100 thoughts on “Google Duo: Introducing video messages

  1. This is why Google blocks comments:


    I understand equality, but this is not equality. This is pushing an agenda, and an idea of falseness under the guise of equality. The true despicableness of this is that some people are not able to see past the "quality" part, because they present it as this nice thing.

  2. Hangouts is much better. Instead of further fragmenting the Android messaging scene you should concentrate on your existing good system. And maybe create an interface for it for 3rd party apps like G-Talk used to have.

    Google, you are on the wrong track.

  3. How can that video be Gender Equality, when it's talking all about women and is all about women, but it says nothing about men, Google What do you think Equality is!?

  4. We have gender equality

    That's why the comments section is disabled to stop female voices being heard from Google corporation.

  5. We used to be taught in schools that one of the reasons that the Nazis were so evil is that they censored opposing ideas and burned books critical of them. Today, Google has adopted that mindset. Stop blocking comments on your political videos. Let people discuss ideas. Stop being evil.

  6. The comments here are overwhelmingly negative due to recent censorship by Google, but the number of dislikes is at 74? There are somehow more comments that rip Google than dislikes? That seems highly suspect to me.

  7. Communist propaganda by Google, they are biased on the fact they disabled comments on the gender equality video because they reject opposing viewpoints and refuse and silence others. I saw they had on their video "how to raise a feminist daughter/ son" like seriously? Nobody should be forced to be a feminist, this is similar propaganda the Nazis gave to the German youth. The oldest brainwashing tactic known to man.

  8. I see you're all for gender equality but for speech equality, you don't want EVERYONE speaking their opinion. Hence, why you disabled comments on your "gender equality" video. What a shame. You claim to be for equality but then filter and censor other forms of human rights, which is free speech

  9. “How to stop sexist ads”
    “The future is women”
    “How to raise a feminist daughter/son”
    “Girl power”

    Google that’s not very professional
    ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

  10. good morning gentleman is similar to the actor from the movie terminator chronicle sary konor but wogule bododa bear your movies are interesting.

  11. Oh funny. Disabling comments on the equality video. Probably because your to scared to hear the truth and cant handle it when people have a different opinion than yours. Typical left.

  12. Reported for repulsive content. There is gender equality in all work places, but you chose to shove your own beliefs down other peoples throats, and refuse anyone who opposed to actually comment on your video. I can see why out of the 46K votes you got on that video, 19K disliked it. 40 percent of those who voted, couldn't express why they voted, because you chose to silence them. Thanks Google, nice to see you're not biased at all. Edited: To explain why its repulsive, the video and what Google takes away is the argument of those that oppose, and trumpets the biased bs in place of those silenced voices. I believe all women, and men, work as hard as they can, and rightfully earn their money based on their performance. Women have the same rights as men, and nothing has changed about that since women had the right to vote.

  13. Anyone else want to comment on the last video but couldn’t cause google didn’t want feedback because they knew it would start something

  14. Ok so Google decides to post a video about equality and getting the right people deserve yet no one can comment on it? Good thinking Google

  15. The future isn’t even female. Its all just a blowup because special snowflakes want attention. You cant even say man without getting in trouble now.

  16. Is google manipulating likes? The comments are very negative, and somehow it rose from 74 dislikes to 84 over the course of a couple hours. This doesn’t make sense

  17. I know you’re getting a lot of hate for the gender equality video, so I’ll be the nice comment in the sea of bad, I’m so happy you believe in gender equality and expressed your voice! You’re such a large platform and your opinions deserve to be heard!

  18. If you want gender equality, here's an idea: Start with your own company, and stop discriminating against men.

  19. I hate the women ad that google released, first of all, they ask for gender equality when we already have it, gender inequality is actually pretty rare, and second of all, there is no point in asking for equality if you want females to be superior, the people at google are probably a bunch of liberal feminists, just stick to talking about your new products, dont bring politics into it

  20. Since everyone is mentioning the fact that comments were disabled I'd like to mention that the Ellen show had the "security guard" from the las Vegas shooting on and it seems that video is the only one that has comments disabled

  21. Hi, Dear YouTube guys.I am a old user of youtube.I have already been watching videoes on YouTube website,most of them make me happy. However there's a question that I don't like the arithme you develop .It constiously to recommend videoes I have already seen or related closely that.It makes me annoyed, Isn't the arithme should broden our horizon? Instead it narrows it.I even start to consider not to log in my account.I would appreciate if you make an improve.Thx.

  22. why did you say it was a video messaging app in the beginning if its just your attempt at a video calling app like skype?

    also probably not the best idea to be showing off people using their phones in the car… dog in the driver seat or not. Drivers need to be not distracted. Unless Google is going retro and promoting Natural Selection for this ad cycle, then I'm all for it.

  23. Search on google
    1. Black couple
    then white couple.
    what do you think?
    2 American inventors- all black people?
    3 European History – half the pictures are of black people?

  24. Taiwan Google does not listen to guest complaints, has been playing pornographic ads on YouTube, causing user resentment, Google spirit fell to the ground.

  25. Gave Duo a try when I got the notif for me to try it. Rather unfortunately, Found DUO inferior to the quality WhatsApp Video Call provided & on the same day i installed it, I also unistalled it. Kept tabs on it…Gave it a 2nd try after realized some few updates had gone by. STILL call quality was nothing compared to that of WhatsApp bout in voice & audio feedback + My contacts didn't use it..those who had tried it out had wiped their accounts and now even fewer contacts were on. Only reason why I have it it's cos Moto included it in an update – why I haven't disabled it it's cos of how you can call people that don't even have the app installed.

  26. I love this ad so much! When I wake up in the morning I get a huge woody at the thought of having to endure this ad at least a hundred times before the day ends. HEH GOOGLE DUO IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE!

  27. Um… not really sure what all of these angry misogynists are here for, but…
    That guy at the end of the video is cute!

    Oh.. and where is the group calling feature?

  28. I personally appreciate the censorship. We have to be able to go somewhere and NOT be oppressed when we leave. Media & Hollywood are obviously never going to take responsibility for all this Division among us. Be grateful. TY

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