Give me ONE reason NOT to upgrade – Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review

the original g502 proteus core from 2014 was RGB if I'd in 2016 and then got an upgrade to Logitech's hero sensor in 2018 but through all that time and certainly since the debut of the G 903 Lightspeed in 2017 g502 fans have been wondering when logitech would finally cut the cord on their favorite Mouse and now that it's here there's really only one question has Logitech left us any reason not to go wireless actually two questions is there any reason not to check out our sponsor cable ma just opened up a new factory and they now guarantee delivery in under two weeks get 15% off with offer code may fifteenth before the 27th of May at the link below traditionally there have been three main reasons not to get a wireless mouse so let's start with the big one latency does the new wireless g502 introduce any extra delay between moving the mouse and seeing the response on the screen that is beyond what you'd get with the wired version because even a wire does have some latency now answering this question is a little tough for us because we don't have a warehouse full of the necessary scientific equipment to quantitatively measure Mouse latency to the degree that we'd like what we can test however is whether or not the average gamer will be able to tell the difference so we unleashed our fiercest keyboard warriors on a high performance gaming rig outfitted with one wired g502 hero and one wireless g502 light speed that had been mocked up to appear wired both of our mice were configured to the same DPI and our subjects were instructed to focus on just one variable latency oh god that was embarrassing blame the mouse mouse is the mouse okay so we have it here on a Lightspeed oh they're all here over this one for sure no I wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you told me they were the same Mouse I would believe you and I'm pretty sure even if we had like a 240 Hertz display I would not be able to tell the difference all right just for some reason just something about it just shows nicer to me if you had to guess which ones which would you we're just guess like flipping a coin yeah what if they would have been paired guess I don't I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if I was gonna make a call I guess it would have to be this one so that's the wireless mouse oh that's a wireless mouse and this is the wired one so then considering these test results the tournament winning pro gamers who use logitech wireless mice and the more quantitative demos that we've seen from logitech themselves in the past we're convinced that there is in fact merit to logitech's claims that light speeds end-to-end optimized 2.4 gigahertz connection is indistinguishable from a wired connection so let's move on because latency isn't everything another demerit against most wireless mice is weight a wireless mouse is required to carry an onboard battery making it heavier than its wired counterpart it's sort of by definition so if the g502 hero a mouse with the same shape size buttons and sensor tips the scales at 121 grams already then how much would we expect the Lightspeed version to a now you might think that that's a trick question and you're expecting me to tell you haha it's the same weight but no Logitech has actually done us one better managing to make the wireless version seven grams lighter than its wired predecessors and this is while still managing up to sixty hours of gameplay on a single charge of its quick charging lithium-ion battery furthermore its power play compatible so if you get the wireless charging mousepad you'll never have to think about charging at all so then how did they do that turns out with great difficulty seakeeping the exact same exterior while redesigning all of the internals is likely the main reason that fans had to wait this long for this mouse because despite their near identical look apparently the only component that wasn't altered in some way was actually the slippy skates on the bottom of the mouse so while a typical Mouse gets its structural integrity from the outer shell this ones walls had to be cut down to just one point two millimeters thick so then to maintain its rigidity logitech used a lightweight internal endoskeleton this is a similar design to what they use on the g pro Wireless then again borrowing from the G Pro Wireless they added very subtle but appreciated mechanical spring button tensioning to the left and right clicks removing pre-travel and helping the button recover from a click faster and with more precision and even like this is crazy even the scroll wheel was altered it's lighter but its manages to feel the same so like yeah there's a there's a gap there's a cap in the middle so alright wait and latency aren't on issues but what about the third and final Wireless woh price well unfortunately this is the g502 light speeds gotcha moment because like the ji 903 and the G Pro Wireless this puppy is a hundred and fifty US dollars nearly double the price of its wired cousin which raises an important question if you're going to spend that much then is this the mouse that you want and that really depends because the thing is for many gamers even the new g502 with its seven grams of weight shed is still way too heavy popular gaming mice from competitors like final mouse are much lighter along with being much cheaper and Logitech themselves has the G Pro Wireless which is the same price but only 80 grams with that said if you love the shape of the g502 you need eleven programmable buttons and you can't live without a hyper fast scroll wheel then this could be the last Mouse that you ever buy and who knows maybe you can recoup some of the cost by selling the wired version that you're probably already using speaking of already using if you're not already using ting then go check them out ting is the mobile carrier that's focused on customer service and customer satisfaction with ting you pay only for what you use and the average bill is just 23 bucks a 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46 thoughts on “Give me ONE reason NOT to upgrade – Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review

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  2. Here's the thing, when you compare a 150$ mouse to an 80$ mouse, give me 1 reason to not buy a 150$ mouse that's performing way better than the 80$ mouse instead of being "indistinguishable". Truth is, wire never bothered me too much, empty batteries, latency, and weight do, although I prefer a bit heavier of a mouse in that regard. I use incredibly high sensitivities and a huge mousepad so I can basically make a triple 360 left to right and while I do that quickly I don't want my mouse to lose even a micrometer of contact with the pad. Light mouses go all over the place with how I play games which is probably better when you like to reposition your mouse a few thousand times a game but I just don't xD I put it on 1 spot on the pad and it's pretty much the same location on the pad for the same location on the screen every single time, I pick it up once I gotta find that comfortable spot all over again.

  3. I'm still torn as to whether to part with the trusty old G9 for one of these G502s. The button layout for the G502 is the most appealing part of it. G9s are like gold dust now and its very easy to refurb which makes me even more reluctant to part with it! It's only a mouse but damn I cant decide just yet.

  4. I love my G502 Lightspeed and it sure is a bit heavy… but the G Pro has a big DISEASE of "double click" which makes me impossible to consider it…

    Got the G502 for 100€ day one… don't ask me why did such a nice discount !

  5. I swear I feel like I'm the only gamer out there who likes a heavy mouse. I've never wanted to take any of the weights out of my G502, G9x or G5.

  6. I'm disappointed, Linus.

    You missed on the opportunity to say "check out that ting."

    What a Madworld we're living in.

  7. This is the second video I see finalmouse being advertised, all the while they've had no stock since their launch.

  8. I have a reason, though I doubt anyone will ever read this. I've been using the G502 Lightspeed for a few weeks now and while I may have been very unlucky (along with a ton of other people) this is the worst mouse I've ever had the displeasure of using. I've been using the G502 for years and recently retired it for a G900 wireless, but was unhappy with the design of it, bad side buttons, middle buttons and overall shape.

    So the G502 Lightspeed would have solved all those issues, but the left mouse button is broken. It automatically double clicks at random times and also stops holding it down at random times, so its like playing russian roulette when clicking things that do something different when double clicking, like playing games, browsing the steam library or anything like that. The issue seems to be getting worse and worse and I'm currently waiting for a form to return it for a refund as I simply can't be dealing with an issue like this.

  9. Believe it or not. i'm still using the original MX revolution. I like it so much that I bought four at the time. I've worn out the buttons on two now. Unfortunately, Logitec no longer supports it so I'm running old software which has some issues. I was thinking about a true dedicated gaming mouse. My primary concern is button placement as i don't think I've experienced any delays, since I play mmorpgs. By the way what is the difference between the 903 and the 502? Is it just the ambidextrous feature?

  10. 7:28 – rough neck so go check the wrong abide, watch yo step go flex and get a hold on your side, swallow your pride, dont let yo hip be act, you dont wanna see my arm when my hip be at, with artemis from the start of this runnin the game, james wess tamin the wess so remember the name

  11. Been with Logitech mice for years, WHY because the software reads what program you're in and changes to your customer profile for the mouse buttons on the fly. Can not live without this. I've had to replace my Logitech mouse more often. Due to buttons breaking and battery life. Yes tried other mice and always come back to Logitech. Not because I like Logifucks, rather after setting up the mouse + software I can forget about it and get back to work. Now the following is a nasty RANT so stop here. OMFG Logitech could you FUCK up your own product anymore. I knew I was headed down a sorry setup experience when I couldn't one the box. From the software install to the lame USB charging cable FUCK YOU Logitech. For a $160, where is my charging dock? On to the software, What a horrible install experience. After three installs and uninstalls, it worked. But my real issue is the design and set up workflow to program the mouse. What overpaid designer shit this interfaces out it's ass? It just boggles the mind on how large companies with all the experience and resources fuck up there own products.

  12. I bought the G502 Hero for my first gaming pc, and love it so much. Everything I could ever ask for from a mouse, and even more.

  13. Not bothering to engage in advanced scientific testing when you make tens of thousands of dollars per video – disliked

  14. My reason is none of them have enough buttons. 6 thumb buttons would be a bare minimum in my world, preferably 9+.

    Oh and Mice with numpads are depressingly low effort. vs buttons arranged strategically&ergonomically.

  15. For those of you who say that it's a brick and complain about its weight, I just want you to know that those extra 25g without weights is a literal .08 of a pound

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