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we're at the BC by trace the home of the gnarly cross-country bike that dang country bike whatever you wanna call it this bikes off number one player Frances Jeff Kurr bushes yet ESB 100 Jeff was a really successful cross-country workout racer of course and he's turned his hand to race in all sorts of things he's been here before at the BC white race and won it he's recently been to trounce province and he's back again at BC by race and it's great to check out his bike it's definitely on this sort of more trail end of the cross country bikes here hundred mil travel on the back hundred twenty up from this race in British Columbia is seven days of really amazing single track today was the Queen stage day five almost sixty kilometers a ride in sixteen hundred meters of elevation but this was full of really gnarly single track as well as have all the days been so far so you need a lightweight bike it's also really capable of ride in those trials fast and that's where you see a lot of races here running the hundred mill bikes as it says the SP 100 but with a jacked up for to 120 mil but also shorter stands enormously on these bikes as 55mm are no stem on this 760 wide bars it looks almost like a trial bike it's funny the mix of opponents you see on the bikes here it's almost like making that sort of everyday practical cross-country bike because they're still super lightweight of course you got the carbon frame you've actually got the stands carbon rims you've got a fox 34 up front so performance fourth obviously 120 mil but still super lightweight it's that step cast fork and this is where you start to see the sort of crossover between a cross country bike on the trail bike Jeff's running the Shimano XT our brakes but only on the two parts a super lightweight and the rotors they're 160 ml they do look kind of undersized for this style of bike also running super fast tyres this is a Maxis recon race ok today has been pretty wet in the morning pretty muddy and I can imagine they were quite handful on some of those trails up front Jeff is running the mass guard it's Oakley branded actually today has been very well been really moist as well so super humid a where as we're riding so it's very difficult to run glasses I don't know what Jeff run today but it's super important to have that from my guard because I love the look at this titanium bottle cage and bolts on one side of that is a one-up pump with the tool in the top of there you got full Shimano XT are groups that so 1 by 12 what you will notice look at the size that chain rings this is actually 36 I see a lot of riders here riding 28 thirties 36 is massive Jeff's picked the one 75 mil cranks also run in those m9 100 the cross country version in the pedal so without the soft cage on the super lightweight another one up components piece here that's the chain device just the top xcr riemeck and that 1051 big set but still 36 taming up on pretty hard work I'd say a Shimano pro-fascist by understand so carbon bar 55 mils tab also got that main there for the stages head unit so Jeff Rises out on there keep track of what's doing it's got the m9 100 brakes as well so the carbon blades on there and those lizard skin sort of foamy grips are bass quite nice Ashley obviously spending a lot of time on the bike this week comfort is really important finished off with a pro turning saddle bar is of course Shimano's components brand right time to ask Jeff some questions about his bike Jeff your rider than SP 100 this looks like a trail bike more on the cross country bike it's kind of a beefy bike but you're running pretty low profile fast tires how were the tires today in the mud good I mean I grew up on kind of this area so I'm really comfortable on the trail so I mean I'm I'm running trying to run the faster tires I can get away with so definitely there a little bit higher volume 2 3 5 so I can run them pretty low pressure and then it's just yeah being really smooth and reading the trail being a little bit careful in the slick stuff oh yeah I think I read a a bike check for my previous years you're running pretty low pressures what is it today I was running around 20 21 psi and you don't feel this a risk with I'm sure no I mean a ton of sharp rocks I mean today there's one or two sections but I don't know I think I've made we're in doubt once this race I mean it's not full attack on such a long stage race so I mean we've had a lot of good dirt and kind of the wet conditions have kind of taken a bit of the speed off we're not hidden sections quite as hard in the wet and it looks to me yeah like I said the bullet katrell while you're running a was I 60 mile stab 55 mils Tamiya and a 740 milliwatt bar so much different to a cross-country race by started working with the Eddy a couple years ago and it's been really good timing they launched this SP 100 it's kind of kind of XE ish or down country or whatever you want to call it kind of perfect for a lot of events like BC BR I'm doing and definitely notice the difference of you know a little bit bigger stiffer fork with the step guys 34 and I mean you know the Yeti just ride really well on the trail and it's definitely worse you know it's not a full World Cup weight bike but it's you know perfect for long kind of technical single track races like this and what body could you ride at home normally just fun ah depends on where I am I mean in Squamish I often take out the 130 I just race to 150 transfer once I was putting a lot of time on that but I spend a lot of time down in NorCal and find this bike super fun I'll put on some two three minions and I'm it's so nice to pedal around but I can still do a lot of the jump trails and hard trails on it and you can cover so much more ground so kind of lucky to have so many different bikes but there yeah a lot a lot of fun my stride and you've got the stages to be up front you you're running with a heart rate monitor you actually are you looking at loud whilst you're riding at the BC by race yeah I mean I've been racing for a long so long and I kind of really know my body but it's good just to have a little bit extra data to confirm and kind of gauge the effort a little bit so it's nice to have that along with the info up there with GPS for sure and you've got the the one-off pump but you'll race it with a backpack off which achieve yeah the longer days for sure I mean it's nice yeah having a one-up tool with the tool in there so it takes a bit of weight off your back and but yeah today was almost three hours so I'm taking the chase fast from cow back lava you know liter and a half in the back and 750ml bottle on the bike and you know a few spares there for sure almost three hours it was four hours for me yeah I know this is a longest hardest grinder day and their race for sure two whole days to go the bikes holding up to it well yeah no everything's been pretty smooth I had a bit of a slip slide up in one of those wood bridges today was pretty pretty sketchy out there but everything's staying together and yeah really exciting race this year a couple hard more long days to go so we'll see what happens all right thanks Jeff Brohm is this Jeff bushes Yeti SB 100 we've just film this on day five at the BC by tres two more days ago this video will come out after the race finishes so well done Jeff you want or sorry acting quite win because there's a very tight race minute there's three seconds in him out of Felix Berg so it's gonna be very close cool looking bike much cooler for having the number one plate on front if you want to see the video of me riding one day at the BC by race on Shimano XT are look over there give thumbs up I look at this bike a subscribe button

28 thoughts on “Geoff Kabush's Yeti SB100 | GMBN Tech Pro Bike Check

  1. Wow he rides a 36 chainring and I ride a 38 with full XTR 1×12! Mountain bike Manufactures don’t make enough room, largest capable with Trek Top Fuel 9.9 is 38, my Bike of course! If they made room I would have put a 40! Children Chain Rings!

  2. I own the 130 and the 100.. living norcal they both are great for all the types of terrain offered here., can ride either depending on how much climbing at effort I want to do… the 130 get the nod when it comes to descending

  3. Bikes are definitely blurring the lines of what they can do now.
    No more oh you need this bike for this and that for that.
    Very cool 😎 bike.
    Great video Neil and #GMBN 👊

  4. YETI. Build the best downhill bike out there if you ask me.
    Used to have a AS3 one of the fastest best built down hillers made. Great vid. Keep em coming

  5. What's up with the 120/100 on xc bikes?
    Specialized allowed my LBS to upgrade my forks to 120…. What made this cool all of a sudden? (Going 130 would have voided the warranty on my frame)

  6. Love it. I'm just finishing up my SB-100 build. The Trickstuff brakes are still on a boat somewhere, so all I can do is look at the bike. But I have been riding it uphill and walking it down haha. All I can say is this bike climbs like nothing I've ever ridden.

  7. That head angle looks rather steep for a modern frame. I assume it's because the fork is longer than normal.

  8. That frame style is 500 bucks normally and Yeti sells the frame for 3,400 bucks. No joke either. Aliexpress has better ones for cheaper.

  9. Why is 36 a massive chainring for an XC bike with a 10-51 cassette? I have a 34 on my 180mm coil sprung tank and wouldnt want a smaller ring. I am not even that fit.

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