GAT+: How to Conduct Sensitive Content Search in Google Drive and Gmail

In this GAT Labs video, we will cover how to search your domain’s Google Drive and Gmail accounts for sensitive content. In the ‘Drive’ section of the audit menu, you will see a tab labelled ‘file content search.’ This search can be used to find any file in your domain. It works the same as you would search in your Drive, but in this case will display results from your whole domain from all the users. You can check the “search tips” section to see examples of searches you can perform.
In this example, we will search for the term ‘sensitive data’ and select the scope as ‘/’ to include all users in the query. The result will be displayed below, and will include all documents where the term ‘sensitive data’ is located. From here you can decide if you would like to take any actions on those documents. To perform a search of Gmail accounts, navigate to the ‘Email’ section in the audit menu. From there, you can follow the same steps to search for sensitive content. Thanks for watching this GAT Labs how-to.
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