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Traditionally, brand measurement has played
an important role helping brands understand two points in a consumer’s purchase journey.
The first was at the start of the purchase journey, measuring how many people in a target
audience were reached. Then, at the end of a campaign, you could measure the impact on
conversions after the media had run. There has been a big gap in the middle, during those
moments when the consumer is searching for information, building interest, considering
products, developing opinions, and forming intent. Brands needed a scalable, actionable
solution to understand the impact of their advertising on brand perceptions at these
moments that matter. In 2014, we launched our Brand Lift solution
to fill this gap by measuring metrics like lift in brand awareness and ad recall. Brand
Lift provides actionable insights into what happens between exposure and conversion. We’ve
recently introduced additional metrics to tell you how your ad resonates at the later
stages of the purchase journey including consideration, favorability, and purchase intent. And unlike
other solutions that can take months to provide limited results, Brand Lift gives actionable
insights in a matter of a few days so you can adjust your campaigns in near real time.
Brand Lift also links your advertising to lift in organic searches on so
you can see what impact your ads have on driving interest in your brand and products. Since launching Brand Lift last year, brands
have run more than 10,000 studies across display and video advertising on desktop, mobile,
and tablet providing a wealth of actionable insight like Mondelēz International, which
was faced with the choice of deciding between two creative versions of an ad for a new flavor
of Trident in Brazil. Mondelēz tested both versions, and then exclusively run the winning
ad with ad recall jumping 23% higher for this top version. And Nissan in Canada learned
that their ads for its micromodel resonated more with women in two age groups 25 to 34
and 45 to 54. As a result, they were able to shift their media targeting to drive greater
impact. And these results aren’t unique to Nissan and Mondelēz. In analyzing over 50
Google preferred studies, we’ve seen 94% of brands show lift in ad recall, with an average
lift of 80%. And an analysis of over 800 brand lift studies showed that 65% of brands were
able to drive a lift in keyword searches on with an average lift of 13%. So don’t settle for a measurement that only
gives you part of the journey. Let Google’s Brand Lift help you measure moment that matters.

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