10nm process, and both are coupled with 4 GB of RAM, there are some differences. The way the individual cores in each chip
are configured are little a bit different, the clock speeds are different, the GPU are
different, and the software is optimized to run on each chip may very well be different. Which begs the question – which phone is
faster – or is there even a difference? Well, only one way to find out! Alright, we’ll kick things off by starting
the stopwatches on each phone and then jump right into the first row of system apps. Where the Exynos variant of the S8 gets the
step over the Snapdragon variant after the camera app, but only by a fraction of a second. And while it loads Facebook faster, the Snapdragon
loads Snapchat faster so both phones are neck and neck here and Photoshop, and it’ll be
interesting to see what happens next in Lapse It where both CPUs will be put to the test. So we’ll pay attention to the rate at which
each phone completes processing this time lapse, where it looks like the Exynos completed
it at a faster rate, improving on its lead as both phones move on to working on Subway
Surfers. But the lead the Exynos variant has over the
Snapdragon variant is a small one, so we’ll see if it can create some separation here
in Subway Surfers, and no… it’s actually the opposite with the Snapdragon variant loading
the game faster, putting it right back into this thing. So neither phone able to create any kind of
separation thus far, but there’s still plenty of apps left to go with the whole second lap
remaining. Speaking of which, it looks like the Exynos
variant has pulled ahead here in Crossy Road recapturing the lead, and already moving on
to Bullet Force. Which by the way – quick shout out to everyone
who recommended using this game on Twitter. So we’re loading the offline practice mode
here in Bullet Force here, where once again, it looks like the Exynos variant of the Galaxy
S8 finished at a faster rate, giving it the biggest lead its had so far in the speed test. Now before we get into the second lap, I want
to let you guys know about a pretty big change in the way the second lap will be performed. In the past, we started the second lap from
the top working our way back down, whereas from now on we’ll be starting from the bottom
and working our way back up – which will help provide more accurate results. So there you go, the Exynos finished the first
lap with a time of 1 minute and 41 seconds, with the Snapdragon variant finishing just
4 seconds later with a time of 1 minute and 45 seconds, so not much of a difference there,
of course the big question is how each will do in terms of RAM management, where again
last year the Exynos variant did better. So the Exynos variant fails to keep Subway
Surfers open, let’s see if the Snapdragon could and no, it has to re-load the game as
well. Now, the Snapdragon variant did load Subway
Surfers at a faster rate in the first lap as I expect it to do here in the second. So it should be able to close in on the Exynos
variant’s lead, but to be honest unless one of these phones has more apps stored in
RAM than the other, I don’t think there’ll be much of a difference. And so far, that seems to be the case they’re
pretty much toe-to-toe here in the second lap as they were in the first lap, with the
Exynos variant finishing just 2 seconds ahead of the Snapdragon variant, which to me anything
less than 3 is below the margin of error so I’m going to have to call this one a tie. Taking a look at the individual app load times
from the first lap, you can see where one phone did better in one app, the other phone
did better in another app. So don’t worry, your Galaxy performs roughly
the same as the next guys. Anyways, that is it for me and this video,
thank you guys for watching, and as always I’ll see you in the very next episode!

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S8 (Exynos) Speed Test

  1. In the first lap in Subway Surfers for example he doesn't drag the buttons bar, je just press in the bottom middle of the screen and he can quit the app. How can you do that on s8? I really need to know, if someone can explain me that, I'd be very greatful

  2. You piss me off. You can't do speed test on apps that use internet. You just can't. You get different signals all the time. Making this inaccurate. Do with offline apps or it doesn't fucking count. Apps like Facebook and Snapchat so differently depending on the signal. Even if you have the phones right by the Wi-Fi router still makes it inaccurate.

  3. Exynos больше держит заряд батареи.Snapdragon более производителен в играх

  4. If you have noticed it looks to be on the us model that the ear piece is under the screens surface while the internationals is above

  5. godfirbid buying somethimg with snapdragin anymore. loocked bootloaders are for losers something like average consumers. oh so nice living is murica, freedom for corporations to do the fuck they wanna do .

  6. Isn't it strange, that Galaxy s8 has Exynos 8890 which basically is on Galaxy s7? Because all new galaxys s8 has Exynos 9 (8895)

  7. Well, the Snapdragon is better for emulation/gaming, while the Exynos is just way faster.
    Meh I just want GCN games on the go, I don’t care about speed.

  8. Believe me only android phone will be get 5g cuz snapdragon ready to plan to make 5g network

  9. It’s not about speed but rather smoothness of animations. Snapdragon just sucks at drawing any animation.

  10. LOL delay clicking on snapdragon first click to exynos and second click to snapdragon…try to click them at the same time

  11. Got mine s8+, but i’m concerned about the burn in display issue of s8 bcoz of amoled display. Any recommendations to prevent it?

  12. I never close my apps unless they malfunction which is the proper way to use apps after android kit kat. Also I have made all animations shorter through the settings and scroll spreed shorter through nova launcher. My apps never get terminated automatically and open instantly. Also this improves battery life as the apps don't have to be fully booted.

  13. Which one better for gaming .? Exynos or Snapdragon .? Game example will be like ( RULES OF SURVIVAL Ultra setting & PUBG high setting ) which of the chip set can handle high graphics game .? Exynos or sd .? Plsssss help …

  14. Slow this video down and pause-play at the start. You'll notice the exynos had a bit of a headstart, and those milliseconds of course pile up overtime. This test is flawed, you need a robot to do it. Why hasn't anyone realized this yet??

  15. mY friend having s8 snapdragon better thn my exynos i use to play pubg on his phone get to HDR graphics and not heating mine cant even go to HDR and heatup alot

  16. Coming back 1 week later to confirm that this type of test is fundamentally flawed. Every other test on youtube shows the SD version to be faster

  17. I really hope this test was conducted at the same resolution because at 32 seconds in the video you can see that both phones are at different resolutions

  18. Снап использовал инерго эффективные ядра в обычных играх а эксинос толстые а 72 ,значит заряд будет держать дольше Снап(если не зайдут оба в пабг тогда разница минимальна)

  19. Would u buy s8 in late 2018? I have low budget for today’s flagships so considering it. I am open to your suggestions

  20. Exynos is superior. You can even enable 4k 60fps video recording on it without root since it's just more powerful haha.

  21. У ксяоми экран больше, это влияет на нагрузку проца

  22. The Snapdragon 835's GPU it's better than Exynos 8895's GPU for graphics rendered but battery life things the better it's Exynos. Exynos is the most agree and the best procesor for phones, because Samsung know how make chipset wich is fast. Observation battery power. Efficiency performance. Multitasker.

  23. В странах где продают S8 на эксинос,быстрее снап,а в странах где продают на снапе,быстрее эксинос. Что,блять,с этими обзорщиками не так?

  24. bro,..
    please do some test about quick charge 4.0 vs quick charge 3.0 use the same smartphone,
    like S8 snapdragon support qualcomm quick charge 4.0, can it be used on exynos?
    by not using a default charger,

    because Samsung's default charger only supports 2.0

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