Google Fi: If a Band’s #1 Fan made a phone plan

If a band’s number-one fan made a phone plan It would look a lot like Google Fi Because it would cost them the same as it does at home while they follow the van to Madrid Then to Paris then to the UK Over to Ireland then back to Spain then down through Italy then up to Germany Through Switzerland through Poland and finishing off the tour a quick hop degrees Get high-speed data abroad for no extra charge with a little help from Google Fi a phone plan by Google

17 thoughts on “Google Fi: If a Band’s #1 Fan made a phone plan

  1. Google is best of world mobile data and there are 300 companies is aquier of company thare are $ 50000 billion of dollars of company thare are many different types of companies 2 day of aquier of company this company is Fit bate company is $ 4000 billion of dollars he is asking to 2000000/- dollars of per day lose of 14 day is losses to 200 cr.of Indian Ruppes .This man asking to a losses of dollars of millions. he will ask losses to sume person he will aquare of 4000 Billion of dollars is admi ka kahney ka dat alage hai or dikana ka dat alge hai. App ka subchintk mukesh mistry.

  2. Actually why is this video in india ?? Are bhaia gyan daan kar rhye ho kya? Cuz this kind of speed wifi connection is not and never will be available until 5years😭😭

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