Google Analytics: First Steps

Google Analytics lets you analyze user
behavior on your website to improve the user experience and ensure the success
of your business. After you’ve created your account, the
next step is to add the tracking code to your site so you can collect data about
user behavior. Then define goals to identify the critical actions users need
to take on your site. Next, link your Analytics and AdWords accounts so you can
evaluate your marketing. Finally, look at the reports to better understand the
performance of your sight. To begin collecting data from your
website, you first need to add a small piece of code to each page. After you add
the code to your site, you should see data immediately in the
Google Analytics real-time reports. To add the tracking code to your site, open the Admin page in Analytics. In the
Property column, open Tracking Info then click Tracking Code. Now copy and paste the snippet right
before the closing head tag on each webpage you want to track. After you’ve
installed your tracking code, you can set up your business goals in Google
Analytics. Goals are the best way to measure important events on your website.
A goal could be completing a purchase, reading four different articles, or moving
up a level in a game. Understanding how many users complete
these important activities is critical to evaluating the success of your
website and business. Open the Admin page and Analytics, and in the View column,
click Goals. Then, click New Goal. You can use one of the Analytics goal
templates or you can create your own custom goal. After you create your goals, link your
Analytics and AdWords account so you can use Analytics to get a clear picture of
AdWords performance. Google AdWords is a marketing platform
to advertise your business. You can use it to attract new customers
and to retain existing customers. To link your accounts, open the Admin page. In the
Property column, click AdWords Linking, and then click New Link Group so you can choose which accounts to link. After you’ve set up tracking, created
your goals, and linked your accounts, you can use the reports to quickly
understand how well your business is performing. Use the Goals report to see
how often critical actions occur on your site. Use the AdWords report to see how often
your AdWords campaigns generate goal conversions. Analytics offers lots of
features and these four set the foundation for developing a clear,
comprehensive picture of your business. For details about implementing these
features, visit our Help Center.

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