Hello You don’t tell me what to do! Oh damn you got a big pimple in your forehead, I have to pop it I need to cover it No Seriously, in all videos Can I pop it? No But it’s ready now No because we’re going to.. no Ride icelandichorses Wiie Bu that one is done for No you can’t pop it Now we’re here Among our horses The time is 8:40 AM And the sun has not risen yet Damn so many horses Owww!!! Are you kidding me? Omg! Look! I don’t know if you can see from here Theeeeere! We can’t stand here… it’s.. Horse shit I’m going to walk in horse shit Damn this is going to be fun I don’t know how much we’re going to be able to film when we are riding Because when we saw the clips of yesterday they rode so fast But we’re going to do our best Damn they’re so cute Like me Hello there sexy Hi I see you looking at me It’s so many horses here but it’s so quiet Are you ready or what? We are ready, we are ready I look so damn ugly I’m just so happy that we got to borrow some clothes because it’s going to be freezing Look how damn ugly I am Antonija_hä[email protected] Bam bam Now we’re done Exactly, and my feet are numb My toes are numb I don’t recommend horse riding For two hours and when it’s below zero degrees In boots Very thin boots aswell I got two different types of gloves One of them was too small I almost froze to death I’m just glad I’m just glad that we’re heading back to the blue lagoon later My toes are numb No, you’re not alone We just rode some Icelandic horses It felt like we rode for like 4 hours But we figured it was only for like one and a half hour Yeah, it felt like four or five It was so cozy and I appreciate it so much Yes, It was cold though It was really cold but it was amazing We were like 20 people Right? And one funny thing happened We were about to stop to take a picture And when it was done we were supposed to move on And the horse infront of me farted so damn much I got the entire damn… Whiff in my face I wonder if it was the same horse Or if it was another horse, we were just about run And the exact moment we started running with the horses Then *fart sound* I was just like what the… I was like The damn horse farted in my face Now we’re in the car and freezing our asses off We’re actually headed to the blue lagoon, that’s the next destination It takes 52 minutes and need to find a place to eat Because bro I’m hungry Yes bro Bro Let’s eat Dominos! We’re at dominos for lunch And Antonija She said that this will be enough, I mean check this out But it’s enough for one person I mean no, it’s tiny I’m just taking a few bites A three year old would finish it I need to order one more Taste it so I can see You haven’t eaten at dominos before No I haven’t Here we got minced beef and cheese Now I have to eat, I’m so hungry We ordered dessert Omg! Oh damn it smells good Damn so greasy This is why I have so many pimples I actually hate greasy things You know it, I can’t eat much of that What did you say it was called? *mumbling* I like… I’m so excited that I’m drewling The hell with it, I do get a lot of pimples from this but Damn you’re munching Yes but I don’t know how to eat it Stressed Warm What did you think? It just got out of the oven I cant’ look at you anymore, you’re just munching I’m panicking, my whole body is itching Moahahaha STOP MUNCHING This is so dirty but really delicious We just got our room This is like a private locker room where we have a shower, soaps, hairdryer and stuff So you can get ready before heading out to the spa So that’s what we’re going to do, we just had a shower And you’re supposed to put a hair mask in You need to have conditioner in your hair Because the water in the lagoon makes your hair really dry So we’ve put on that, and we put on our robes I’m so full from the food earlier It was really much Too much Now we’re going and we.. And my booking is not the regular part of the lagoon Let’s put it like this, we got the luxury part honey I wasn’t supposed to say that So we’re not allowed to film there We need to wait with the filming until we get to the other people When we go down So we’ll see you there later Oh yes Now it’s time to get cozy I mean, my hair After this spa we can say RIP, we won’t be seeing each other again I mean look It’s so dry And shitty They were like.. You need to have conditioner when you’re bathing Your hair gets really dry from the salt in the water No shit Your hair is also chaos But yours looks kind of nice Why isn’t my that pretty? The spa was magical It was the best place I’ve been to in my entire life It was really nice actually It was so nice We were not able to film anything at our area But we walked around the spa and had a magical time They had a 4-step ritual With scrub and mudmask and everything. We did And we did a lot of bathing and it was amazing It was 38 degrees in the water Sick Then we got massage in the water We were floating on a… Yogamat And the you had a blanket on you in the water Then there was a masseur Or what ever you call the person giving you a massage Under water And we have some difference in opinion I didn’t think it was nice Partially because Your dude wasn’t any good Partially because I know that it’s hard to massage under water It’s not the same, you can’t lay on your stomach, you’re just like this And he has to massage you from under the water And I was topless I had to take off my top And so you won’t feel cold he dips you in the water like this With the mat And at those times i felt like the covers came off And like the entire country of Iceland saw my nipples I can say that it’s the best spa I’ve ever been to In my life It was, totally worth the money Unfortunately we weren’t able to film We got some pictures Let’s cut some frames in We have the pictures that the staff took Let’s cut in some videos from youtube on what’s available And you’ll see how everything looked We’re having dinner We’re having dinner You’re so not excited because your head hurts Yeah my head hurts a lot Jack feels like shit I wanted to go with roomservice And I look like shit The food was so disgusting in roomservice Yeah gross Let’s go Cheers honey Is it one of those nights again that we get drunk And are going to shop Cheers Cheers to an amazing day We just made a toast I just want to make a speech Yeah Cheers for an amazing day For taking me to the most beautiful place With the most beautiful human And I’m so happy that you planned this for us And I love you More than anything Cheers Ohohohohoho Holy shit that’s hot Was it good? Is it good? So gross What? I’m kidding The sadness about carbonara, either it tastes amazing or tastes like shit Let’s see Look here It actually works Ding Omg Grease is on TV So cozy I mean Young man Not you I have a question for you guys Have you tasted these? These small oreos? Mm They taste much better than the big ones I don’t get the difference I don’t get why I get the difference but I don’t get why So good What a beautiful day Listen, if we’re singing we have to have the same pace It’s retarded, I get mindfucked Okay Tell me what is the best part of the day was Blue lagoon 100% And the horses They were so cozy Yeah And you know what? I’m in pain, I’m in pain In my fanny I mean In my punani My fanny hurts after these horses Punanination Stop it It’s not because of something else, it’s because of the horses It’s not thanks to me No It’s the damn horse But it was really cozy, they were gorgeous Did you think of something? I know that Icelandic horses, they.. Run in a different way They patter or something *trying to figure out the word* *still trying* * still trying* They run in a different way Sometimes if felt like riding a car, you went straight Did you think of that? You couldn’t feel the jumps It was just.. I didn’t feel that, it was jumpy as f*ck What? sometimes they jumped so evenly So there weren’t any jumps, just.. When we ran with the horses I felt like I was going to fall off You’re the worst Yeah I’m not good at all I was good, I looked good right? Right? I looked like a pro You were way in the back, Jack was in the back of the line I was with a bunch of asians in the back They had no idea what they were doing, they sat there and kicked The horse over and over again It was terrible They had no idea One of the asians rode her horse in to me and like I was like hello She’s like oooooh stop Oooooh stop I was like you can’t tell the horse to stop, you have to.. Pull the harness Backwards Well well Tomorrow we’re waking up early Okay God we have more things happening? Before the sunrise What are we doing tomorrow? We’re going on a trip all day, we’re going to see waterfalls Black beaches, geysers Are we going to see holes that just Explode with water like that? Yeah geysers Omg We’re going to the place where Justin Bieber recorded his video It’s the only thing that makes you excited It’s awesome Awesome Now I think it’s time to sleep It’s time to sleep It’s late and we’re waking up early tomorrow And there will be another vlog my friends Goodnight everybody Goodnight I love you Bye bye Guys I love you Like and subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video You have to check the next one too Hugs and kisses, bye I’m watching grease now


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