Google BLOCKS Tesla’s Browser!

okay so coupons something interesting
the other day so let’s check it out frankly it comes down to this Google has
blocked the Tesla cars from being able to access let me show you the
browser there full screen or the favorites and let’s do as 100% I’m full
calm it’s been on one of my save lists for a long long time
so here we are number one it says please upgrade to a supported browser to get a
recapture challenge alternatively if you think you’re getting this page in error
please check your internet connection and reload why is this happening to me
now if we go down to the bottom we will see the submit and then below that about
this page our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer
network this page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests in a
robot and then it has the IP address timestamp and URL so why is this
happening let me show you why and we are going to actually use one of the easter
eggs for me to demonstrate the drawing pad here position my camera ever so slightly all
right let’s do marker does this have a fit okay erase clear there we go
fill green there we go that’s good so we have the Tesla cars so
we’re gonna put a very bad drawing of a Tesla car there and then we have a very
bad cloud Internet so how does the Teslin browser traffic
get from the car to the Internet he does not go directly there so the car has
cellular connection so the car connects via cellular and then it uses a VPN
virtual private network to get to Tesla and then Tesla’s servers a lot of the
traffic to get to the internet now things such as your phone or your home
cable internet that just always goes straight to the Internet pretty much
direct connection however there’s a few different reasons that Tesla does this
and what happens is Tesla’s using a VPN to encrypt all traffic so instead of
your car being open to the whole internet meaning if your car had its own
outside IP address anything on the web could technically access the car
directly instead all the Tesla cars go through Tesla’s own servers so it takes
all the internet traffic on the car itself this is everything from browser
slacker streaming audio Maps updates everything goes through this encrypted
connection so nothing there at least without you know if you’re unless you’re
a really good hacker and Tess is pretty good at patching these things nothing
goes directly from the car to the internet or Internet to the car
everything comes from the internet into Tesla’s data center onto one of their
servers where the Tesla servers then process
that data to make sure it goes to the right vehicle so it’s basically like a
giant giant router Private Network basically and then that goes via the
cellular connection to the car what can Tesla or why does Tesla do this
I mentioned already number one security that is probably the number one reason
right there security it disallows people third parties from accessing things
they’re not supposed to it can filter out any kind of attack on to the vehicle
number two how could we put this well metering kind of screw that Emme ter
metering the traffic Tesla if all the data goes through Tesla servers they can
much more easily record how much internet or web traffic cellular traffic
is being used by each vehicle now they could do this right now in the US Tesla
uses AT&T now an AT&T it could record the data usage for each car but when
you’re talking how many cars Tesla is has already produced and how many more
they will be producing that can be a lot of data to try and and parse in in and
go through to get in in attach each separate account to each car and see if
there’s a specific vehicle having trouble or abusing it so in this case
because it’s a VPN they can record down to the byte how much data traffic each
individual car is using native for some reason and it’s in your Terms of Service
that you agreed to when you purchased your vehicle or when you use Tesla’s
internet service they know what car is abusing it and they could potentially
charge you extra number three and I am gonna say it
although Tesla really doesn’t do it but they can censoring Tesla can limit which websites which
URLs and which online services you can access I will mention that I had been
able to use internet speed test I was playing around quite a bit with it on my
old model s and then again on this one when I was trying to compare or actually
my old one to a loaner with LTE so the 3G to 4G LTE has trying to compare those
quite a bit and it was working just fine I used it for a couple days while I had
the loaner and trust me I passed a lot of gigabytes of data
well then magically that internet speed test stopped loading for me and I still
to the state cannot load I think it was I forgot the name of it but it was at
the time it was one of the only ones that would actually work on the tesla
browser so Tesla saw oh wait someone’s really abusing this website just running
speed tests all day they could apply I’m not gonna say they did because I have no
proof of it but they could have blocked it
likewise if they wanted to block something like YouTube or Netflix once
the browser’s may you know at some point might be able to support that kind of
software or website but they still need to block it or want to block it to
prevent abuse they could very well do so or at some point there could be
censorship so people aren’t looking at the naughty adult sites so that is some
of the reasons why that and when you got you know three hundred thousand four
hundred thousand five hundred thousand a million cars all accessing the Internet
you start running low on IP addresses but security is number one then metering
censoring and there’s a lot of other things that they could do as well that’s
for this one it’s just for example do I
still have YouTube on here no that was on my old car and of course now it’s gonna make a liar
out of me now this is probably the first time in a year has actually loaded for me I actually used to have a favorite saved
for my YouTube section so I could monitor my videos oops you coud calm
this is the Chinese version of YouTube Oh what the heck now they’re making a
liar out of me none of these worked yesterday or the day before the day
before that although a Tesla did have the internet access offline or the
server’s offline in preparation of firmware 9 updates coming soon but
either way I hope you all see that worked so I hope you get the rough idea of
what’s going on here now to go back to Google why can’t we get past this this is
because the browser is so out of date and so behind in the times that the
reCAPTCHA can’t load if this was a regular home computer or a tablet
something like that they’d have the recapture you’ve all used them to
recapture right there and you know it would say something along the lines of
okay type take this number that you see in the box so then you come here and you
type in the number blah blah blah hit submit and then it’s a-okay and the
system would say okay there’s a human behind it behind here on this on this
network now we’re gonna allow the traffic to go
through but because this browser is so so poor we can’t do that thus meaning we
can no longer access Google it is effectively meaning Google is now
blocking Tesla cars I wonder and that if we can access
mobile Google and waiting now used to bring us to a mole site MDOT now it’s bringing us to a page where they want us to download all
the mobile google apps interesting I wonder if we can access Google from
this direction nope same thing interesting that’s neat
so I guess your real solution is either use your phone or use Yahoo no way in
heck I never use Bing yeah it works how about that little slow still loading I
don’t have very good LTE signal here that’s the fact 18t sucks if that
t-mobile Sprint merger goes through gosh hope Tesla moves to t-mobile that would
be awesome so yeah I love you want masks Wow Yahoo was bloated frontpage is
slowing this down to a crawl oh I stopped typing like 30 seconds ago Hey along with marques Brownlee clean Technica hey guys shout out to you
why Elon Musk is loved so much so I hope you learned a little bit hopefully Tesla
either fixes the browser or contacts Google directly and ask them ourselves as to which Google will say

26 thoughts on “Google BLOCKS Tesla’s Browser!

  1. My model 3 doesn't even have a browser yet. I hope we get it (along with streaming video apps) in version 10

  2. Actually internet traffic doesn't go through the Tesla VPN. The cell traffic goes through Jasper, which is run by Cisco via partnership with AT&T. Its a pretty standard service. Browser traffic does NOT go through Tesla.

  3. This is very common with VPN and Google. The main issue is the browser is too old to do Google's captcha program to get pass Google making sure ur not a robot.

  4. Just checked my 2018 Model X and I have no problem accessing Google in the car, so as far as my car, Tesla isn't blocking Google.

  5. What makes you think your web surfing is going through the Tesla VPN?
    My 2013 Wreckla has the Tesla VPN ports blocked (They use OpenVPN and Tesla uses the standard ports), and therefore cannot do remote access through the Tesla server (we have our own server for that and for diagnostics) but my web browsing, slacker and maps still work fine through the standard cell connection.
    I have seen no evidence that Tesla is seeing or manipulating our browsing data.

  6. Google blocks abusive IP addresses. Proxies (on the other end of the VPN) aggregate your connection with other bad actors. Tesla could fix this by using a proxy that supports the X-Forwarded-For header.

  7. My 2016 Model S web browser used to be slow but useable, but about six months ago it slowed down to useless.  It will take five min to load a speed test page but usually will not complete the test.  Interesting thing is it is also super slow on my 150+ Mbps WiFi.  Sitting in the garage on WiFi my phone tests at 28+ Mbps but the car got 6.8 andt did not complete the upload, and this was done just after the two roller button screen reset. It is interesting, however, that the Google map images seem to load well as I drive. Anyone else with a Model S have a fix?

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