Giving Away 100 Bitcoin Cash Point of Sale Machines, Adoption Campaign Begins in Australia

all right we are seven weeks out from the Bitcoin cache City conference and this is the largest cryptocurrency event ever held in Australia it's going to be probably one of the biggest Bitcoin cash events held globally so far and we are going to embark on the biggest Bitcoin merchant onboarding ever attempted we have behind me here a bunch of boxes these are full of hundred Lenovo tab eight units so this is a cool little device it's pretty inexpensive this Android tablet that we have been helping businesses onboard to Bitcoin cash to if they don't have existing infrastructure to download a wallet and it's been working really well so I've got one here all of this was donated by the way by the local merchants community of businesses who are accepting Bitcoin cash so these guys have seen increase in sales at their own businesses when they've started accepting Bitcoin cash so now they are fully getting behind this effort to expand adoption in our region here before the conference so this is a device it's pretty simple what these businesses will have to deal with just basically all they need to deal with here is this interface where it's a keypad and they input the cost of the items this is a free app on the App Store as soon as you hit the tick button here it displays the QR code and when a customer wants to pay it's as simple as come and scanning that and then slide to send the transaction and boom it comes through instantly so everyone's getting onto this now it's so simple there's no hassle of dealing with confusing interfaces where there's multiple crypto currencies some that are not suitable for being used as a means of exchange so it's just using the best tool for the job here which is fifth point cash the peer-to-peer electronic cash system and yeah we've also got these steel stands for holding on our table like this and it's also got the Bitcoin cash be laser-cut into it right here so that's a nice little touch on there but these are coming with all the devices and all of this was actually paid for with Bitcoin cash so we're closing the loop in that regard all the tablets are paid for Bitcoin cash all the stands people are spending Bitcoin cash at the businesses and even in some cases there are staff at these businesses getting paid in Bitcoin cash to a certain extent so this is really good to see the growth in adoption in this area we're going to continue doing that because right now this is probably the city of the region that has the highest Bitcoin cash or any cryptocurrency the highest adoption per capita anywhere in the world there is nowhere that is leading like this area is and the people here in the hard work they're putting in it's just great to see and everyone loves Bitcoin cash so stay tuned for videos documenting us onboarding a hundred merchants in the lead-up to the conference that'll be great to see

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